Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Off To Georgia


As the title suggests, Jen and I are hopping on a flight tommorow morning to Georgia (to visit a friend) and will remain there until April 25th, which unfortunately means that I probably will not be updating the blog during that time period - unless of course I get a free moment to spare. Just wanted to let you guys know this so that you don't wonder where the hell I am!

As always, you can follow me on Twitter if you're for any reason interested in what i'm up to down there.

See ya guys in about a week and a half! Oh and leave a comment if you want to place a bet on whether or not this bearded motherfucker will be "randomly searched" at the airport again!


Bjornabo said...

10 bucks on "Search" ;-)

forestofthedead said...

Yeah I bet the same as Bjornabo. :D

ThePersonYouBenefitFromKnowing said...

You and your Osama Bin Beard :)