Friday, July 30, 2010

9 Minutes of Leaked Comic Con Piranha 3D Footage!!!


The boys over at Bloody Disgusting were just anonymously sent almost 10 minutes of gruesome footage that someone managed to sneakily capture on film at last weekend's Comic Con. Make sure you watch this before it gets taken down, because it is fucking awesome and totally proves my suspicions that Piranha 3D is gonna be the most fun and most brutal horror movie in recent years. It's so rare that us horror fans get EXACTLY what we want and it looks like Alexandre Aja is gonna once again deliver that to us on August 20th. Alex, based on this footage alone, I already totally forgive you for Mirrors.

Click the play button below to see piranha bursting out of mouths, naked girls getting cut in half, Eli Roth getting his head bashed in by a boat, Ving Rhames kicking some serious sharp toothed ass, Richard Dreyfuss reprising his role from Jaws, and much much more! It's almost too much awesomeness to even handle!!

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Planet of Terror said...

My head just exploded. Movie of the year?