Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cover Art Wars - The Descent : Part 2

I always hear fellow Region 1'ers bitching and complaining that the Region 2'ers always get the cooler DVD arts. Sometimes, this is the case, but other times the opposite is true. I think what it all boils down to is that the grass always seems greener on the other side and we always want something other than what we have - in other words, i'm willing to bet there's just as much complaining going on from the Region 2'ers. Anyway, since those of us in the states get oftentimes vastly different DVD cover art from those in the UK, I thought it would be interesting to start a recurring feature where I pit opposing cover arts against one another and let you guys comment and decide who got the better end of the deal. Sound good? Then let the Cover Art Wars begin!

Being that it was just released today on DVD and being that i'm pretty excited about it being released today on DVD, the first cover art up on the chopping block is The Descent : Part 2, the as of yet unseen by myself follow up to one of my favorite horror movies of the past decade. Look over the images below and leave a comment with your favorite.





I gotta go with Region 1 on this one. While i'm not in love with the art, it does have it all - crawlers, Sarah, pick axe, and cave - and it lets ya know that Part 2 is gonna pick up right where Part 1 left off, with Sarah still trapped in the cave. As for the R2 art, it's amateur looking and is it just me or is that crawler's face way too long? It would've been much cooler if it was just the full image of a screaming Sarah against a black background.


The Mike said...

The only thing I don't like about our cover is how small the Part 2 is. At the local Best Buy, it's completely covered by the price tag on the copies. I thought it was just a new cover on the first flick.

Stac said...

I'm not wild about either, really, but Region 1 wins I think simply because it's more polished looking. Region 2 just looks like a screen grab, though I like the composition better.

The woman on the region 2 cover looks legitimately engaged, whereas the screaming figure on the Region 1 looks way too relaxed to be screaming in rage/terror-- it takes a lot of participating muscle groups to give a true, from the bottom of your raw soul scream. Other than the head, her body language suggests clothing catalog pose.

1 wins for me, but only on technical merit. I am spending waaaaay too long yakking about movie covers when I should be writing this paper.

kaiyn said...

Gotta go with the Region 1 cover being better. The Region 2 is kinda boring, and I think you're right about the crawlers face.

Fear on Friday said...

Gotta go with the r1 here as the r2 is so lazy and when you consider the fantastic Dali inspired cover for part 1 it really is a shame. However although the r1 cover is an improvement it seems off to me. Maybe it's the legacy of grindhouse but it seems more action horror than pure horror, I almost expect Jason statham to be on it. Then again I haven't seen the movie and maybe at some point Sarah grits her teeth, rips off her shirt and kicks everyone in the head, Statham style.
That martyrs image shows what can be done with very little and it's a shame more movies don't follow suit. If hostel movies did one thing right it was creating great art that was basically just well shot photography.

Geof said...

The R2 version seems very "in love" with its little positive review and encompasses too much of the cover. It's like the title and the review blurb are dating or something like that. R1. Like you said, at least it lets you know that it takes place in the cave and is more enticing overall.

Jason said...

I really want to see this, so many movies so little time. I like the Region 1 except for the title font looks like something from a buddy cop action movie.

At first it looks like Sarah is screaming but the more I look at it, I seems that maybe she is laughing which sort of fits the first film espeically the extended ending. Anyone else see this?

paulm said...

I like the image on Region 1, but I like the font on region 2. It reminds me more of the font from part 1. The region 1 font makes me think of an action movie, not a horror movie. Great image on region 1 though.

Johnny said...

Fear on Friday - Ya, the art for the first Descent was so amazing and awesome that both of these look pretty lame in comparison.

Carl (ILHM) said...

I love the cover minus the awful awful font, cant get in to that orange