Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Last Thing....

I know you guys come here to read about horror and not about blogger vs blogger drama, but I just had one more little thing to say about this whole Horror Blogger Awards thing and then I promise I will never speak on the subject again.

It was not my intention to strongarm Benevolent Street out of this competition nor was it my intention to hurt Tony Carroll or his blog or to turn anyone against him or his blog. For this, I must apologize. While I do not agree with the way Tony went about things, and while I am glad that I spoke my piece about the whole thing, I admit that I got a little too carried away and unnecessarily insulted Tony on a personal level as well as insulted his writers and his website. I had no right to do that. Afterall, who am I to judge? I could have went about what I had to say in a classier manner, perhaps even contacting Tony on a one on one basis about it, and I regret not doing that. I now see that his intentions came from a good place and that he was just trying to get the word out there on his blog and though I do personally feel that some of the things he did to get votes were wrong, I never had a right to attack him in the way that I did. Tony, I am sorry for that.

With that said, BJ-C makes a good point - we should all just get along, support one another, stop with this bullshit drama, and stop caring so much about rather meaningless awards. I don't want to be the bad guy or the guy who bullies and pits people against one another and though I may have come off that way the other day, that's not at all the way that I am. I support each and every horror blogger out there and I wish Tony and Benevolent Street the best in the future. It looks as if he's using this whole thing in a positive way, and i'm glad to see that. For one last time, the name of his blog is Benevolent Street and yes, I did just link to it.

In closing, awards mean nothing. If it were up to me, Bloody Disgusting's awards would be abolished and in its place would be a post that links to all of the horror blogs out there. Bottom line is, lets all just blog and have a good time doing so. That's what matters and that's why people take time out of their days to read our shit when they could probably be doing much more important things.

Killer Klowns Kontest Winner & Fright Rags One Day Sale!

Last week I held a giveaway/contest for Fright Rags' Killer Klowns From Outer Space t-shirt and the results are in! The task was to come up with a funny caption for a screengrab that I chose from the flick and if you go ahead and scroll down, you will see that screengrab as well as the winning caption and winner's name underneath it!


"To earn some extra cash, the Death Star's trash compactor monster took up a side job as a birthday clown." - Cins

Yes, if anyone's wondering, that is the same Cins from Creepy Kitch. And no, if anyone's wondering, I didn't pick her caption because we're blog pals, I picked it because it was the one I found the funniest, plain and simple. Congratulations, Cins!


Speaking of Fright Rags, you might wanna head over there right about now. For today only, they are selling five of their special edition shirts for 15% off each. This is awesome not only because the shirts are cheaper than usual, but also because these shirts were only made available for brief periods of time, mostly to newsletter subscribers only, and this is the first time you can click over to the site and pick them up. But remember, after today, the deal is over and the shirts are gone, so snatch 'em up while ya can. And stay tuned to Fright Rags next week for SEVEN new designs, which you can see sneak peeks of if you become a member of the Fright Rags Street Team. Also stay tuned to the Fright Rags Blog for an upcoming interview with none other than yours truly!

As for this here blog, a new giveaway begins next week and it's one I can't wait to unleash on you guys!

Name That Movie - The Frozen Edition!


After the blogging drama of yesterday i'm ready for some fun and what's more fun than a little movie screenshot guessing game?! Being that Adam Green's new flick FROZEN (click for theatre listings) hits the theatrical slopes next weekend, this edition of Name That Movie is a very special Frozen inspired edition - meaning the ten screenshots below are taken from horror movies with snowy settings. How many can you name? Leave a comment with your guesses!

1. Photobucket

2. Photobucket

3. Photobucket

4. Photobucket

5. Photobucket

6. Photobucket

7. Photobucket

8. Photobucket

9. Photobucket

10. Photobucket

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Not One To Rant, But I Gotta Rant

This is a post I was going to wait until February 14th to make, but Zombies Don't Run got me all riled up with a recent and very similar post to the one I was going to make come that day and I feel as if now is probably the best time to get this off my chest. This is also a post that I was considering not making at all. I thought i'd take the high road, play nice, not say a word, and not lose an online friend - and most of all, not come off like a sore loser. But after some thought I realized that that wouldn't be the high road at all. The high road would be sticking up for my fellow horror bloggers who I respect so much. Though it might not sound like it, this is the high road and while I hate to say what i'm about to say, i've always found it best to speak the truth....

As i'm sure you're all aware by now, Bloody Disgusting recently kicked off a Horror Blogger Awards poll, designed to find and crown the horror blogger of the year. Though it's only been a few days, this poll has already shown serious signs of failure. The horror blogger of the year is not being found, what is being found is the horror blogger who can convince the most people to vote for him - and that quite frankly defeats the whole purpose of this thing.

Now before I go any further, I want to make a few things clear. This is not me being mad or upset that i'm not in the lead in Bloody Disgusting's poll. No, not at all. I quite frankly don't care about that and I didn't even vote for myself. What this is is me being mad and upset that a deserving horror blogger is not in the lead. I don't care about winning, I don't feel as if I should win, but I do absolutely feel that the blogger who has the best blog deserves to win. Isn't that the whole goal of the award? There's literally dozens of bloggers nominated in this poll who pour so much time and energy into their blogs and continually produce great and original content, day after day, week after week, and in some cases even year after year. These are the bloggers that Bloody Disgusting is trying to honor with this awards ceremony and these are the bloggers that deserve to win. But who is currently in first place, with over 10% more of the votes than ANY of the other blogs?

Benevolent Street.

If you haven't heard of this blog, you're not alone.

Benevolent Street has a whopping 13% of the votes at the time of writing this. Nobody else has surpassed 5% yet. Not even Final Girl. Not even Vault of Horror. Not even Day of the Woman. 13% is not a statistic i'd be surprised at all to see from either of the three afformentioned blogs and i'd fully support such a statistic for any of those blogs. They have huge fan bases and are respected by horror bloggers and readers the world over, including myself. But Benevolent Street? Really? Does any blogger in the horror community even know where the hell Benevolent Street is?

