Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DEMONS ... 3?!


Arrow Video just issued a press release today stating that later this year, they will release a UK DVD package containing all new transfers of cult classics Demons and Demons 2, which will feature brand new special features, reversible artwork and a double sided poster. But perhaps the most exciting news about this epic release is that it will come packaged with a sequel to the flicks, in the form of a comic book. Here's the full scoop!


Arrow Video are proud to announce that in 2010 they will bring to DVD all-new transfers of the classic Dario Argento produced and Lamberto Bava directed horror classic – Demons and Demons 2. Included within each DVD package will be all-new extra features specially shot for the releases plus a two-part comic book sequel – Demons 3!

DEMONS 3: Not 'The Ogre’. Not 'The Church’. Not even 'Black Demons’! For the first time ever, Arrow Video present an original sequel to the cult classics. It is the 16th Century, the time of the plague in Southern France. Amid the carnage, a new evil is starting to take form and only one man can see it. That man is Nostradamus, but are his horrid visions of the future signs of what will come to pass? Can he stop the Demons from entering into our world? An all new epic tale of demonic dismemberment brought to you from the writing team of Stefan Hutchinson and Barry Keating, with artwork by Jeff Zornow and Marcus Smith!

Being that this is a UK release, those of us in the states will need a region free player to watch the discs - I personally have had one for years so that I can get releases such as this one. If you don't have one, why not just buy the release for the comic sequel itself, which may alone be worth the price of admission! Better yet, just crack your damn DVD player already....

For more information, head over to the official website for the release and to see sneak preview images of the prelude to the comic, check out artist Jeff Zornow's blog Zornow Must Be Destroyed!. Keep your eyes peeled on both sites for a release date announcement in the near future.

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Drunketh said...

Man I wish Lamberto and Dario would just get around to making another official sequel... I wonder if this will be Region A BluRay or what. I am indeed interested in all things Demoni!