Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Adam Green Appreciation Day!

I don't know how it came about or who started it, but somebody on Facebook recently decided that today, November 16th, is to be Adam Green Appreciation Day around the world. I'm up for any reason to celebrate Green's career and so tonight, both here on the blog and in my personal life, celebrating is what I will be doing! Freddy In Space's own Jesse Bartel is coming over my place tonight and we're gonna finally watch Spiral, a movie that somehow neither of us have yet seen. As for the blogging front, i've whipped up a short little list of a couple things I appreciate Adam Green for, today and every single other day of the year!



- Using his skills as a filmmaker to bring us horror fans original horror films, devoid of even slight traces of CGI gore.

- Being gracious enough to do an interview with me back in 2008 and for encouraging me to ask him unique questions that he hadn't been asked before, so that my readers wouldn't be bored with reading an interview they'd already read elsewhere.

- Filming the above promo video for Freddy In Space/personal thank you message to me at last month's Rock and Shock Convention.

- The fahkin' Jack Chop, kid!

- Always taking the time out of his day to answer as many of the Facebook messages/wall posts he receives on a daily basis as he possibly can ... and even apologizing when his schedule simply doesn't allow it.


- Popping up for an epic cameo at the end of Gingerdead Man 2 : Passion of the Crust, as a bum who eats a piece of the trashed killer cookie and thus, becomes new host to its soul.

So, what do YOU appreciate Adam Green for? Leave a comment and let me know!


Tlieso said...

I appreciate him for his original films & the lack of CGI in them.

Also because he seems like an extremely cool down to earth person. His response to a twitter comment I made about Hatchet 2 turned me into a giddy schoolgirl.

Anonymous said...

the thing I appreciate the most about Mr. Green is how much he truly loves his fans. He really goes above and beyond for us.

SideshowFanLeighann said...

What I appreciate most about Adam is the following:

I've been going to the Rock and Shock convention here in Massachusetts every year for the past 4 years now. Every year I have met some very cool horror icons. Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Jason Mewes, Sid Haig, some really awesome people. Last year I had a BAD experience with someone who shall remain nameless and it was so bad that I decided I didn't want to be devastated like that ever again. I said the only way I would go again is if Adam Green was going to be there. and sure enough he was. Which brought me to my next issue. $$$. Usually celebs charge anywhere from 20-45 dollars for an autograph and a picture which is understandable since its how they make their money for being at the convention...but this year I had no money. I wanted to cry because I thought my chances of getting my stuff signed and getting a pic with Adam were GONE. someone asked how much he charges...and his answer was shocking. ZERO DOLLARS!! I was so excited to find that out that I cried. Not only did he charge zero dollars, he also signed a 8x10 glossy for me, one for my boyfriend, took a picture with us, and signed my hatchet dvd...plus we got to talk for awhile. that meant more to me than Adam will ever know. Especially with the bad experience I had the year before. It really shows that he really wants to meet all of his fans and he even remembered who I was because of some facebook conversations we had. Really shows he actually pays attention to his fans when they correspond with him to boot. even though he isn't on the same level as someone like Wes Craven or any other huge names in horror, (YET but he will be!!) we all know he will always remain this amazing and humble. TY for everything you do Adam. It means the world to us.
xoxo Leighann

Johnny said...

Leighann - Ya, I saw a picture from Rock and Shock of the sign on Adam's table that said he wasn't charging for autographs. So awesome. You don't see that very often.

On a side note, just got done watching Spiral for the very first time and I really dug it. Which brings me to another thing I appreciate Green for ; being so damn diverse in his filmmaking!

Jesse Lee said...

Yes, I appreciate him for being so devoted to his fans and of course making every movie of his a solid film. The fact that he cares about horror and sees it as a way to really entertain people, not to sell out and do some shitty remake!

Love you Adam!

....and John..