Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Billy Loves Stu Horror Blogger Meme!

I'm not usually one to participate in meme's, but Pax Romano, purveyor of Billy Loves Stu (a daily visit for me), just posted a pretty cool one that's specifically tailored to horror bloggers and features some pretty interesting questions, so i'm gonna try my hand at it. Click the above link to check out Pax's answers and to get the full unanswered questionnaire - if you have a horror blog, feel free to take a stab at it yourself!


1: In Ten Words or Less, Describe Your Blog : A frequently updated collection of cool horror shit.

2: During What Cinematic Era Where you Born? G) The Slasher Era (mid to late 80's). I was born in 1986, a helluva year for horror.

3: The Carrie Compatibility Question :

B) For straight men and lesbians, who would you take to the prom ; Sue Snell or Chris Hargensen? Sue Snell - I prefer good girls and brunettes. Besides, i'm more of an Amy Irving kinda guy.

4: You have been given an ungodly amount of money, and total control of a major motion picture studio - what would your dream Horror project be? A more adult oriented Goosebumps anthology film, with four different directors taking on four different classic Goosebumps stories. Adam Green's The Haunted Mask - can you picture it? I sure as hell can. That'd be a total geek out film for me as a fan and to be involved with making it would be just about the coolest thing I could ever imagine.

5: What horror film "franchise" that others have embraced, left you cold? Out of the major franchises, I have the least amount of interest in Hellraiser. I will admit that I haven't seen many of the films, but I just never got into the whole thing too much.

6: Is Michael Bay the Antichrist? Yes and no. I'm not of the mind that everything he touches turns to shit and in fact I quite dug the Chainsaw, Amityville and Friday remakes. The yes portion of that answer is largely due to the fact that he was involved with the Elm Street abomination. With more hits than misses with me when it comes to horror remakes, I cannot however call him the Antichrist.

7: Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Frankenstein Monster - which one of these classic villains scares you, and why? The Wolf Man because no matter how close you are to the man behind the wolf, you will get your throat ripped out when a full moon emerges. And ya just never know who secretly is a Wolf Man....

8: Tell me about a scene from a NON HORROR Film that scares the crap out of you : Nicky Santoro and his brother getting beaten with aluminum bats in Casino. Bone chilling and hard to watch. Just thinking about it gives me the chills and makes me never want to leave the house again.

9: Baby Jane Hudson invites you over to her house for lunch. What do you bring? Never saw the movie so, uh, probably a copy of the DVD so I could watch it. And some beer.

10: So, between you and me, do you have any ulterior motives for blogging? Come, on you can tell me, it will be our little secret, I won't tell a soul. Na, I genuinely just like to get my viewpoints out there and help spread the word on cool movies, products, and things of that nature. I'm certaintly not doing any of this for the money, of which there is none.

11: What would you have brought to Rosemary Woodhouse's baby shower? A pair of the kickass Converse' I just bought for my unborn child.

12: Godzilla vs The Cloverfield Monster, who wins? That fishy thing from The Host.

13: If you found out that Rob Zombie was reading your blog, what would you post in hopes that he read it? An apology letter for bashing Halloween and H2 so much. Don't hate me, Rob =(

14: What is your favorite NON HORROR FILM, and why? Oldboy, because it is the greatest film ever made.

15: If blogging technology did not exist, what would you be doing? I'd be doing exactly what I was doing before I started blogging - watching tons of horror movies and craving an outlet to share my opinions on them. Blogging has been so good to me and has provided me with so many friendships with so many awesome people, and I really can't imagine going back to that place.

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Pax Romano said...

Thanks for playing along - fantastic answers! I love the idea of a Goosebumps anthology for adults!

Now get thee to Netflix and rent Whatever Happened to Baby Jane!