Friday, December 31, 2010

Machete In 60 Seconds ... And In Claymation!

Over the years, Lipton has featured a slew of big name stars in claymation commercials for their Brisk Iced Tea product, including the likes of Bruce Lee, Frank Sinatra and Babe Ruth. Joining those illustrious ranks this year is none other than Danny motherfuckin' Trejo(!), who just lended his voice and likeness to a new Brisk commercial that serves as a quick claymation summary of cult hit Machete. Check out Danny Clay-ho kickin' some clay ass and scorin' some clay babes below!

Not the biggest fan of Brisk, but I gotta give HUUUUGE props to Lipton for having the balls to put Danny Trejo into an elite grouping of folks like Sinatra and Lee. How fuckin' cool is that?

By the way, Machete hits DVD & Blu-ray January 4th. Pre-order your copy today!


Drunketh said...

That's some pretty cool shit. Weird though.

The Captain said...

"and then I wash my hands"

cynniegurl said...

i have the urge to "like" the captain's comment...stupid facebook.