Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just a Heads Up

I've mentioned a few times recently that Jen and I are going to be moving into our own place soon and I just wanted to elaborate on that being that the big move day is looking like it's gonna be tommorow....

For the past several years, my brother has lived at a house a few minutes away from my parents house (where Jen and I currently live - Jen moved in with my family after her mom passed away around this time last year), which my dad owns and rented out to him. A few weeks back he got the call that he landed a job as a court officer (following in my dad's footsteps), a result of a test he took a few years back, which means he will be in the academy for a couple more months and then will get a job somewhere up there afterwards. Rather than renting out the vacant house to strangers, my dad decided to cut Jen and I a deal and offer it up to us, which we more than graciously accepted. Tommorow, we officially begin the long and arduous process of moving in.

**To anyone that has my current address, feel free to continue sending anything you may want to send to that one, being that i'll still probably get the majority of my mail sent there. If you'd like the new one, let me know**

Being that I have lived at my childhood home my entire life, this is a bit strange and overwhelming at times for me, but it's also really exciting. Jen, on the other hand, has moved several times in her life so this isn't so strange for her, but we definetly share in the excitement part of it. We both have a ton of shit to move and a lot of painting and cleaning up to do, but once we get settled in it's gonna be pretty awesome to have our own place (Halloween all year round!) and to officially begin our lives as adults ; paying rent, splitting bills, buying groceries, doing dishes, and all that good stuff.

Just wanted to make this quick post to let you guys know that I probably won't be updating as much as usual for the next week or so. We've got a lot of stuff to do, on top of both of us working Monday through Friday, so i'm not gonna have much time to blog until we get settled in - not to mention I may not have my computer up and running for a couple days. Once we do get settled in, it'll be back to business as usual and in fact I will have more time than ever to post, being that i'll have my own little office in the new place. Got a lot of exciting stuff planned in the near future, both on the blog front and otherwise, which you'll read about real soon.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and go see The Last Exorcism - which I will hopefully get around to doing (and reviewing) at some point in the near future. See ya real soon!


Monkeymanbob said...

Congrats on moving in together, it's like watching you grow up! Shall the patter of tiny feet (or tiny razored mittens) be heard soon?

Johnny said...

Not anytime soon!!