Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Horror Inspired Silly Bandz!

Yesterday I made a post on some interesting body parts Silly Bandz I picked up ; severed feet, ripped out teeth, and other kid friendly shapes. Well tonight, after a little bit of hunting out there on the web, i've uncovered several other horror themed Silly Bandz, which I will now share with anyone out there who might care - or am I the only one over the age of 11 that is far too easily amused by these things?


Halloween themed bandz, which glow in the dark!


Vampire bandz!


Cryptozoological bandz (Bigfoot, Nessie, Mothman, Jersey Devil, an alien & a ghost) - which Jen and I just ordered several packs of!

And last but most certaintly not least, Universal Monsters glow in the dark bandz!




The Wolf Man!


The Mummy!



All of these can be found and purchased through simple eBay searches, with all of them currently available except for the Universal Monsters, which can be pre-ordered and will be shipping out real soon.

Is it just me or did these things just get way cooler?!


Jeanetta Adkins said...

They definitely got way cooler! :)

christine said...

These are amazing and this is an amazing post.

Trick or Treat Pete said... had me at severed feet...

Now, from what I understand, these lose their shape when you wear them...sooooooo....I would be paying what, $3 a pop or more for a pack of these things and I can't wear them. Hmmmm...still, having the Halloween and Universal Monster ones would make a nice addition to a horror collection..I would put them next to my Universal Monsters thermos that I found at an antique store (SCORE!!)
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum

The Frog Queen said...

Oh, I so definately need to find those for giveaways at my party!

I can see that I am going to need to get a lot of avoid a drunken brawl over bandz. :D