Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Heil Halloween!

The other day I received an e-mail from the man in charge of the promotional campaign for an online horror/Halloween store called HorrorShop.com. As it turns out, it's a pretty awesome site, one that not only has everything you'd find at any Halloween shop in your area, but also a whole slew of oddball and totally unique items that you've probably never seen before. Most amusing of all, the company is based in Germany and thus, the site is roughly translated from German to English, which results in some pretty hilarious item descriptions. Here are some of the items and humorous descriptions that caught my eye during my travels, which I hope you guys get as much of a kick out of as I did!


'Sperminator Clinton Mask'

Bill Clinton, former President of the US, aka Sperminator, who's fallen from grace with all the hypocritical upholders of moral standards, with this Halloween and horror mask finally takes revenge on all the two-faced journalists and conservative people who couldn't forgive him his affair with Monica Schlewinski. The Sperminator horror mask is a crossbreed between a celebrity and a Leatherface mask. It is a fantastic mask to mock politicians and celebrities. The full head mask is made of latex and fits well. A great carnival mask that will definitely cause a lot of laughter.


'Barackula Mask'

No bloody wonder the White House has been quite empty lately. Aftre having been attacked by a vampire the current President of the USA has turned into a creature of the night himself. His former dark eyes are shining bright blue, his ears are very pointy (that's a strong characteristic in vampires) and his teeth have become fangs, even his hairdo has changed and look a little like Eddie Munster's now. The Barackula Halloween mask is made od latex and great for persons with bigger-sized heads, too.


'Saw Pig Costume'

Super sadistic serial killer John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, is well known from US movie hit SAW. He loves to use his little ventriloquist's dummy Billy to deliver messages, torture his victims or fool the police. A SAW movie without Billy in its black suit and with the red loops on its cheeks is simply unthinkable. Apart from Billy he loves to slaughter people assisted by the pig!

From the 'it will never not be too soon' files ...


'Adolf Hitler Mask'

Adolf Hitler mask, one of the scariest charakters of the history so far. The horrible, horror mask of the bad austrian nazi is made of foamlatex and very realistic in a comic way. Foamlatex is a very soft material and you dont sweat as much as with a regular latex mask.


'Pennywise Mask'

This is just plain awesome, especially considering i've never seen a Pennywise mask before. A little late for this year, but i've got a strong feeling i'll be donning this next year.


'Dead Debbie Zombie Girl'

Little zombie girl "Dead Debbie" just loves to play with body parts or oven melted barbie dolls... Dead Debbie is approx. 80cm high and handpainted. She has got shiny eyes and black synthetic hair. Dead Debbie is a is a fantastic prop with an open backside and can be used as animatronic.


'Honey Bear Child Costume'

This one doesn't have a funny description, it just creeps me the fuck out that some kid out there is gonna be out there this Halloween masquerading around as the creepy dick sucking bear from The Shining - "honey bear", my ass. It's truly a sick world we live in, though I do kinda wish this costume existed when I was a youngin'.

For more awesome Halloween costumes and decorations as well as enough hilarious poorly translated item descriptions to keep you up all night, head over to HorrorShop.com!

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gil mann said...

Dead Debbie is a fantastic prop with an open backside

That goes beyond "clunky translation" into "false advertising" territory, that right there.