Here's a little backstory on Benevolent Street. The site is run by Tony Carroll, a longtime online friend of mine. We've been speaking online for years and he's always been incredibly nice to me, even offering me a writing gig on the site when it first started over a year ago - an offer I took him up on. I wrote for the blog for a few months before calling it quits due to the fact that I just felt the blog wasn't up to snuff and I wanted to have my own content on my own blog. Now if anyone was going to be happy for Tony and his 13%, you'd think it would be me - we're friends, afterall. But the bottom line is that Tony and Benevolent Street do not deserve this award. Sorry, Tony, but it's the truth and i'm here to speak the truth. Benevolent Street is a site that's written by a couple friends that Tony hired and it's updated max a couple times a week, with nothing but poorly written regurgitations of news stories from the big horror sites and occasionally, a review of an old horror movie that we've all read hundreds of reviews of in the past. Barely any work or effort is put into the blog and Tony himself hadn't even made a post on the blog for months - until of course he was nominated for the Bloody Disgusting award (most likely by a friend or staff member). So how is Benevolent Street in such a strong lead over so many respectable horror blogs?

I call shenanigans, pretty obvious shenanigans at that. I don't know if multiple accounts were created or if Tony just got all of his friends and family to vote for him (I do know that he created a "Vote For Benevolent Street" Facebook event page - can you say douche chills?), but one thing I know FOR SURE is that this high statistic is absolutely in no way a reflection of how the readers of horror blogs feel about his less than mediocre site. In fact I don't think they feel anything whatsoever about the site being that most of them don't even know about it. Again I say, sorry Tony, but it's the truth and you know it. When you have a poll designed to pick the best horror blog out there and Vault of Horror has 3% while a completely unknown blog that no effort is put into has 13%, you know something is seriously wrong - that's something that nobody can deny. Not even you, Tony.

This poll has failed all of the great horror bloggers out there and that is a serious injustice that I hate to see. While awards ultimately mean nothing, getting a link and such an honor from a site like Bloody Disgusting is huge exposure for a blog that deserves it and it's a damn shame that it looks like Benevolent Street is going to be getting that much undeserved exposure. While the hits may pour in after the announcing of their impending win, I think we can all be pretty sure that those hits will quickly dwindle down once the readers who click over realize that they've been duped. Sadly, however, the damage will be done and this is going to look bad for all of us horror bloggers. There's surely going to be a few readers who will question the quality of all our blogs when they're duped into thinking that Benevolent Street is the best the horror blogging community has to offer.

In closing I just want to say that i'm fairly certain that Tony does not have bad intentions with this whole thing and i'm not saying he's a bad guy - he just wants hits and recognition for his blog. Don't we all? All i'm saying is that Benevolent Street did not even deserve to so much as be nominated for such an award and I wish that Tony had played fair and let the readers vote on their favorite blog. What he has essentially done is taken a huge shit on all of us who spend our days working to make our blogs the best they can be. Tony, you should be ashamed of yourself and I can guarantee you that the backlash you will get from this obvious scam will toss you right out of the tight knit horror blogging community - a community that plays fair, respects one another, and quite frankly a community that you were never even a part of anyway. Sorry friendo, but it's the cold hard truth.

To any horror blogger who is feeling slighted by this poll, just know that all of the readers and fellow bloggers respect and appreciate your contributions, whether you ever receive an award or not. It's not the awards that matter, and this poll shows that better than anything ever could.

As for the readers, head over to Bloody Disgusting, browse through all of the blogs, and vote for your favorite - the way it was meant to be done.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Discussion of the Week - Female Villains

In a few short days we cross over into a new month and next month isn't just February and Black History Month, it's also the first annual Women In Horror Recognition Month. Although i'm jumping the gun by a few days, I got to thinking lately about female villains in horror and I wanted to discuss it with you guys. While women are mostly depicted as scantily clad damsels in distress in horror flicks, running around from the big hulking dude with the chainsaw, we've also seen some pretty kickass female horror villains over the years that would give that dude with the chainsaw a run for his money. So I wanna know...

Who is your favorite female horror villain of all time?

Support Women In Horror Month by leaving a comment below with your choice! As for my choice, there's really only one that immediately comes to the forefront of my mind - maybe it's because I just watched this movie over again or maybe it's because this character is just that damn memorable and off the charts....


There has perhaps never been a crazier and more violent female ever committed to celluloid than La Femme (The Woman). She's not afraid to blow your brains out, she's not afraid to stab you in the dick with a pair of scissors, she's not afraid to cut the baby out of your womb (even if you're Johnny Depp's wife's sister), and she's not even afraid to snap your cat's neck and throw it against the wall - and dare I say she'll even manage to ooze a bit of sex appeal while doing so (is it just me?). In Inside, Dalle turns in one of those performances that makes you think, "This chick must really be this crazy in real life" - and wouldn't ya know it, after some research i've discovered that, well, she kinda is! Dalle was filming a movie at a prison a couple years ago and she fell in love with and married one of the inmates - a dude who was locked up for beating up and raping his girlfriend. Naturally, weeks after he was released from prison, the dude threatened to kill Dalle. I must also note that she was arrested for beating up a meter maid several years prior and she was torn between naming her child either Jesus or Mowgli (after the boy from The Jungle Book). So maybe her performance in the film wasn't such a stretch from her real life persona, but that doesn't change the fact that she crafted one of the most kickass and complex female horror villains of all time. La Femme isn't just a maniacal killer with no motive and no name, she's got some serious reasoning behind her actions and that's what I find so fascinating about her. Now i'm not saying she was justified in doing all or any of the things she did, but ya do gotta kinda feel for her, no? In some sort of incredibly twisted way she's the ultimate mother and therefore the ultimate female - thus the name La Femme, I suppose. Whatever way ya slice it, she's totally fuckin nuts and kinda hot in a totally fuckin nuts way and she's my favorite female villain of all time.

Who's yours?

Meet The Newest Member of My Family...

I ordered Sideshow Collectibles' 15" Sam (Trick 'r Treat) Vinyl Figure from the site way back in October as a Halloween gift for Jen and our little bundle of joy just arrived yesterday. He was backordered for many months and I gotta say, he was more than worth the long wait. This just might be the coolest thing i've ever held in my hands...

The detail and work that went into this thing is absolutely amazing and I honestly feel like Sam himself is sitting next to me right now as I type this - it's a feeling that's equal parts creepy and awesome. Sideshow always crafts some highly impressive shit but they really outdid themselves with this one. And yes, the mask does come off!

