Thursday, August 19, 2010

Victor Crowley Is Back! Hatchet 2 Teaser Hits The Net!!

It's gonna be one Happy Fuckin' Halloween ....

Hatchet 2 hits AMC theatres October 1st, in its complete UNRATED form! Green has promised that the sequel to his gory little movie that could will be twice as brutal and twice as awesome as the first time he took us into the swamp, and I for one cannot fuckin' wait.

With the first Hatchet going hi-def on September 7th and Frozen hitting both DVD and Blu just a few weeks later on the 28th, it's a hell of a time to be an Adam Green fan!


Matthew said...

That trailer exaggerates just a little bit with the unattributed quotes.

Not sure it was a "revolutionary" film, but I certainly plan to watch the sequel.

Anonymous said...

actually those quotes are from real reviews, 15 seconds on google would have confirmed that.

1) Aint it Cool News
2) Bloody-Disgusting
3) MTV-Larry Carrol