Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ultimate SPLICE Prize Pack Giveaway Begins Now!


Though I wasn't too into the direction the film went in its later half, I still consider Splice to be one of the best genre films of 2010 - read my review here. That being established, I was incredibly excited when I received an e-mail from Warner Brothers last week asking if i'd like to host a super awesome giveaway tied to next Tuesday's release of the film on DVD and Blu-ray.

(They also pitched an Elm Street remake giveaway to me and though I love Freddy to death, and though my blog is named after the burnt bastard, I just didn't feel right hosting a giveaway for a movie that I panned so hardcore. Sorry to any fans of that movie!)


Not only have they offered up a copy of the Blu-ray and DVD combo pack for you guys, but they've also supplied me with one of the incredibly rare and limited edition baby Dren plush dolls, the same doll that I sought out and bought from a friend of mine several months back! That's right, one of you lucky motherfuckers is not only going to win a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack of Splice, but also your very own baby Dren plush doll! I can't express how happy I am that I have the opportunity to bring this awesome prize into one of your lives.

Here's all you have to do to enter!

Leave a comment below with your e-mail address. If you've seen Splice, include why you dug it - i'm assuming you did if you want this prize. If you haven't seen it, include why you want to see it.

That is all. Giveaway is open to everyone and will run through next Tuesday, October 5th, the day of Splice's DVD, Blu-ray and On Demand release. Good luck!


Kristi Dorson said...

Nice prize pack!

kristi AT thedorsons DOT com

I haven't seen Splice yet but it's definitely on my list. Even though reviews have been mixed, the concept sounds interesting to me, and I have to admit I think that Dren looks pretty cute / interesting!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Splice yet but all of the positive news I've heard has got me stoked about it!


fromhell13 said...


I liked it because I was expecting Species and got Frankenstein.

Christine Hadden said...

I quite enjoyed Splice as well, and gave it a good review on my blog. It was different, had great acting, and baby Wren was just the cutest damn thing I've seen in moons. So count me in. I want that doll!

Adam Blomquist said...

Must. Have. Baby Dren.

adamblomquist [at] gmail [dot] com

I really liked the movie (second half too, but the ending "monster mash" was weak) I did my own review way back when:


Thanks much.

Anonymous said...


I have not seen splice but I heard its a good movie. I love horror and aliens.

Anonymous said...

This movie was wicked awesome ! Id love to have this killer prize!


Andrew said...

I have not seen it, but I really want to for 2 reasons:

1. Before I heard of the film I saw a really cool picture from the film and I thought "I have got to see this movie!"

2. Robert Englund told a crowd (which included me) at Monster-Mania 16 that it was a great film that was not seen by enough people. I know he is a big film fan and he is a super nice guy, so now I definitely want to see it!!!

my email: aheath333@gmail.com

Thanks for doing such a cool contest! -Andy

Matthew said...


I have not seen Splice, but wanted to see it the moment I read that Sarah Polley was attached. I've always been drawn to her as an actress, and hopeful she'd return to the horror genre - one she was so good in. So - naturally, I've been very excited to see this for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I was a big fan of this movie, mainly due to Adrian Brody's character transformation. The attitudes he displays toward Dren, ranging from fear and hatred at the start, to...well... something more, were actually pretty believable and fluid.


April said...


I didn't get to see it, but from the first preview I kept saying that I wanted to. and the baby Dren is adorable

Mister Bones said...



Saw it in the theater twice, and absolutely loved it. Also wrote a review for it at Tales From the Batcave. I love me a creature feature, and really liked that the most disturbing parts of Splice came WAY before Dren ever got aggressive.

Michele P. said...

I wish I had seen Splice, but with limited time to go to the movies because I work too much AND having an 8 yr old who freaked out whenever she saw the announcements on TV, I decided it was something best watched alone, by myself, after everyone was sleeping.

Morphine said...