Sam is currently yet again on a wait list on Sideshow's website but I just wanted to post this for anyone who may be teetering on the brink of ordering him. $59.99 may sound a little steep but believe me, if you're a fan of Trick 'r Treat, you will love this thing and you will be so glad you got it before it goes for double or triple that price on eBay. And honestly, it'd be well worth every penny even if the price was doubled or tripled.

I hereby proclaim this the best horror collectible of '09....maybe of all time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Freddy In Space Nominated For Bloody Disgusting's Horror Blogger Award!

Total Film recently kicked off a Horror Blog of the Year award poll that pissed a bunch of people off, including myself. Reason being that all of the "blogs" they nominated, save for one, were not blogs at all - they were the major horror news sites. While I love those sites, as we all do, they're not blogs in the truest sense of the word and to nominate them over the real horror blogs who are in need of the exposure is a real injustice. Well thankfully one of those bigger news sites that was nominated, Bloody Disgusting, decided recently to take it upon themselves to remedy this situation and show that even they feel the Total Film awards weren't executed properly. Enter the Bloody Disgusting Horror Blogger Awards, a poll designed to find the true horror blog of the year.

Amongst several other great horror blogs, Freddy In Space was nominated for the award and that means a hell of a lot being that the nominees were all selected by the readers out there. Now i'm not saying my little blog is the best horror blog of the year (hell I voted for Basement of Ghoulish Decadence myself), but if you dig what i'm doing and want to show your support, I would really it appreciate it if you'd head over to Bloody Disgusting, register for the site if you haven't yet, and go ahead and throw a vote in the hat for me. You have until February 12th to do so. While you're there, be sure to check out all of the blogs that were nominated - I guarantee you'll find some great new reading material that will entertain you for a long time to come.

Thank you Bloody Disgusting for doing this and a huge thanks to all who nominated me and to all who vote for me. Just being mentioned on Bloody Disgusting is awesome enough, but it sure wouldn't hurt to win!

While we're on the subject of awards, the last several weeks have been very award heavy in the horror blogging community. All kinds of awards have been passed out amongst us and I wanted to take a second to thank all of the blogs who gave me the various different awards. If I missed anyone I apologize, but these are the only ones i'm aware of.

All Things Horror - Kreativ Blogger Award

Day of the Woman - Fantastically Frightening Award

The Drunken Severed Head - One Lovely Blog Award

Evil On Two Legs - One Lovely Blog, Kreativ Blogger, Fantastically Frightening, and Zombie Chicken Awards

Fascination With Fear - Kreativ Blogger Award

The Horror Effect - One Lovely Blog Award

I Like Horror Movies - One Lovely Blog Award

The Jaded Viewer - Kreativ Blogger Award

Midnight Confessions - Zombie Chicken Award

Things That Don't Suck - Fantastically Frightening Award

Z For Zombies - One Lovely Blogger and Kreativ Blogger Awards

Zombie's Don't Run - One Lovely Blog Award

As a part of these chainmail esque awards, you're supposed to pass the ones you get onto horror blogs that you personally dig. Since I kinda missed the boat on this by a couple weeks and since pretty much all of the blogs I read were already given several of these awards, I wanted to go ahead and show my support for two blogs that as far as I know weren't given any awards - or maybe they just didn't post about them. Anyway, here are two favorite blogs that by all means should've been nominated for the Bloody Disgusting award and totally deserve all of the above awards.

Haunt Style - This is a daily visit for me and I usually end up killing some serious time browsing through the vast archives while i'm there. This guy by the name of "Bones" has a knack for finding the coolest horror related shit out there and he makes a post about it nearly every single day. Be it unique products from the other side of the world or strange photographs, if it's horror and it's cool, Bones has found it and continues to put it on display for all to see.

Scab's Horror Blog - Though he mostly focuses on the Friday The 13th franchise, Scab also covers other old school slashers from time to time. This blog is a vast wealth of information for the Friday fan and i've learned a ton of stuff from it. I've also gotten many recommendations of movies to check out from both the site and Scab's YouTube channel - like the 80's slasher Slaughterhouse, which Scab just created a Facebook fan page for. Awesome guy and an awesome blog. Similar to what I said about Haunt Style, if it's Friday The 13th and it's cool, Scab has posted about it.

Next up, The League of Tana Tea Drinkers Bloody Bloggers Awards! Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's a Great Time To Be a VHS Aficionado

Is VHS making a comeback?

A couple weeks ago it was announced that House of the Devil, Ti West's throwback to 80's horror, was being released not only on DVD and Blu-ray, but also on VHS (available in a combo pack with the DVD on Amazon for a mere $23.99). This marked what I consider a bit of a resurgence for the thought to be dead format and I just recently discovered something that is perhaps even more exciting and shows that this House of the Devil thing isn't just a gimmick, it might be the beginning of the return of VHS as an acknowledged format. Did you know that there is currently available a Blu-ray/VHS combo player? I shit you not, take a look...

The highest quality movie format available teamed up with the lowest quality movie format available - a pairing that I thought only existed in my wildest dreams. Now I gotta admit, although I love watching older horror movies on VHS, I prefer to watch the newer ones in the best quality possible - enter this bad boy to save the day, merging the past and the present, the high quality and the not so high quality, all into one piece of machinery. It's an awesome idea that will probably be criticized by those high quality buffs out there, but will surely be embraced by my fellow tapeheads that still proudly display their VHS collection for all to see. Although the price is a bit steep at the moment, I definetly intend on adding one of these to my entertainment system in the future. Kudos, Panasonic.

Now I thought perhaps hell had frozen over when I laid my eyes on that thing but it wasn't until this morning that I realized that not only has hell frozen over, but there's surely gotta be some pigs flying somewhere out there too. I work at a pharmacy/general store and part of my job is putting out the newspapers every morning before the store opens. This morning, as I was putting out the Southampton Press, one of my area's local papers, I noticed a familiar face on the cover.

Last summer Jen and I discovered a small video shop called Star Video a few towns over and I instantly fell in love. This was no Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, this was a tiny little mom and pop shop owned by a single man and walking into this place was like stepping into a time machine custom built to take me back to my childhood. Although there were DVD's and plenty of new releases on the walls, a majority of the store was still packed with VHS tapes - some for sale, others still for rent. It's not often that you find a place like this and I was shocked it was still open. How could a place like this stay in business? Who out there is still renting VHS?! Questions I wasn't able to answer but however it was staying afloat, I was sure as hell glad it was, and for that matter still is. Well I soon realized that the familiar looking dude on the cover was the owner of Star Video and the Southampton Press was not only running an article on him and his shop, but they made it a cover story to boot!

