Monday, September 27, 2010

Failure To Communicate ... With The Dead


My family has had this Parker Brothers Ouija board since as long as I can remember and i've always been utterly fascinated by the thing, even if it has never managed to contact a single spirit. I'm one of those skeptics who so desperately wants to be a believer and it's for this reason that I inevitably take the thing out once a year to give it another go - for whatever reason, I still always expect it to work. Last night Jen and I had over a couple of our friends to our new place and after polishing off the delicious steak and pumpkin ale pie that Jen whipped up for us, we decided to channel some spirits, Parker Brothers style.


My friends and I got drunk a couple years back and tried the thing to no avail but one of our friends who is a hardcore believer in it was present this time around so we thought maybe she'd be able to make some magic happen. She says that she has Ouija'd many times with friends of hers and they have several times managed to contact spirits, though you obviously can never fully trust that the person you're doing it with is not moving the thing around and messing with you - which I presume is 100% always the case whenever there's any actual planchette movement. Regardless, she has some pretty wild stories that are hard to believe could have come from the mind of one of her friends thinking on the fly in an elaborate effort to fuck with her, so who knows. Anyways, with a strong believer on our side, we set out to see if there were any spirits floating around. As the below video will show you, there wasn't much going on in this house - we ultimately decided that all deceased parties were more than likely busy watching the season premiere of Dexter last night.

This is how 50% of all Ouija sessions in my life have gone, with the other 50% bringing about movement which was eventually admitted by a friend to be total bullshit on their part. Ah well, i'm sure i'll try again another time.

While we didn't have any actual board movement, something kinda creepy did happen later on in the Ouija session which I must address. We attempted to contact the spirit of a girl we went to school with who passed away a few years back. It was a rather still and quiet night out and the minute my friend asked if she was present in the room, the wind picked up considerably and a light rain began to fall. A couple minutes later, when we stopped trying to contact her, both the rain and wind immediately stopped. Was it a coincidence or was that her way to tell us she was there? We can never know for sure but I think I speak for everyone who was present in that room when I say it was pretty damn eerie!

So, have you ever had any experiences with a Ouija board? Leave a comment and tell me about it!

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