I love Sci-Fi flicks. Every Saturday I watch Sci-Fi originals if I can. I heard a ton of good stuff about this (including things you said) and I even won a ticket to see it, but as you know I had to give it up because it wasn't playing in my town and didn't have a way if getting to the theatre it was playing at.Close but not quite I guess. I've been told maybe 100 times now that I have to watch it, and well, I agree.

Also the Dren doll is awesome, I tried hard to get my hands on one of those.



This movie looked awesome based on the trailers, but I didn't get a chance to see it. I would love to win this prize pack!!



Highly Caffeinated said...

Looking forward to seeing this film. It had a poor release here down under, so I never made it. :(

But a DVD that I can watch while cuddling a plush Dren, that would surely make up for it. :)


Anonymous said...

The flick was great, it was everything that seems to be lacking these days in Sci-Fi/Horror. Originality, suspense, and just god old fun. Honestly, can you name a movie this year that deserved to do better. Hopefully Splice finds a wider audience on home video. Also, that nifty Dren plush would nice next to my Gort and Robby the Robot. Good luck to everyone! Jon


Anonymous said...

I did not get to see Splice in theaters, but wanted to. The bald, mutated woman is reason enough for it to peak my interest. You include Sarah Polly and a Frankenstein-like plot and that right there is guaranteed excitement.


Jennifer said...

I'm interested in checking out the story. It's not a remake so I'm happy about that. And the doll is too cute!


sohamolina said...

I have not seen it yet. I was hesitant because it looked like Species. I like it to be more like Alien:).


Andrea Allison said...


I haven't seen Splice but I wanted to. I think it has an interesting concept and heard it was a good movie.

Anonymous said...

I saw some of it (the theatre had a blackout). I liked what I saw. I thought it was going to be another Species movies, but it was not. I can't wait to see it on blueray...maybe my own copy?

K-Fleet said...

Dren + Jessica Rabbit = 2 chicks you probably shouldn't tell your girlfriend you'd bone.


chris said...

I liked it because the movie was really "outthere".What I saw in "Splice" I haven't seen in a movie before it.I also liked the ending.It was open to interpation and not spelled out for you.I saw this movie twice on opening weekend! chrisgarrison2007@yahoo.com

kaiyn said...


I unfortunately didn't get to see this in the theater, since it only ran in my area for maybe two weeks, but I've wanted to see it since the first preview I saw for it.
It looked like an awesome movie, plus I like Adrien Brody.

Cat said...

Cat at hellomcfly85@cox.net

I wanted to see this when it came out in the theatres, but no one would go with me. Laaame. So I just really really wanna see what looks like a coolass movie!

And the plush is adorable.

Jeff said...

jeffrey.meyer.81@gmail.com (Jeff)

My wife was kind enough to indulge me in going to see this movie as I am both a fan of subversive horror/sci-fi and Vincenzo Natali.

I don't know why it got so much criticism; I thought that it was interesting and fun, and while I feel that the material could have spawned a better movie (no pun intended), I think that at a certain point it would have had to be at a slower pace and less audience friendly (e.g. Cronenberg's The Brood, which I love, but I'm not sure how well it holds up for general audiences). I feel like Natali succeeded in appealing to both genre fans and general audiences, but in doing so didn't make the best movie possible in either category. I still loved it and would really appreciate it if I won the contest. Thanks for doing this anyway, I really enjoy the site and read every post in my Google Reader.


atomicfox said...


I saw Splice on opening night and I loved it because it was one of those movies where I wanted all my friends to see it so we could talk about it. And also the whole more-than-2-species-combination concept was really intriguing right from the very first images we saw back in 2009.

Ronda said...

I have not seen Splice yet, but would love to. It looks very interesting.


cynniegurl said...

i haven't seen splice yet, but i really really really want to see it. in fact i had a date with a friend planned to go watch it in theaters but it had already left theaters, way sooner than expected.


Rotten Fruit said...