According to the article, the place has built up a pretty loyal customer base over the years and those customers continue to come back, which is how it has managed to stay in business for the past 20 years. Although business has admittedly declined over the years, the owner, Jerry Mulholland, is hopeful that the recent deal between Netflix and Warner Bros. (the one where Netflix will have to wait a month to make new Warners flicks available to their subscribers) will give his business a little boom. The place is a bit too far away for me to rent from, but I will certaintly continue to support it by buying used VHS from there whenever I get the chance. If there's one thing that will always have my continued support, it's a guy like Mr. Mulholland keeping the past alive and daring to fight the big corporations who have money in mind, not the customer's wants, needs, and convenience. Jerry Mulholland, you are my hero of the month.

I hope to one day take some pictures of the inside of the place to show you guys and maybe even conduct a little interview with the dude. For anyone who happens to be in the Long Island area and wants to pay Star Video a visit, it's located in Eastport, NY.

While we're on the subject of VHS, i've been meaning to talk about an awesome book Jen got me for Christmas - Portable Grindhouse : The Lost Art of the VHS Box Vol. 1.

Portable Grindhouse is a book loaded with front and back cover art from horror/exploitation VHS boxes - aside from a few pages of text in the beginning where the author gives a brief history of VHS and talks about why he loves the format, these images make up the entire almost 200 page book. Needless to say, it's a fucking awesome book and a must own for VHS collectors. Although most of the cover choices are admirable - movies like Slaughterhouse, Video Violence, and Mad Doctor of Blood Island - there are some pretty strange choices, i.e. a Johnny Bench documentary and a Gary Coleman movie. Not sure why those made the cut but I guess the author, Jacques Boyreau, just wanted some variety. Regardless, it's a really cool little book that truly does act as a Portable Grindhouse and I can't wait until future volumes are released.

Ah what the hell, while we're here, let me give out a few cheap, and related, plugs.

I've talked in the past about a fanzine called LUNCHMEAT and I was in fact just sent the latest issue a couple weeks back by creator Josh Schafer. The incredibly well made zine, featuring full color original cover art, is a four times a year love note to the world of horror on tape, chock full of reviews, interviews, and retrospectives about those old flicks that will probably never see the light of day on DVD. Much like Portable Grindhouse, it's a must get for VHS collectors and you can subscribe for 1 year (4 issues) for the cost of $20 either by visiting this link or by sending a 20 spot directly to :

710 Glendalough Rd.
Erdenheim, PA 19038

Trust me, you won't regret it.

And last but certaintly not least, I must plug the aptly named VHSPS - The VHS Preservation Society. What these guys do is transfer horror movies that aren't yet available on DVD onto DVD, complete with original VHS cover art, and sell them. It's a great service they're doing (especially for those people who have gotten rid of their VCR and don't want to buy another one) and you can either browse their selection on their website or check them out at various conventions around the country. Whenever I go to a convention I end up dropping the most money at their booth and i've picked up some true classics, including Don't Open Till Christmas and Clownhouse, which now proudly sit on my DVD shelf. These movies may never get the DVD treatment, but that's ok, because VHSPS has got our backs.

Did I mention I have an extremely large soft spot in my heart for VHS?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cool Shit On eBay - The Promotional Shit Edition

There's a lot of shit on eBay that you just can't find anywhere else and in my travels over the years, i've found some pretty cool shit. Given this knack for finding cool shit, i've decided to start using this blog to document my travels through the vast world of shit people are reluctantly selling to put a little spending cash in their wallets. In layman's terms, whenever I find some cool shit up for grabs on eBay, i'll make a little post and share my findings.

I figured what better place to start than with a search I frequently conduct on eBay - the search for unique goods that were handed out to promote horror films throughout the years. I'm endlessly fascinated by promo items and i'm not talking t-shirts or pens with the title of the movie printed on them, i'm talking clever little treats like those blood bags that were sent out to horror sites to promote Chan-wook Park's Thirst - now that's what I consider cool shit. So in that vein, here's some kickass promotional goodies that are currently up for auction on eBay. If you weren't lucky enough to get sent these items or pick them up at a convention, this is just about the only way to get your hands on them, so go ahead and click any of the below links and place your bids on anything that catches your eye.

"DRIVE-IN HORROR Promotional SATAN'S SEEDS giveaway 1972"

As the description on eBay explains, "back in the days of drive-ins and grindhouse theaters they did all they could to get people to see the films and this is a great example." These packets of "Satan's Soul Seeds" were handed out to promote the 1970's horror film The Brotherhood of Satan and the idea was that you plant them to ward off evil - directions on how to do so were printed on the back. This particular packet, still sealed and in near mint condition, has a starting price of $9.99 and thus far has zero bids. One must wonder what would sprout up if they were to be planted...


As far as I know, a replica mask of "Man in the Mask" hasn't been made yet, so this plastic one handed out at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con is the best you're gonna get for now - short of cutting up a pillowcase and making your own. The seller has two available, each for Buy It Now prices of $12.

"Original Vintage Alien 3D Chestburster T-shirt"

What makes this shirt so cool, aside from the fact that it has a god damn 3D alien bursting through the chest piece, is that it is truly a vintage item - released way back in 1983. Unfortunately for those of us in the United States, this is a UK only auction, with a current bid of 25 Euros. There is however a US auction for this same shirt, although that one is going for $149.99 and the condition isn't so great. What's weird is that the two shirts have noticeably different patterns of blood splatter and I found a picture of a third shirt that also has a different pattern from both of the other shirts, making these shirts truly unique and one of a kind items, which would account for the high price tags.


This is another Comic Con handout and it's precisely the kind of clever little promo item that I dig - a reference to the scene where Columbus asks if anyone needs any Purell after they kill BM. Although it's just a Zombieland sticker placed over a generic bottle of hand sanitizer, I still want one. The starting bid is $2.99 with a Buy It Now of $5.99, which would probably make it the most expensive bottle of hand sanitizer that you've ever bought, but again, the simple addition of a Zombieland sticker makes it an instant collector's item and worth every penny.

