Monday, September 27, 2010

Latest Halloween Purchases!

Over the past several weeks, Jen and I have bought far more Halloween related goodies than I can comfortably fit into one post, but here are some choice items we've picked up recently from stores ranging from Halloween City all the way to the unassuming Pier One Imports!


This CD started off pretty cool, with classic themes from Psycho, The Shining and The Exorcist to listen to or play 'guess the movie' games with, but I felt pretty duped about halfway through when I realized that the themes titled 'Saw', 'Chainsaw Massacre' and 'Scream' were not themes from those movies, but generic haunted house sounds of saws, chainsaws and screams. Quite the misleading little CD, to say the least. But there is one pretty awesome thing about it - the track titled 'Friday The 13th' is actually the kickass and super catchy theme from Part 3! Because of this, I can't be too mad at Drew for tricking me into buying his CD under false pretenses.


Zombie hand toilet grabber sticker!


Scratching hands stickers - $1.00 from Party City! These things actually look pretty badass under the right lighting.


Ghost and candy corn soap dispensers!

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Mummy candy dish - which currently plays host to a soon to be devoured bag of pumpkin spice Hershey Kisses!


These little handmade wooden dolls are the coolest thing i've found in Pier One this year. A lot of their stuff is kinda lame but I thought these were really awesome and they look like something you'd find someone selling at a horror convention, rather than something you'd see in a mainstream store. Extra cool points for the bolts in Frank's neck being actual heavy duty bolts!


Jack-o-Lantern dip bowls!


These little cheapo masks were a mere 50 cents a piece at Christmas Tree Shops and were must buys for us because they look like vintage Halloween masks. As Jen pointed out, the Dracula one looks like the mask the little boy wears in one of her favorite movies, Lady In White.


This creepy doll becomes infinitely creepier the moment you peel back its skull mask ....


I warned you!


This is another cool Pier One find. It was kinda expensive but looks well worth the price once its actually worn. I intended on taking a picture of Jen wearing it, but she's at work right now and I wanted to get this post up tonight.


I'm pretty sure this thing is supposed to just have its legs hanging down below its body but Jen got pretty creative and tacked each leg up and hung it over our bed. As a friend of mine said, it's like a chandelier of awesomeness!


Bjornabo said...

Awesome stuff :-) Hope to find some cool stuff this year myself, but my hopes are not that high.

Daph said...

Oh I love your finds!!

Copyboy said...

That is so awesomly chilling. Love the closet!

MJ said...

Me & my Mrs' horror bathroom is almost complete.

But how could I not think to ever look for a 'Zombie hand toilet grabber sticker' before???

Matthew said...

"Drew" makes a heck of a lot of these CD's. Every year there's a new one to rent from my library (Wowbrary).

They're never very good, nor worth buying, because they inevitably all have Tubular Bells (which gets annoying after the 90th bell rings). But I rent them for the nostalgia.

I wish Drew had a Cd with the excellent Prom Night song. Then you could say he'd done the proper research before releasing his 28th Halloween CD.