Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Via Snail Mail!

Just want to take a quick moment to publicly thank two horror community buddies of mine for sending little Christmas treats to my doorstep this week ...


Jason Nagy and the rest of the crew behind the great blog Zombies and Toys sent over a nice Christmas card, along with some other little treats including a kickass Zombies and Toys ornament! Jason has been known to produce some pretty kickass promotional swag for his blog and i'd say this one takes the cake. Jason, it will proudly be hung on my Christmas tree for many years to come!


This cauldron arrived courtesy of Sean Jordan from the VHS Preservation Society, packed to the hilt with Halloween treats and a hybrid Christmas/Halloween card. Included in the cauldron ; a skeleton keychain, Frankenstein mug, Pumpkin Pez dispenser, Hellraiser air freshener (!), a gaggle of plastic eyeballs, a squishy skull, a vintage halloween snowglobe and even Trick or Treats on DVD. Nothin' quite like a little Halloween on Christmas!

Thanks so much guys!


zombies and toys said...

You're welcome! Thank you for providing some great reading!

Matthew said...

"Hellraiser air freshener"

You don't understand how much I need this.

I hope this one comes up quickly in my search...

Johnny said...

It's pretty awesome, had never even seen such a thing until it arrived on my doorstep!