"Eli Roth's HOSTEL Part 2 II Promo movie spiral book"

I love the idea of a Hostel notebook but what really puts this book over the edge is the fact that the pages are labeled to look like meat packing slips, complete with bar codes, lbs, and sell bys. This is the kinda notebook I wish were around when I was in grade school. You can buy this meaty book now for $4.95.

"HATCHET Horror Movie LIMITED Promo Knife SHARPENER rare"

Now this is a cool promo item because it's not just a cool thing to display in your room, it also has a purpose and can be used around the house. This knife and scissor sharpener was issued to concert venues, DVD stores, and movie theatres to promote the DVD release of Hatchet and can be bought for $29.99. This item again proves that slapping the title of a horror movie onto a clever tie in of a product is sometimes all it takes to make a kickass promotional piece. Can't you just picture Victor Crowley sharpening his blades with this bad boy?


It's things like this that make me wish I were around in the days of William Castle and the cinema gimmick. Things like fake life insurance policies in the event that you die of fright during the movie and vomit bags like this one made going to the movies a fun and truly interactive experience - an artform that has long been forgotten. These vomit bags were handed out at the theatre when you went in to see the 1970's flick Mark of the Devil. Imagine how exciting and memorable it would be to be handed a vomit bag before going to see a horror movie? This one is selling for $2.99 and there are literally dozens of others up for sale on eBay at pretty much all times.

"CABIN FEVER (2003) - Promo Only - Sticker (Eli Roth)"

I actually bought one of these stickers a few months back and although it's a lot smaller than I was hoping it would be, it's still a cool little sticker - although it would've been a lot cooler if they put out actual band-aids that looked like this.

"Reanimator Horror Movie Promo desk weight RARE"

This is in my opinion the coolest promo item i've ever seen and i'm incredibly tempted to go ahead and bid on it. This paper weight was put out by Vestron Video, the label that released Re-Animator on VHS. This is a truly remarkable item from a bygone era that I so love, the era of horror VHS, and that's what really makes it so appealing to me. I also love the fact that if it weren't for the Vestron Video or Re-Animator tags on it, you'd have no idea what the hell it was supposed to be depicting - obviously the iconic image of Dr. Hill's head on the autopsy tray. This is such a cool relic, one i've never seen before, and I consider it a hell of a bargain at the starting price of $19.99. If anyone's looking for a belated Christmas gift for me...

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Killer Klowns Kaption Kontest!

It's been a few weeks since I last held a giveaway and I figured what better time than now - when Fright Rags shirts are only $10 a piece!! - to hold another one. Yes, you heard me right, all regular Fright Rags shirts are a mere $10 a piece, now through January 22nd or while supplies last, and for such a cheap price I decided to shell out a few bucks to get one of my favorite shirts of all time into one of my readers hands. The Killer Klowns shirt (seen above) is a size medium and you're gonna have to earn it! Below you will find an image from the cult classic, and one of my favorite horror/comedies of all time, Killer Klowns From Outer Space. All you've gotta do is leave a comment with the best caption you can come up with for that photo. Be sure to also include your e-mail address. The contest is open to everyone and will run through next Friday, the 22nd, and next weekend I will choose the funniest/best caption for the win.

Good luck and stay tuned to Fright Rags in the month of February for SEVEN brand new designs!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Discussion of the Week - Looking Forward

I got a couple requests to bring the discussion of the week back and so, it is back. That was easy, eh? This week's topic is the one us League of Tana Tea Drinkers are talking about for the month of January. Be sure to head over there this weekend to check out all of the Tea Drinkers responses to the below question.

What are you most looking forward to in 2010?

My first thought was what movie i'm most looking forward to this year but this is a pretty broad question and so i'm not gonna go that route. What i'm most looking forward to this year, in terms of the world of horror, is pretty much the same thing I look forward to the most every year - the conventions. There is nothing more enjoyable to me than going to a good, or even not so good, horror convention and I definetly plan on getting my fill this year - starting off with Monster Mania 14 this coming March. Now that i've got a job and I don't have to worry too much about my spending, i'm looking more forward to my convention outings than ever this year. Bring on the memories, bring on the philly cheesesteaks, bring on the drunken meetings with celebritys and fellow horror nerds, and bring on the Busey!

As for what movies i'm most looking forward to this year, i'd have to say Frozen, Piranha 3D, The Descent : Part 2, Hatchet 2, that movie about a guy and a girl trapped indoors with a pissed off tiger, and of course seeing Freddy back on the big screen.

So what are you most looking forward to this year? Leave a comment and let me know!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

All Regular Fright Rags Shirts $10!!

Fright Rags is changing the way they do things, in the form of a newer brand of more comfortable and more quality t-shirt, and as a result they're clearing their stock of all their designs that have already been printed on the old shirts. Now through January 22nd, or while supplies last, all of those shirts are now available on the site for a mere $10, over 40% off the original prices! This includes every single front page design they have available, including the newest ones, and only excludes girl shirts, vintage shirts, special edition shirts, and of course hoodies. Once a particular size runs out, it will never again be made available for $10, so act quickly if there's anything you want to add to your closet. To steal a line from my man Chris Walken in True Romance, "That's as good as it's gonna get. And it won't ever get that good again."

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Return of VHS?!

A while back I came up with a genius idea to write and direct a horror movie that would serve as a throwback to the slasher flicks of the 80's and release it exclusively on VHS, complete with kickass old school cover art. I soon realized I was far too lazy and didn't have the resources to ever make that happen - but it was still a nice little dream to have. Today I awoke to the news that i've been beaten to the punch and although I could be a little bit sour about it, I actually couldn't be happier to see that someone else had the same idea and actually ran with it because, truthfully, I was never gonna do it anyway.

Although it's not being made available only on VHS, Ti West's The House of the Devil has been put onto the archaic format (in clam-shell case, no less!) and while that tape was initially thought to be used only as a piece of marketing material to be sent out to horror websites, the great blog Basement of Ghoulish Decadence has discovered that a DVD/VHS combo pack is currently available to pre-order on Amazon! Is it just me or is this the coolest thing ever?

Picture courtesy of Dread Central. Click link for more pictures of the back cover and the tape itself.

Re-animate your VCR and pre-order today!

