Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Sasqwatch!

Taking a break from Monster Mania recap for a minute....

I originally threw a link to this awesome product up on the sidebar Hit List last week but i've come to realize after delving into the origins of this thing that i'm far too in love with it and the story behind it to not give it the full post treatment. Besides, i'm not even sure anyone checks the Hit List (do you?) and I want to help get this piece of gold as much exposure as possible.

So this chick, Yolie Moreno, came up with the idea many many years ago of making a watch that looks like Bigfoot's foot, a tie in to the fact that the word watch is heard when you speak the name Sasquatch. After years of development, which you can read all about here, Yolie has finally made her genius idea available to the world and you, yes you, can own your very own Sasqwatch, in various different colors ranging from the pink 'sassy' to the black 'charcoal'. But is the Sasqwatch as cool as it sounds? Take a look for yourself....

....Bigfoot's arms move around to tell the time and the goddamn watch face is his giant foot, of course it's as fucking cool as it sounds. If you buy and wear this thing and can't get laid, you might as well turn your dick in.

For a mere $34.99, you can own what is billed as "the original Bigfoot watch" (are there others?) by heading over to SasqwatchWatch.com. You can also check out the official Sasqwatch blog for sightings and various other news and goings on.

Yolie Moreno, you are my hero of the day. Kudos on never giving up on your brilliant idea. Much like the inventor of the Lucky Sasquatch Foot, I hope this is your ticket to fame and fortune and I truly believe it will be.

Can you tell I have a serious Bigfoot fascination?

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Chris Hallock said...

This is great! I didn't realize there were so many Sasquatch specific products out there, but I should have known better.