Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Sock Ness Monster & More of Jen's Art!


My girlfriend Jen, in addition to being a hell of a girlfriend, is also a pretty good little artist, which unfortunately is something she lost touch with over the years. As of late she's been getting back into painting and things of that nature and she can often be found sitting at her art desk while I sit at my computer desk blogging. I'm very proud of her for this and i'd like to show off some of the stuff she's done recently, starting with her very first sock puppet, which we've dubbed the Sock Ness Monster - the first in a line of cryptozoological sock creations!


It all started with us spotting a sock puppet how-to book at Michaels, which I purchased for her and convinced her to give it a go. A few short hours later, Sock Ness was born. Not bad for a first timer, eh?

She also loves to paint sugar skulls on cigar boxes as well as on canvases and just last night whipped up a pretty kickass black and white Frankenstein box. Check 'em out!






I leave you with one of my favorite things she's done, a drawing of me in Freddy attire, back in my long hair days.



Mike said...

You know if she put armature wire inside of some creatures like the sock-ness monster that would look awesome animated. We have a good demo done by one of our artists on the DVD but I can pass it along to you pre-release if she's interested in giving it a go.

Johnny said...

That would be awesome Mike! =)

Zach S. said...

an amazing amount of talent. When's the Etsy site launch?? :)

TheGreatWhiteDope said...

Hey; first-time poster, long-time reader:

Very cute girlfriend you have there, AND she's artistic! Hold. On. To Her.

By the way, in recognition of the posting syou ahva ehere an dthe fact that I read you ever single day, I got something for you:

Hey; great review; good/bad movie, too! And in recognition of your awesomeness, I just gave you a little something of your own.


How 'bout that; now YOU won some free...uh, well, a free award, anyway. Congrats!



Super cute girlfriend, and she is VERY talented. I love the Frankenstein box!! Does she have a website where she sells here creations? If not she should! I would by a BigFoot sock puppet for sure!!

iZombie said...

I am giving this award to of my favorite blogs and places I believe need some well deserved attention. I thought it might be fun to shake it up a bit, sort of a "Pay It Forward" move... let me explain.

01) Give the award to [10] who you like, but give a couple the "Next Blog" slider button on top... so random blogger people can feel the love from a stranger.

02) Post those you gave the award to, so fans of your site can see the places you like and Paid It Forward too.

*If we are not careful there will be "Zombie Rabbits" everywhere...


Jennie Boots said...

Thank you Mr Johnny Boots for making some of my artwork public ;] I am just getting warmed up and there is definately more to come. Zach, Thx for the encouragement over the weekend and on the post. The etsy site is a future goal once my stuff is a little more consistant. John will have to help me out with that (hint hint). TGWD Thx for your kind words, I'm the one who needs to hold on though, he's quite the catch! ;]

Jennie Boots said...

Mike - Thank you so much that'd be great!

Johnny said...

Hayes - She's probably gonna start an Etsy page soon, will let ya know when she does!