Now I haven't seen The House of the Devil yet but it's gotten enough praise to warrant me blind buying it and with an offer like this and a $50 Amazon gift card in my hand (thanks Jen!), how can I pass it up? In fact, I just pre-ordered my copy! The DVD/VHS combo pack is gonna run ya $33.23 and I say it's worth every penny to get your hands on such a cool and original collector's item. **UPDATE - Amazon has just lowered the price to a mere $24.95! Thanks, Jayson** If you're a stickler for quality and have no interest in a VHS tape of a brand new movie, you can of course pick up the film solely on DVD or even on Blu-ray.

Did you ever think you'd see the day when a movie was released, at the same time, on both VHS and Blu-ray? Hell truly has frozen over and I couldn't be happier to see it happen.

House of the Devil has been available to buy on demand for over a month now but I personally am gonna wait until February 2nd to watch it on VHS. Who's with me?

Dissecting Takashi Miike's 'Audition'

When I first saw Audition, several years ago, I enjoyed it - but I didn't get it. I enjoyed it because it was sick and twisted and I enjoyed it because it disturbed me - but again, I didn't understand it and what it was trying to say. For that reason, and for the reason that I was kinda bored while watching it several years ago, I never bothered to revisit Audition. I would tell people to watch it and I considered myself a fan, but I didn't really care to go back to it and try to figure it out. That is, until the other night when I was picking a movie to watch with Jen. It's become a bit of a nightly tradition for us to watch a movie and then talk about it afterwards and while I initially picked Audition for this particular movie night, even going so far as to pop it into the DVD player, I soon took it out and filed it back on the shelf, thinking Jen wouldn't be into it and thinking I didn't really want to sit through a movie I didn't understand again. Though she only saw the menu screen on the TV, Jen told me to put it back in (har har) - she wanted to watch it and i'm glad we ended up doing so because she changed my whole perception of the movie and I now don't just like it because it's fucked up, I like it because I understand it.....and because it's fucked up. I know Miike kinda left the film open ended so that the individual viewer could draw his own conclusions as to what he just saw and so I know that Jen's interpretation is not necessarily the be all end all way to look at the film, but it totally works for me and it's the best way of looking at it that i've ever heard. So i'm gonna do my best to regurgitate what Jen said to me after watching it, as well as provide some of my own insights, and for anyone who has seen Audition, i'd love for you to leave a comment and give me your own interpretation of the film.

Although interpretations of the film vary widely, the main point of discussion is whether or not the latter events of the film actually happened or if they were merely the main character's dreams/nightmares. Did that crazy Japanese chick really cut that dude's feet off and turn him into a human pin cushion or was that just the world's worst nightmare? According to Jen, and now according to me, that was all a nightmare. In fact, everything post dude sticking his junk into Japanese chick was a nightmare. They have sex, he falls asleep, and the rest of the movie is what's going on in his head now that he's actually thinking about this girl for the first time - with his brain instead of his dick. Up until this point, Aoyama has been blinded by lust and is not using his head, he's just jumping right into things because he wants to get laid - I think every man can relate. To top it all off, his own son just told him that he doesn't look young anymore. How does an old man feel young again? By shacking up with a dame that's closer to the age of his son than to himself. And so, blinded by his desire and desperation, he doesn't listen to his friends' advice that this girl is bad news, he doesn't worry about the fact that all of the stories she told in her audition are turning out to be lies, and he's not curious about the strange scars on her legs or the fact that she seems a little bit off and a tad bit obsessive - he just wants to get his rocks off. He's been alone for so long, after the death of his wife, and he's blindly in lust - or "love", as perceives it at this point. Now once he gets his rocks off, that's a whole different story and that's where this film takes a sharp turn into horrific territory.

Once he gets what he wants, Aoyama heads off to la la land, and that's where all of his fears and worries become fully realized. He no longer has the veil of lust shadowing his fears, they are fully uncovered and he can't ignore them. How did those horrible scars get on Asami's legs? He dreams up a horrific answer to that question in the form of a scary dude with crippled legs burning her - when in reality it probably went down in a much less frightening way. He wonders about that bar that Asami claimed to work at. Did that bar ever really even exist? Why can no traces of it be found? He dreams up a horrific answer to that question too. The bar is shut down because the owner was killed and chopped up into pieces - perhaps at the hands of the girl he was just inside. And what about that record company director that Asami claimed to have a connection with? Why did he mysteriously dissapear? In Aoyama's twisted nightmare, he sits in a bag (which probably represents Asami's potential 'baggage') on Asami's floor, footless, fingerless, and tongueless (an idea he got from the part of the dream where he visits the shut down bar), and drinks Asami's vomit. In other words, he imagines all of the most horrible things he can imagine for all of the strange pieces of information he has about the girl he just slept with. Isn't that exactly how the mind works when it's all fucked up with fear - imagining the absolute worst of every situation? And then his fears all come to a head as he imagines himself becoming the next of Asami's victims - which leads to one of the most painful torture scenes of all time.

Because he dreamt up Asami using a sharp piano wire (remember that he earlier dreamed of the old crippled man playing piano - this is the way dreams work) and having a knack for cutting off people's feet, so they can't get away from her ("Love me. Only me"), Aoyama naturally imagines Asami cutting off his own feet with that same piano wire. As soon as his son walks into the room and is about to be attacked by Asami, Aoyama awakes from his nightmare, comforted by the fact that his feet are still connected to his legs. Asami lays in bed next to him and this is the moment we realize that this is where the two characters have been since they went to sleep after having sex an hour earlier - everything in between these two moments did not really happen. Aoyama then falls back asleep and his nightmare continues, right where it left off. I don't know about you, but i've had that happen plenty of times before. In the remainder of the nightmare, there's no more torture. In fact, Aoyama's son kills Asami and her and Aoyama almost even have a tender moment wherein she apologizes for being a little bit obsessive and "childish" (she's talking after being killed, this is obviously not really happening). In my opinion, this is showing Aoyama struggling with the question of whether Asami is good or evil. In the first half of the nightmare she's pure evil, but in the second half, after waking up next to her and seeing her being sweet, she comes off a bit sweeter. Makes sense, doesn't it? He's not sure what to think, but he's now hoping for the best, being that the worst isn't too pretty of an outlook.

