Thursday, October 28, 2010

'Win Free Horror Shit!' Is Now Exclusively On Facebook!


Early last year I started a second blog that I dubbed Win Free Horror Shit!, with a goal of posting all the horror related giveaways I found in my travels around the net, thus helping my readers win as many free goodies as possible. The blog quickly became a success, landing in the pages of Rue Morgue Magazine and nabbing me a neverending supply of e-mail's from readers telling me about the prizes they won thanks to the site. It was a beautiful thing, but I soon found myself unable to regularly update both that site and this one, and this one ended up becoming my main priority. Earlier this year, I decided to nix Win Free Horror Shit! as a blog, instead choosing to post weekly compilation lists of giveaways on this blog. While I was still helping my readers win free horror shit, I ultimately found myself not doing weekly WFHS! posts, sometimes not even getting around to doing them for months at a time. Thus, i've decided to move the campaign yet again, this time exclusively to Facebook!

I started a Win Free Horror Shit! Facebook page a while back, which I ended up abandoning when I moved the feature over to this site. I've decided to resurrect that Facebook page and start exclusively posting all the giveaways I find right to that wall, which will allow me to post more of them on a more frequest basis as well as reach an ever wider audience than ever before. On top of that, it's just much easier for me, so this'll be a win-win for all. All you've gotta do is head over to the Win Free Horror Shit! Facebook page, hit the little 'like' button over there, and sit back and watch your Facebook feed get updated on a regular basis with tons of new horror giveaways from around the net. So please, become a fan of the site. This is not about me getting hits or anything like that, it's simply about me helping you win as much free shit as possible. There's so much out there for the taking in these tough economic times and I want you to TAKE, TAKE, TAKE!

As always, if you find any giveaways out there or are hosting one on your horror site, drop me an e-mail and let me know about it so I can spread the word!

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Matthew said...

I'm not a huge fan of Facebook, and find myself only using it as a marketing tool, for whomever decides to click on my referral links that get posted on my page :) (I don't get any money, just points/credits on sites for people who sign up at them).

But I've definitely noticed how many people have been using it for freebies and giveaways now. Hardee's has a "Wheel of Awesome" on Facebook that you get a free spin with every Friday (not horrific, but you're guaranteed to win something every time).

So, like it or not, I'm definitely having to get used to people using it more often. I prefer Twitter myself... it'd be awesome if you could set up an account to auto-tweet every new giveaway you posted on Facebook, you know?