Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm Back....And So Are The Douche Brothers!

While I wouldn't exactly say that Jen and I are fully settled into the new house, we officially moved in yesterday and spent our first night here last night - it was quite strange and will definitely take some getting used to! We've still got a lot of painting and moving things around to do (both of our entire lives are still pretty much packed in boxes in the garage), but all the essentials are in place ; the TV and computer are hooked up (thanks dad!) and the fridge is stocked with cheap beer - what more do ya need?!

Now that i'm finally back behind a computer screen - a few days without it felt like an eternity (sad, huh?) - we can now begin to return to business as usual with the blog! So lets do that, shall we?


Around this time in 2008, best pals Adam Green (Hatchet/Frozen) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2), two guys i'm a huge fan and supporter of, began a series of shorts called The Road To FrightFest - which they showed throughout the week of the UK's FrightFest Film Festival. Essentially the video series consisted of them attempting to make their way to the festival, leaving hilarity, cameos and many a horror movie reference in their wake. Dubbing themselves The Douche Brothers, Green and Lynch utitlized their incredible hetero lifemate chemistry and vast knowledge of dick jokes and horror flicks to create some pretty fuckin' funny shit, all while spoofing and homaging Twilight Zone : The Movie. The Douche Brothers returned last year with an equally hilarious and entertaining series of videos, this time with an American Werewolf In London theme, being that that movie was shown up on the big screen at the festival. Well FrightFest 2010 just took place last week and yet another series of Road To FrightFest videos was shown, which has just made their way onto Green's Ariescope Pictures website. Spoofing The Blair Witch Project, Green and Lynch find themselves stuck out in the woods of Maryland, yet again failing to make their way to the festival - a festival that they both in actuality attended, with Green premiering Hatchet 2 to a jam packed audience.

I strongly urge you to head over to Ariescope Pictures to check out this year's Road To FrightFest series. And if you somehow missed the ones from years past, you can also see them in the same spot - click 'shorts' and then 'television and more'. Go...NOW!

If you like me are big time fans of these guys, here's some other cool shit for you to check out!

- Over at Lynch's blog Transmissions and Confessions From a Mad World, you can get day by day progress of his next film Knights of Badassdom, which recently finished shooting. Lynch also updates regularly with pictures and stories from his life.

- Hatchet 2 will hit AMC theatres FULLY UNCUT on October 1st of this year and you can pick up the first Hatchet on Blu-ray next Tuesday. Just a few weeks later, on September 28th, Green's Frozen comes to both DVD and Blu-ray - if you didn't get the chance to see it during its limited theatrical run, don't miss it this time around!

Douche Brothers, thank you for all the entertainment and laughs you have provided us all over the years.

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B-Movie Becky said...

I hope they continue to do the Road to FrightFest for years to come. Enjoy seeing these guys have fun with what they love!