So is Asami evil or is she a sweetheart? We'll never know but in all likelihood there's not a harmful bone in her body. All of her evil was projected on her by Aoyama and it was all merely representing the fears that he had about jumping so quickly and heavily into a relationship with a total stranger, and a stranger who's a little bit off at that. She may not be totally "normal", but that doesn't make her an evil bitch. Does he stay with her? Does he let his fears get the best of him and run like hell away from her? Again, we'll never know. But it doesn't really matter. It's a story about relationships and how we never really know who we're getting involved with and it's a beautiful and terrifyingly haunting story that I am happy to say I finally understand and can even relate to, as I think we all can.

So thank you Jen for opening my mind up about the movie and for making it more than just another sick and twisted Japanese horror flick for me. I now see what all the buzz is about when it comes to this movie and I now think it's fully deserving of all the praise it has gotten over the years.

But don't just agree with what i've written here because like I said, there are surely many different ways to interpret the film and i'm not saying that what i've written is the only or best way to look at it. I want to know how YOU interpreted Audition when you first watched it, so leave a comment and let me know.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Decade of Death - The 25 Best Kills of the Past 10 Years

This weekend not only marked the start of a new year, but also of a whole new decade. Before we can move on to a fresh clean slate and ten years of awesome horror movies (hopefully) to come, we must first honor the greats of the decade past. Instead of going the traditional route of naming off my favorites from the 2000's, like most horror bloggers have already beat me to, i've decided instead to share my personal favorite kill scenes of the decade. The beauty of this list is that it will essentially also serve as my favorite films of the decade list, being that all of the movies i'm going to be mentioning are naturally also decade favorites. That being said, there are several films that are not on this list that I consider favorites from the past ten years, they just didn't make the cut for this particular list. I've included those films at the end of this post. But enough of my babbling, you probably want to indulge in some serious bloodshed, am I right? So without further delay, here are my top 25 favorite kill scenes from the past decade of horror! Many spoilers naturally lie ahead, but if you've been a good horror fan for these past 10 years, you've most likely already seen these 25 movies.

25. Nature's Grave - Human Roadkill

Even though this movie is practically a shot by shot recreation of 1978's Long Weekend, I was still completely shocked by this ending and that's why i've gotta give it serious kudos. I knew it was coming, but I did not expect it to be nearly as brutal as it was. And something just seems so poetic about a dude who spent the whole movie fucking around with animals suffering the same fate as many a wild animal and becoming just another piece of roadkill.

24. The Strangers - Double Murder

Many people criticized this ending because it was so anticlimactic - well that's precisely the reason I liked it. After an hour and a half of 'the strangers' tormenting and fucking with their victims, they merely tie them to a chair and stab them a few times. I don't know about you, but that's more powerful and more visceral than anything else I can think of them doing. Remember how effective Bill finally getting killed at the end of Kill Bill Vol. 2 was? That's the same kinda method used here. You know it's coming, you've been waiting for it, and then it just....happens. It's not exciting, but a couple human beings getting killed isn't really supposed to be too exciting, is it?

23. My Bloody Valentine 3D - The Death of a Legend

Always hate to see Tom Atkins die but we can take comfort in the fact that he went out in glorious fashion. And it doesn't get much more glorious than a horror icon's jaw piece flying right into our faces, does it? The CGI shows through when you watch this scene in 2D, but that's alright given the movie was meant to be watched in three dimensions - and this scene really impressed in 3D.

22. High Tension - Decapitated By Dresser

Would pushing a dresser into someone's head completely and cleanly sever their head from their body? That's one for the Mythbusters and quite frankly, I don't really care if it would or not. This is a horror movie afterall and this scene, however unrealistic it may be, kicks ass. It's scenes like this one that make High Tension such a great film, despite it's horrible and unnecessary twist ending.

21. The Last House on the Left - The Parents' Revenge on Francis

There's nothing quite like a good revenge scene and this is a damn good revenge scene. I could not wait until the parents finally gave Krug & Co. what they deserved and I was jumping for joy in my uncomfortable theatre seat as this scene played out. What I like about it is that the parents don't become super human killing machines who know exactly what to do in the horrible situation they're in, like most movies would have them acting. This scene feels so raw and real because it's awkward, it's drawn out, and it's far from a smooth kill. This is probably what two middle aged parents taking revenge on a young dude who just raped their daughter would look like. And as much as I loved the mom biting Weasel's dick off in the original, I just don't buy a mother putting the penis that for all she knows was just inside her daughter into her own mouth, so i'm glad they went a little more realistic for this highly effective remake.

20. Funny Games - The Farber Murders

Funny Games is another shot for shot remake from this decade and i'm glad it was remade for an American audience, being that its message is one tailor fit for us bloodthirsty Americans. There are three kill scenes in the film - dad and son are shot and mom is drowned - and you don't see any of it. That's the beauty of Funny Games and the whole point of Funny Games. The whole movie is a criticism on our fascination with watching people get killed and in turn, it doesn't give the audience the satisfaction - and dare I say excitement - of seeing the victims get killed, which truthfully makes it even more disturbing than if we had seen some special effect. And yes, I do realize that I might sound like a hypocrite by appreciating the message of this movie and yet going ahead and reveling in murder by making a list such as this, but I just think it was so brilliant of Haneke to pull off a disturbing horror film and yet have it at the same time be a commentary against disturbing horror films. It's almost as if he's saying, "Ya wanna watch murder? Ya wanna get off on torture? Well here it is. It's not as exciting or cool as most horror movies make it seem, now is it?" And I gotta say, the movie does kinda make me question why I enjoy watching horrific things on film. But then I get over it.

19. The Descent - Fed To The Creatures

Sure Juno accidently stuck an ice axe in her friend's neck (and then left her to die) and sure Juno was fucking Sarah's husband and sure Juno is the reason the gals ended up in the cave in the first place, but she did deserve this treatment? My vote is for yes. I didn't like her one bit and I enjoyed seeing her get what she deserved. Rather than just killing Juno herself, Sarah renders her unable to move and then lets the creatures feast on her - now that's what I call revenge.

18. Freddy vs Jason - Fred Loses His Head

Ok, so Freddy doesn't actually die per se in this scene, but I gotta give huge props to this movie for not only sticking Freddy's own arm through his chest but also for having a chick cut his head clean off with Jason's machete. Totally did not expect that. As i've said a million times in the past, how anyone can not get serious entertainment out of this fun ride of a movie is beyond me. It's got Freddy and Jason and they're kicking the shit out of each other - what the fuck is not to love?!

