Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Freddy In Space Exclusive World Premiere Music Video : Avenged Sevenfold Meets Freddy Krueger!

I've got some pretty kickass readers and one of those readers is Dustin Sain, a dude who has contributed a bunch of awesome tidbits to the blog in the past. Hell, he even has his own tag label at this point. Well the other day I got an e-mail from Dustin that contained a video he edited together that he decided he wanted to premiere right here on Freddy In Space. After being totally blown away by the video, I was more than thrilled and honored to grant him these wishes. Without further adieu, here is the world premiere of Dustin Sain's Elm Street compilation video, set to the tune of Avenged Sevenfold's new single Nightmare. Story goes that upon hearing the new song, Dustin was immediately reminded of the Elm Street franchise. 20-30 hours of editing time later, he emerged with this incredible video. Enjoy.

If you dig the video, spread it around!


Morphine said...

This is amazing, great job Dustin

Strange Kid said...

*Slowly wipes drool from chin and nods*

The editing on this is phenomenal, Dustin, and the music is spot on! Adding this one to the Halloween music video playlist for sure!

AbbyNormal said...

Wow, I can't even begin to comment on how awesome this is. Im just totally blown away by it.

Meri Kate said...

That video was awesome, you really did a wonderful job Dustin! Keep it up.

inSain9876 said...

Thanks. I'm glad you guys like it. Later I'm gonna put it on YouTube in HD and I may even make a direct download or torrent so people can play it on a DVD or something.

Again, thanks for posting this John. Everything I do is coming straight to Freddy In Space first.

If anyone wants to see the video with a little better quality just use this link. I believe you have to be logged into a Facebook account to view it.