Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Celebrity Ghost Stories - Daniel Stern

Got another segment for ya from one of my favorite shows on television, where Home Alone's Daniel Stern talks about a super creepy encounter he and his wife had with what he describes as a townful of ghosts while on their honeymoon in England. Take it away, Marv!

To add a little to this story, it should be noted that the village where Daniel and his wife allegedly encountered these ghosts, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, has a pretty interesting paranormal backstory to it. The church in the village was struck by an ominous ball of lightning during a massive thunderstorm in the 1600's, killing four and injuring sixty others. According to a local legend amongst the villagers, this tragedy was a result of the Devil paying the village a visit. While one legend states that the Devil arrived to collect on a pact made with a local card player (fall asleep during church and your soul is mine), another suggests that the Devil arrived to collect the souls of the four people killed in the church that day, who were playing cards during the service. Furthermore, the landlady of a nearby pub reported a visit by a mysterious man riding a jet black horse who ordered a beer, which hissed down his throat as he drank it. She claimed the man had cloven feet and that the money 'the Devil' paid her with turned to dead leaves after he rode off.

While Daniel's story does kinda sound as fictional as the landlady's, it does make ya wonder, doesn't it?

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