Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shame On You, New Line


That's the cover of the new Elm Street DVD collection that was just released today and yes, that is Jackie Earle Haley on the cover. While I have absolutely no problems with a new actor being hired to play Freddy in the upcoming remake, I do have a MAJOR problem with a DVD set of the original films not having Robert Englund's Freddy on the cover, when Englund played Freddy in all 8 films in the set. Is it just me or does it almost seem like New Line is trying to make the younger generation forget about the past Elm Street's and just start an entirely new franchise, with Haley in the role? Again, I have nothing wrong with the remake or Haley slapping on the Christmas sweater, but this right here is some fucked up shit and totally shits on not only the original films, but also on Robert Englund himself. I'd love to know what he thinks about this....


Do yourself a favor and pick up the Elm Street Collection that was released back in 1999. It may have those shitty cardboard snap cases, but you get a few pairs of 3D glasses, a nice bonus materials disc, and best of all, the dude who actually played Freddy in the movies spanning the 8 discs is depicted on the cover art. What a novel idea!

By the way, have you seen the latest clear pictures of Haley's Krueger? These images are the most we've ever seen of his new look and you can check them out at one of my favorite horror sites, Horror Bid. Still don't really dig the look so much, especially from certain angles, but i'm nonetheless very excited to see how the remake turned out.


Jayson said...

You're stealing my entries! :-P

I pointed this out awhile ago:



Johnny said...

Hey, we're all bound to talk about the same things every so often ;)

I noticed this a while ago and meant to post about it but never got around to it. Figured being that it came out today, now would be the time to get to it!

Jason said...

It is a slap in the face to Robert, but I hate the "New Nightmare" look. Freddy with a jacket? Terrible.

The new Freddy is looking pretty good, it looks very realistic. I dont like how the nose is most intact. We have not seen Haley act in full view so I am still saving judgement. I hope that he is scary but still somewhat funny (in sadistic way). I love the line in the trailer "Why are you screaming? I haven't even cut you yet!"

Fear on Friday said...

"The shit they pull!" to quote the late, great gary busey
That just seems really odd to put New Freddy on the cover, like putting Daniel Craig on the cover of a Roger Moore Bond box set. I have no problem with a new Freddy for a new movie, and those pics you linked to finally show that he looks less turtle than I had first thought which is cool. But not putting classic Freddy on there is really doing Englund a disservice. Sure, the average joe wouldn't notice but a horror fan would, and whoever signed off on this art certainly did. Shame on them.

On a side note, I finally watched New Nightmare yesterday in prep for the new movie and enjoyed it alot more than I was expecting. sure the whole thing looked and felt like a daytime TV movie, and Freddy was pimping some midlife crisis leather pants but I really enjoyed seeing all the familiar faces together like that. John Saxon is a legend, and Tarantino needs to get him in his next movie.

Still think FvJ Freddy is my favourite though,and I'm sick of people going on about wisecracking Freddy. Yes, he became a cartoonish parody of himself in 4, 5 and 6 but in 1,2,3, New Nightmare and FvJ he was a badass psycho who also enjoyed being a loudmouthed bastard when it came to dealing the final blow to his victims. He never went into space, he never joined a cult and he never put on a dress. Of all the horror icons out there, I think Freddy managed to come through his movies with the most dignity.

Planet of Terror said...

I nearly lost my mind when I read about this in the latest issue of HorrorHound Magazine. A travesty I tell you!

I have the box set released in 1999. The cover art is amazing. I'll stick with this.

the jaded viewer said...

New Line you bastards.

Remember my April Fools joke about Freddy being innocent?

I'm getting the feeling it might be true as its getting alot of internets traction.

If that happens and he kills for revenge..I'm walking out of the theater

Johnny said...

In the original script I read, it was kinda left ambiguos as to whether or not he was really guilty or not. Quite frankly, I think that's an interesting slant on it and I think it'd even be kinda cool if he was proven to be innocent and he's killing out of revenge. At least it's different than what we've known for so long.

Target 13 said...

You mention the power of marketing in your most recent entry and this applies here... badly. Here, they've blatantly tried to appeal to all the young audiences they hope to gain from the remake whilst relying on the loyalty of old-school fans to buy the collection for different reasons. I don't think this technique will work and the sales rate of this edition will certainly rise or fall according to how good the new film will be.
Personally, I think the new one looks ok. His new look may not be as Englund-y, but who can replicate that?? Perhaps they should have gone the whole hog and given him a new outfit too...

Talal K

Too Many Zombies said...

I'm not a massive fan of the new look. He doesn't seem all that creepy to me and I'm not buying the 'realistic' thing either. The look seems to be based on healing burn victims. You know, ones who didn't get to the black charred mess that Freddy would probably have been.

And, yes, it's a disgrace sticking their new Freddy on the box and shafting Englund in the process.

AbbyNormal said...

This is terrible! I had the same thing happen to me when I picked up the new special edition of Last House on the Left, I had been looking for this dvd since I was 14 and finally found it at the local video store.

The reason I hadn't noticed it during my constant trips to try to find it when I knew the shop was carrying them? They used the box art from the remakes dvd cover!

Im just glad somebody put the dvd on the rack in backwards so I saw that it was indeed the original, I never would have even picked up the dvd to check if it was the remake or not if it hadn't been turned around, because there is literally no difference aside from where the small print tells you the year it was released.

AllHallowSteve said...

I'm willing to let the cover go as Freddy is in silhouette with only the same color scheme and art style of the remake posters. Soooo it's Freddy.

What I can't believe no one is talking about is that the new boxed set seems to have added Freddy Vs. Jason but dropped the Nightmare Encyclopedia disc from the set.

To me, a big Freddy fan and already an owner of F Vs. J on DVD, the missing Encyclopedia disc is a huge disservice to those who like all the details in their boxed sets.

I already own the previous set so I'm fine, but to those who were thinking of picking between the two, go for the '99 set.

oducerproducer said...

Or you can go to Target or Best Buy or any other dvd retailer and purchase the New Line Movie Collection series, get 1-4 for $10 and 5-Freddy vs Jason for $10