Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Out Of The Swamp, Into My Lovin' Hands

A buddy of mine, Chris Tanski, tipped me off the other day to an eBay auction for a one of a kind custom Victor Crowley action figure. Last night, for a mere 20 dollars, I won the auction. Behold, my new prized possession!



Still cannot believe this amazing hand sculpted figure went for so cheap, but i'm damn sure glad it did! And to think, just a mere couple days ago I thought i'd never be able to hold Victor Crowley in my hands, save for dropping almost two thousand dollars on that Horror Idols sculpture that I drool over at every Monster Mania convention.

Chris, thank you so much for not letting this slip through my hands. I will of course post pictures once I receive him!


Jonny Metro said...

$20 bucks! Damn, it would cost me more to go see the movie! Great find.


Jennifer said...


Jayson said...

Things would have ended differently if I saw that auction! :-P

Really is a great likeness, both front and back.

Johnny said...

Thus why I failed to mention it to anyone until I won it ;)

Copyboy said...

The details are incredible.