Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hatchet 2 Theatre Listings! Tickets On Sale Now! Free Posters!

As i've mentioned now several times in the past couple weeks (and probably will mention a few more times in the near future), AMC Theatres are releasing Hatchet 2 totally unrated all over the country on October 1st. This is the widest unrated release for a film in over two decades and could change the way horror movies are released in the future - if all of us fans go out and support it! If you've been wondering if you'll be able to do so, wonder no more because the theatrical listings have just been posted on AMC's website!

Kennesaw, GA - Barrett Commons 24
Morrow, GA - Southlake Pavilion 24
Owings Mills, MD - Owings Mills 17
Boston, MA - Boston Common 19
Danvers, MA - Liberty Tree Mall 20
Methuen, MA - Methuen 20
Plainville, CT - Plainville 20
Charlotte, NC - Carolina Pavilion 22
Concord, NC - Concord Mills 24
Crestwood, IL - Crestwood 18
Chicago, IL - Pipers Alley 4
Newport, KY - Newport on the Levee 20
Columbus, OH - Easton 30 with IMAX
Columbus, OH - Lennox 24
Livonia, MI - Livonia 20
Southfield, MI - Southfield 20 (Star)
Auburn Hills, MI - Great Lakes 25 (Star)
Dallas, TX - Grand 24
Mesquite, TX - Mesquite 30
Houston, TX - Studio 30
Houston, TX - Gulf Pointe 30
Universal City, CA - CityWalk Stadium 19
Orange, CA - Block 30
Ontario, CA - Ontario Mills 30
Burbank, CA - Burbank Town Center 8
Norwalk, CA - Norwalk 20
Covina, CA - Covina 30
San Diego, CA - Palm Promenade 24
Emeryville, CA - Bay Street 16
Orange Park, FL - Orange Park 24
Jacksonville, FL - Regency Square 24
Aventura, FL - Aventura 24
Miami, FL - Sunset Place 24
Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee 20
Tampa, FL - Veterans Expressway 24
Brandon, FL - Regency 20
Lake Buena Vista, FL - Pleasure Island 24
Orlando, FL - Universal Cineplex 20
Wauwatosa, WI - Mayfair 18
Montreal, QB - Forum 22
Harahan, LA - Elmwood Palace 20
Harvey, LA - Westbank Palace 16
New York, NY - Empire 25
New York, NY - 34th Street 14
New York, NY - MJ Harlem 9
New York, NY - 84th Street 6
New York, NY - Village 7
West Nyack, NY - Palisades Center 21
New Brunswick, NJ - New Brunswick 18
Elizabeth, NJ - Jersey Gardens 20
Cherry Hill, NJ - Cherry Hill 24
Hamilton, NJ - Hamilton 24
Homestead, PA - Waterfront 22
Lynnwood, WA - Alderwood Mall 16
Seattle, WA - Uptown 3
Creve Coeur, MO - West Olive 16
Toronto, ON - Yonge & Dundas 24
Alexandria, VA - Hoffman Center 22
Woodbridge, VA - Potomac Mills 18

If the film is not scheduled to play anywhere near you, call up your local AMC Theatre and DEMAND IT! If it is, or even if it isn't and you just want to be super supportive of the cause, tickets are on sale right now and if enough fans purchase them, the flick will be released even wider. For this reason, I encourage you to purchase your tickets ASAP and i've got a little extra incentive for you to do so - as if you needed more incentive than to help re-animate the horror genre!


I've got two of these Hatchet 2 mini posters that i'd love to pass onto you guys. All you've gotta do is send me some kind of confirmation between now and October 3rd that you purchased tickets to see the movie (e-mail confirmation receipts or pictures of your tickets will do the trick) and I will enter you into a drawing wherein two winners will receive the Hatchet 2 poster seen above! E-mail your evidence to me at MORTIS45@AOL.COM and I will select two lucky winners the Monday after Hatchet 2's release!

Good luck, enjoy the movie, and thank you for supporting the genre we all love so much!


The Captain said...

Ha! Two of the theaters we go to are playing it!

Strange Kid said...

Nowhere in Alabama... ARGH!!

Mike Snoonian said...

What has two thumbs and is playing hookey from work to see Hatchet 2 the day it comes out?


B-Movie Becky said...

I'll be checking it out in Seattle, WA come October. Very exciting news with the unrated release. It's great that you're supporting it with the poster giveaway as well.

Matthew said...

For once in my life, a limited release film is actually going to open in my town!

Only problem is, you can't buy tickets yet, because ticketing sites don't sell tickets that far out. So no one will be able to send their confirmations your way until about the 24th or 25th.

Johnny said...

Hm, I didn't try to purchase tickets yet but I saw a bunch of people on Green's Facebook saying they had already purchased them through that link. But either way, as long as confirmations come my way before the 1st, all will be well!

Johnny said...

Actually just checked my e-mail and I got an entry from a guy who sent me a confirmation e-mail he received from MovieTickets.com - so they can in fact be purchased right now!

Quanthor said...

Goddamn it! Porltand gets screwed again.