Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Freddy In Space Holiday Gift Guide : Necronomicox!

I don't know how this came up on us so quickly, but Christmas is now less than a month and a half away, which means your ass better stop buying shit for yourself and start thinking about what you want to get your friends, family and other assorted loved ones. To help ensure you get those horror fans in your life the coolest shit possible this year, i've decided to put together an ongoing Holiday Gift Guide, which I will add to on a regular basis up until Santa's fat ass comes plummeting down your chimney to watch you while you sleep ... or until you light the first candle on that menorah, if you're of the Jewish persuasion. So lets get on with it, shall we!

For the girl in your life that has it all ...

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NECRONOMICOX, handmade horror inspired dildos!

Available in eight different varieties, including Lovecraft's Cthulhu, the Alien Xenomorph and a plain old torn up maggot infested zombie wanker, Necronomicox are guaranteed to bring otherwordly pleasure to the horror loving chick in your life. And remember girls ; in space, no one can hear you moan!

*Gotta credit the latest issue of Rue Morgue Magazine for bringing these twisted toys to my attention!


Jennie Boots said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! If I find this in my stocking I am going to beat you with it! ;]

Johnny said...

I've got a feeling one of these is gonna be stuffing more than your stocking this year!

317237Mariel said...

My boyfriend is dead set on this now... haha.

Monster Scholar said...

That diseased penis is gah!!!