Saturday, July 31, 2010

Win Free Horror Shit : Plastic Crazy Ralph, an Eyeball Necklace & Lots of Zombies!

Got a few new giveaways for you guys to enter this weekend, and I think you zombie fans are gonna like this batch!

***Be sure to enter the first two giveaways on the list ASAP, as they end very soon!***


Friday The 13th Films - Win a Crazy Ralph custom action figure! Deadline is August 1st.

The Moon Is a Dead World - Win the book The Werewolf's Guide To Life! Deadline is July 31st at midnight.

AMC TV - Win a walk on role as a zombie in The Walking Dead! Deadline is August 15th.

Spooky Brew - Win a Comic Con The Walking Dead mini poster! Deadline is August 13th.

Dollar Bin Horror - Win a 3D eyeball necklace! Deadline is August 7th.

Zombies & Toys - Win a zombie shooting target, a copy of the book World War Z, the novel The Reapers Are The Angels, a Zombie Survival Program sign, or a 976 Evil Fright Rags shirt! Deadlines vary.

Horrorview - Win Open House on DVD! Deadline is August 27th.

Remember, if you're hosting a giveaway on your blog/site, e-mail it to me at MORTIS45@AOL.COM so I can include it in a future post!


Ryne said...

Thanks for the link!

Matthew said...

I don't own a gun, but the "Zombie Ammo" posters and shirts are swell. I think I could manage to pull out my bow and arrow to kill some. That is, if I could keep from framing the posters (if I won).

Morphine said...

Rue Morgue is also running a few contests.

Maweanne said...

Thank you for posting my contest!