Monday, May 31, 2010

Two Last Chance Offers


First, as part of Amazon's Memorial Day sale, you can pre-order Night of the Living Dead : Reanimated for a mere $15.49. The collaborative mixed media re-envisioning of Romero's classic will be shipped to you on its release date, July 27th. As far as I know, this price will only remain until the end of the day today. Click here to take advantage!


Today is also the last day to receive a poster signed by Heather Langenkamp along with your purchase of Never Sleep Again : The Elm Street Legacy, from the official website. For only $29.99 you get both DVD and poster, but once the clock strikes midnight tonight, the signed poster will be gone for good. Believe me when I tell you that the DVD is an ABSOLUTE MUST OWN and the poster, which was done by the same dude who created all the original Elm Street artworks, is a must own as well. Being that the DVD sells for $24.99 on Amazon, without poster, I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't shell out the extra dough tonight and take advantage of this limited time offer. If you're looking to buy the DVD, right now is most certaintly the time. Click here to take advantage before it's too late!

Happy Memorial Day!


Mike said...

Thanks Johnny. I didn't have any prior knowledge about the amazon sale... so I just started putting the news out there in what may be the last hours of it. Hopefully, we can save some people a few bucks in the process.

Never Sleep Again is a very kick ass doc. Man I wish I had known about the poster deal before I got my DVD.

Can't catch every sale and special offer I guess... but congrats to all to fans lucky enough to get in on them in time.

- Mike

Anthony1138 said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Nightmare doc. I just ordered a copy. Looking forward to hanging that signed poster up on my wall.

Cat said...

Wow I got lucky then. I paid 15 for my copy of Never Sleep Again when I bought it on Amazon..

Johnny said...

Ya Cat, the price jacked up considerably a couple weeks back.

Cat said...

If anyone's going to Cherry Hill's Monster Mania, the VIP tix just went on sale too, and the first 100 get a free copy of Never Sleep Again.

I admit I haven't watched it yet. Shame on me. :(

Too Many Zombies said...

I finally got Never Sleep Again and loved it. It's a real love letter to the Elm Street series, though the side effect of that is that I'm not sure they were entirely honest about some of the crap in the series (like the entirety of Freddy's Dead).

But great to see so many people talk about Elm Street and it was full of stories I had never heard. Especially fun to hear them talk about Elm Street 2.

A must for any Elm Street fan. Thanks for featuring it in the past - it was the coverage here that made me order it.