Saturday, June 19, 2010


Check out what I just found in the basement!


While this is only a small portion of the Goosebumps collection from my childhood that must be lying around this house somewhere, i'd say the Are You Afraid of the Dark? book and the kickass lenticular Goosebumps bookmark make up for it!


By the way, if you're a Goosebumps fan, you're gonna wanna pick up issue #100 of Rue Morgue Magazine, wherein there's a great piece on the series as well as an interview with the reclusive R.L. Stine.

So how many of you guys read these books in your younger days?


oducerproducer said...

I did! I was like the only kid who ordered them at school in our book catalog, and all the teachers hated them.

Morphine said...

I love Goosbumps! I need to go get that issue lol.

Kapprika said...

I read tons of them and watched the TV show a lot. My mother supported me, as she always did with any of my interests. I think she was glad it kept me from trying to watch horror movies not suitable for my age back then.

Matthew said...

Oh, I was pretty much the world's biggest fan of his books. Believe it or not, I was also cleaning out the attic some this weekend, and found 1 of the many plastic containers filled to the brim with Goosebumps books. Not only that, I've found:

A giant "Monster Blood" hamster stapler, "The Barking Ghost" pencil sharpener, "Curly" bookends (I must have at least 10 of them), Goosebumps Walkie Talkies, Velcro Wallet, Notepads, Fan Club newsletters, "It Came From Ohio" biography, bookmarks, Taco Bell toys, pillowcases (sheets are somewhere too) and push button light-up statuettes.

There's probably a heck of a lot more up in the attic, but thankfully the containers have protected these possessions well. I am envious of your lenticular bookmark though. I collect bookmarks. Put it up on Listia... I'll bid.

But anyways, yeah, I was as big a fan as any, and was lucky enough to own at least the first 100+ in the series, before it started branching out into so many directions. They were wonderful books, and really geared me towards series rather than single books (even if many of the GB books didn't interconnect). Guess that's why I love Harry Potter & Twilight.

I certainly didn't know there were "Are You Afraid of the Dark" books. Wonder if they were ever original, or were all just rewrites of the show scripts?

I do remember being so angry to see "Gooseflumps" trying to capitalize on his great works... I hope no one out there supported that travesty.

One last thing... he's not reclusive anymore. He's on Twitter... he has responded to me several times. Of course now that I'm older, the questions I always wanted to ask him will just not come to me. I'm sure I sent him my original stories when I was younger... never heard back about them though :)

Reader beware, you're in for a scare.

Johnny said...

Matthew - Care to take a picture of your Goosebumps collection, books and other stuff? I'd love to see some of that stuff.

On the inside cover of the Are You Afraid? book, it says "A brand new thriller series based on the hit Nickelodeon show!", so i'm assuming they are new tales independent from the series. But i'm not 100% sure on that.

Thanks for the awesome comment!

Matthew said...

I definitely will at some point. Unfortunately, the collection is spread between two attics, a crawlspace, and who knows where else, due to multiple moves. If I can get it all together, I'll be able to call it a collection. Right now it's just a bunch of containers, which sucks. I'm proud of it... just need room to show it off.

About "Are You Afraid?" - that definitely sounds like they're original books, though truthfully, I wouldn't be able to remember enough eps to know the difference. Definitely a cool find though... I'm into books based on TV shows like that.