I would love to have this! I haven't seen it yet, but would absolutely love to. A buddy and I went to see an advance screening of I Spit On Your Grave last night and he was raving about this movie! And now I run across this on your blog! Awesome!


Erik said...

I liked it because stuff this weird never gets a wide theatrical release. It was really cool to see this in theaters everywhere. Very Cronenberg-y. Btw I'm ewblott@yahoo.com.

buddhistzombie said...



I loved Splice because there was a moving piece of innocence in this nature vs nurture epic. I love the character building and momentum build up . . . and then boom, the needle hits, the record, there is a dance, an epiphany and ultimately . . . a huge realization for the viewer that this is where nature takes over nurture, and nature prevails.

MikeE1111 said...

E-Mail: franklin87@hotmail.com

I loved me some Splice because I thought Dren was an interesting character and I loved Sarah Polley's over the top acting toward the end of the film.

Mike said...


Having seen that doll first hand, I know it's awesome. But as I mentioned back then, I'm a fairly practical person so I couldn't justify keeping something which didn't serve a purpose or have a personal story to go along with it. The Bluray/ DVD has me excited... but if I won a Dren... again... from the guy who has the one I won in the first place... considering how rare they are... that story wow totally be what I'd need to justify holding onto it this time.

The movie was awesome... but more importantly I'm a Natali fan. Nothing is one of my favorite movies of all time and when it comes to extras he doesn't disappoint. I'm really excited to see the on set extra in particular because this guy is smart and full of tricks.

These disks would get plenty of spin in my player... as much for the extras as the feature itself. Hell they will either way... but considering I'm a poor mother fucker If I don't win it, I'll probably end up buying the DVD only release as soon as it hits the first price drop. So sooner and a cooler version then what I would buy myself would be much appreciated.

- Mike

arceli said...


I liked it because it's a fairly original take on a been-there-done-that trope.

Alex said...


I liked Splice because it was a cool movie that mixed horror, sci-fi, thriller, and even a bit of drama to crafy an exciting, original story.

Also that plush Dren is awesome!

Silverman on Masochism said...


Splice was a fantastic genre film, and I was happy to see a new movie that was one of the best creature features I've seen in a very long time. Dren is my new favorite protagonist. ;)



Anonymous said...

I loved, loved LOVED "Splice".I saw it 4 times in the theater. I had been eagerly anticipating it for what seemed like eons (it seems as though it was announced AGES ago) ever since I heard that Vincenzo Natali and Sarah Polley (both beloved by I) were attached to the project. Natali, whom I have loved since the amazing "Cube" and the super sweet short "Elevated".
Everything about this movie is top notch. The acting, the dark, subtle characterizations, the direction, the cold yet lush cinematography, the misleadingly simplistic creature design. It's been a contender for the #1 spot on my yearly horror movie list ever since I've seen it. And lil' plushie Dren would look pretty sweet next to my homemade plushie Cthulhu, though I fear they may hatch a plot for world domination.
Awesome giveaway man!


BJ-C said...


I found Splice to be an incredibly creative way to show the horrors of not only man's obsession with playing God, but also our inability to accept nature as nature. With the way technology and scientific advancements keep shoving their grubby little paws into everything, it's only a matter of time before Splice dances over the line of fantasy and into reality.

Anonymous said...

I loved it made my girlfriends skin crawl!!! Ha ha


Anonymous said...


I have not yet seen Splice. The Cube was very good and I'm interested in seeing what Vincenzo Natali does with it. Thanks for the chance!

Jeff K. said...

I loved SPLICE. It is definitely one of my top movies from this year, and I really wish that more people had seen it. However, I am sure that it will find many more fans once it is out on home video.

I thought everything about it was great. The acting, special effects, and story were all very well-done. It really gave me the feeling that a lot of the old Horror/Sci-Fi "Creature Features" from back in the day did. The moral aspects of messing with nature were front and center, but they didn't feel cheesy or annoying.

Definitely want to add this to my library!