Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Movies I Watched In February

At the risk of being redundant, i've left out the movies that I already talked about/reviewed at length this past month, making this list fairly short. As always, click on any of the links below to find out more information on each movie or to buy a copy for yourself.



A Lion In The House

It's hard to call this 'the best' being that it's so depressing and is about such a horrible subject matter, but it really is an extraordinary documentary that should be seen by everyone - but perhaps not by the faint of heart. This four hour two part documentary explores the world of pediatric cancer by profiling a few kids and their families who are going through it - some make it, some don't and being that it was filmed over the course of six years, you see everything from the diagnosis right up until the end for some. One of the young kids in particular that was profiled in this documentary has not left my mind since I watched it over a month ago and probably never will. Such is the power of A Lion In The House, an incredible study on not only disease but also on family, life, and death. Absolute must watch. Just bring a whole lot of tissues.


Almost Famous - The first time I watched Almost Famous, many years ago, it didn't do too much for me. Nowadays it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Sometimes it just takes a couple viewings for a movie to gel with you.

Avatar - Ya, it's a good movie, but it's also the personification of overrated. The effects are amazing and all that hooplah but when it comes down to it, the movie itself just isn't that great and I found myself mostly bored by it. So glad that The Hurt Locker took home the top prizes at The Oscars because if Avatar won best picture, I would've rioted.

Babysitter Wanted - I reviewed Babysitter Wanted a while back but I just wanted to reiterate that it's a really good movie, one that unfortunately has remained elusive for way too long. Thankfully, it was just recently announced that a region 1 DVD release is coming real soon. In the meantime, those with region free players can pick it up on region 2 DVD.

Cabin Fever - After being a Cabin Fever fan for so long, it was awesome to finally watch the Unrated Director's Cut, on Blu-ray no less. This cut is several minutes longer and although nothing too special to speak of has been added in, it's always nice to see anything new whatsoever when it comes to a movie you love. Due to the fact that several commentaries from the DVD release didn't make it over to Blu, i'll still be hanging onto my DVD.

Hellraiser - This was another Blu-ray watch and it looks pretty good on the format, although I still don't find a Blu-ray player to be a must own piece of machinery. As much as I love Hellraiser, does anyone out there share the opinion with me that it kinda loses ya in the third act? I love all the early stuff at the house but it gets a little too off the wall for me at times. Still, like I said, I love the movie.

In The Valley of Elah - I'd have to go ahead and call this my favorite film about our current war and one of my favorite war films of all time. Tommy Lee Jones turns in one hell of a performance in one of the most gut wrenching and powerful flicks in recent years. If you ask me, the final image seen on screen reigns as one of the most powerful cinematic images of all time.

The Usual Suspects - While I always loved movies as a kid, there was a time in my teenage years where I just didn't care for them. I called them "fake" and had no interest in watching them - that is until my brother came along and showed me a handful of flicks that totally brought me back into movies, moreso than ever. One of those movies was The Usual Suspects and it will forever remain one of my favorite movies, one that always manages to blow my mind no matter how many times I see it. It was through watching the special features after that viewing years ago that I saw how much work went into the writing and every other aspect of the filmmaking and I really began to fall hardcore into film. So thank you for that, Usual Suspects, because I don't know where i'd be without movies!

If you've seen any of the above movies, leave a comment with your thoughts!


Cat said...

I very much agree with you on the third act of Hellraiser... but Frank oozing up from the floorboards is so much cooler in blu Ray...

So I just finally managed to watch Trick R Treat, prefacing the viewing by telling my best friend that "the guy who runs Freddy in Space LOVES this movie, and he hasn't steered me wrong yet.. except for Halloween.." and we LOVED it. It's so good, and a shame it didn't make a theatrical release.

Johnny said...

Doesn't get much better than Trick 'r Treat! So glad to hear you guys loved it =)

forestofthedead said...

I just like your takes on movies. You're a great writer man. Cabin Fever uncut, hope that gets a DVD release.

The Frog Queen said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am in no way qualified to talk about movies...so these are just my opinions....likely wholly incorrect, that is why I stick to making Halloween decorations and leave all the reviewing to you talented people! That said.....
Of course, I love Hellraiser, slow bits and all....it is the one movie that I wax pretty nostalgic on. So my opinion is too biased to count :)
Not a big fan of Almost Famous, maybe I should give it another try.
In The Valley of Elah - LOVE this one, although I am a sucker for anything that Tommy Lee is in. With him it is hard to pin down a "best" performance, but this is definitely one of them. Great choice. I would recommend it to anyone.
A Lion in the House - just about killed me. Very few movies have done that to me...I had to leave the room several times. Husband was quite surprised...he knew I had a sensitive side somewhere :)
Thanks for asking our opinion! Now, I gotta get back to prop building. :)


Johnny said...

Forestofthedead - Thanks so much for the kind words. Unfortunately, I doubt we'll be seeing the Cabin Fever Director's Cut on DVD. Seems like it's being used as another ploy to get people to switch over to Blu-ray.