Monday, September 27, 2010

Fangoria FrightFest : The Tomb


Young professor Jonathan has it all, a promising career and an adoring fiancee, but when enigmatic Russian student Ligeia appears, he is spellbound. As though possessed, Jonathan is unable to resist the diabolically beautiful stranger who draws out his wild side. They move to a remote mansion, where Ligeia reveals the spine-chilling secret to her immortality - the extraction of human souls. Horrified, Jonathan tries to run .... but if Ligeia can't have him, she's determined to make sure no one else will either.

There's a reason The Tomb is the last Fangoria FrightFest flick I got around to watching and it's because I was avoiding it based on the fact that it didn't look or sound like something i'd at all be into. I'm rarely proven wrong in cases like this and this stinker is most definitely no exception. This amateurish piece of crap was a total bore from the very start to the very finish and I was completely uninterested by every aspect of it (save for a few cool locations), from the poor acting to the messy direction and terrible writing - somehow, it was written by the dude who wrote The Crow back in the early 90's and was even based on a Poe story! It's corny, it's stupid, and it's without a doubt the worst FrightFest film of them all - and that's saying something, as theres more than a couple crappers in the bunch. It proves once more one of the golden rules of cinema - if Michael Madsen's name is on the cover of a movie and Quentin Tarantino's isn't alongside it, it's gonna suck. To all you doctors out there, forget Ambien, prescribe The Tomb to the next insomniac that walks through your door instead.


Fred [The Wolf] said...

I saw Wes Bentley's name and knew it would be crap. He's in more bad films than he is in good ones. And yeah, only Tarantino can use Madsen the right way. If I ever need to sleep, I'll take your advice and watch this.

Johnny said...

Ya man Bentley seems to do a lot of shitty movies and he's a pretty bad actor to boot.