Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Release Review - 2010 : Moby Dick



A modern adaptation of the classic novel of the captain of a high tech submarine and his obsessive quest to destroy the enormous prehistoric whale that maimed him.

Super sized CGI sea monsters doing battle with washed up quasi-stars has become a sub-genre all its own these days, with the SyFy network and production company The Asylum being the main purveyors of this type of over the top B-movie fare ; the former adding such entries to the mix as the Eric Roberts starring Sharktopus and the latter making a name for themselves with their recent releases of the instant cult classics Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and Mega Piranha. If you've seen one of these types of flicks, you've pretty much seen 'em all, but nevertheless i've found that they can make for a hell of a fun hour and a half time killer - if you're in the proper mood, that is.

Last night, as I sat down to watch The Asylum's latest, their own CGI filled adaptation of Herman Melville's classic story with the name that still, at 24, makes me giggle everytime I hear it, I must've been in the proper mindset because I had a lot of fun watching mega whale tear some shit up, Rocky Horror's Barry Bostwick hot on his tail every step of the way.


Like I said above ; if you've seen one of these types of movies you've seen 'em all and thus, if you've read my review of one of them, you've pretty much read my review of all of them - so i'll keep this short and sweet. Like Mega Shark and Mega Piranha before it, 2010 : Moby Dick has a few hilariously awesome moments of massive CGI whale carnage, which you have to sit through a lot of downtime in order to get to. For me, these few moments are almost always worth the wait and are far too awesome and far too over the top cheesy to not love, even if you could save yourself a whole heck of a lot of time by just watching the trailer and calling it a night - but what fun is that? The boring filler is unfortunately par for the course in mega monster movies and it's something i've come to accept.


Now one major thing this one has that sets it apart from the pack is the afformentioned Barry Bostwick, who totally steals the show right out from under even the titular beast and makes all the downtime as tolerable as possible. Taking his role as Captain Ahab perhaps a little too seriously, Bostwick channels Sam Loomis as a demented one legged one liner spouting man on the hunt to put an end to the legendary Moby Dick, for his own personal revenge perhaps even moreso than the desire to save the lives of others. Delivering incredible lines such as "i'd strike the sun if it insulted me!" with such convinction that you truly believe he thinks he's about to earn an Oscar nomination, and affixing a wooden cemetery cross to his stump of a leg towards the end of the film, Bostwick is a mad powerhouse the whole way through, elevating the film to a higher and much more enjoyable level than it would've been at had a less committed actor been in his shoes. In these kinds of movies you really need to have something entertaining to fill the downtime between monster attacks, and Bostwick bridges that gap admirably.

These movies certaintly aren't for everyone but i'm pretty sure you know by now if they're your cup of tea, so you already know whether or not to seek this particular one out. If you're in the mood for some cheesy and campy CGI sea monster mayhem, grab a bunch of beer, invite some friends over and toss 2010 : Moby Dick into your DVD player. Thanks to a few epic scenes and more Barry Bostwick badassery than any one man can handle on his own, I can pretty much guarantee you'll have a blast.

I now sit back and not so patiently wait for the next mega monster screener to arrive in my mailbox, wherein I will immediately tear it open and pop it into my PS3. Will it be the Steve Urkel star vehicle Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus? I can only hope!


Trick or Treat Pete said...

Nope, that DVD cover has no resemblance Jaws what so ever. LALALALALALA can't see the ripoff, LALALALALALA...
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Petunia Scareum

Johnny said...

Does it? I hadn't noticed ;)

Jaws is without question the most ripped off movie poster of all time.