17. Midnight Meat Train - I'd Say Sam Had a Better Year...

Being that i'm strongly against kill scenes that are heavily reliant on CGI, you might be wondering why this scene made the cut. Yes, there's a lot of CGI in Meat Train and yes, it's incredibly noticeable, but it works for the movie. The film is so stylish and the gore so unique and different from any we've ever seen before and the CGI only enhances that otherwordly quality. What would probably look stupid and fake in any other movie comes off looking stylish and kickass in MMT and the image of Ted Raimi getting his eyes bashed out of his skull will be forever ingrained in my brain.

16. Frontier(s) - Head Shot

I'm still not sure how I feel about this movie - it's got its ups and its downs - but I can't deny that it's got some incredibly memorable kill scenes. Case in point, the Scanners-esque head explosion you see depicted above. Yes, that bloody stump was a man's head just a split second prior, before it was greeted by a shotgun blast. On second thought, this movie kicks ass.

15. Saw 3 - The Rack

This list would not be complete without a torture scene from one of the Saw flicks and as I racked my brain for the most memorable kill from the franchise, The Rack is the first thing that came to mind. How fitting, eh? For my money, it's the most painful and hard to watch kill from the entire franchise and if I had to pick one Jigsaw device to not be strapped into, it'd be this one.

14. Hostel - The Most Satisying Ending Ever

Now this is how you end a fuckin movie. Everyone who deserved to get killed does get killed by the time the end credits of Hostel roll and it's one of the reasons I love the movie so much. It's just so damn satisfying and no stone is left unturned.

13. The Hills Have Eyes - All American Revenge

Alexandre Aja makes his second appearance on the list, which proves that despite the awfulness that was Mirrors, Aja was an important figure in this decade's world of horror. Being that he gave us both High Tension and The Hills Have Eyes, i'm gonna go ahead and excuse him for Mirrors. Hills is one of the better remakes of all time and the total 360 of Doug's character from anti-gun nerd to king of all mutant killers was epic to watch play out. While most filmmakers would have Doug merely stick a knife in Pluto and then walk away, Aja made sure to give the audience what they wanted and deserved - complete with a kickass western theme to cap it off.

12. 30 Days of Night - Decapitation of the Decade

A while back I named this scene the best decapitation scene of all time and I still stick by that. While most cinema decapitations are depicted as single clean blows, 30 Days had the balls to show how it would probably really go down - and it aint too pretty.

11. Wrong Turn 2 - An Idol Cut In Two

Now this is how you begin a fuckin' movie! From the moment I saw American Idol's Kimberly Caldwell split in half by the business end of a giant axe, I knew I was in store for one hell of a movie. Thankfully, the rest of the movie did not dissapoint.

10. Inside - A Mother's Worst Nightmare

Inside was one of the more memorably violent movies of the decade and with an ending like this, how could you forget it? It's not a perfect movie but you've gotta give serious props to any movie that graphically shows a pregnant woman getting her stomach cut open and having her baby ripped out of her. Hey by the way, the pregnant woman getting her baby excised from her womb is the sister of Johnny Depp's wife, Vanessa Paradis. Wonder what Depp thinks of this flick!

9. Trick 'r Treat - My My...

You don't see the actual kill in this scene, but so what? As I said in my review of the flick, this is the best werewolf transformation scene since American Werewolf in London and it's a perfect example of how music can really make a scene. I'll likely never be able to hear Sweet Dreams again and not think of this scene.

8. House of Wax - The Moment We've All Been Waiting For...

Say what ya want about House of Wax, but I dug it. How can you not dig Paris Hilton getting killed in such a brutal way? Everyone seems to bash the movie for having Paris in it but what most of those people don't realize is that she was only put in the movie so that we could all see her get killed. Isn't that what we all wanted? In the span of a few years we got to watch Paris get fucked and get murdered - not too shabby, if ya ask me.

7. Death Proof - The Tables Have Turned

Is there anything better than seeing hot chicks kick dudes asses? The empowered female is a recurring theme in Tarantino's work and what better way to end a movie about a guy fucking with a bunch of girls than by having those girls mercilessly beat the shit out of that guy then snap his neck with a well placed boot heel? Russ Meyer would've been proud. Again, the addition of a great song, April March's 'Chick Habit', really enhances the scene.

6. Hostel : Part 2 - Blood Bathory

Lets face it, there's two main things we look for in our horror films - tits and gore. This scene beautifully combines both and results in one of the sexiest kill scenes of all time.

5. The Mist - A Desperate Act

Most shocking ending of the decade? Most depressing ending of the decade? Without question. It took serious balls to film this scene and i'm quite frankly shocked that this ending was allowed to be shown in theatres. Sure you don't actually see any of the kills, but boy do you feel them. The fact that it was all for naught makes this scene infinitely powerful and shocking.

4. American Psycho - Hip To Be Square

Whether you're of the mind that the events of the film were all in Bateman's head or whether you choose to believe he really did kill all those people, it doesn't change the fact that this is one of the most iconic scenes of the decade. From Bale's wild dancing to his waxing poetic about Huey Lewis and the News, I don't think anyone will disagree that this is one of the most entertaining murders ever put on film.

3. Hatchet - Jaws of Life

In a movie laden with some of the most brutal kills in the past ten years, it might seem hard to pick the most brutal of the bunch, but this scene has always stood out for me. The wagging tongue added in at the end as well as the slight of hand which makes it look like it goes down without a single cut solidify this as one of the most badass effects scenes in recent memory. This is why we watch horror and this is why I have such love for Adam Green.

2. Let The Right One In - Love To The Rescue

This was initially #1 on the list and though I changed that, i'm gonna go ahead and call this and the next scene a tie. When you first witness this scene, you have absolutely no idea what is going on above water and that's the beauty of it. The decision to film the ending entirely underwater and not see any of what was going on above water was an absolute stroke of genius, as was this entire movie. Even if we're talking best scenes of all time and not just of this decade, this scene would still be on the list and would still be in such a high position. Same goes for number one...

1. The Devil's Rejects - End of the Road

If you would've told me that Rob Zombie was going to have Freebird play over the final minutes of this movie, I would've said that was a cliche and lame idea - and I would've eaten my words in a big big way. We had all heard the song a million times, to the point that we probably would've been fine with never hearing it again, but this movie somehow made it fresh again and made me look at the song in a way that I never had before. Much like Trick 'r Treat and Sweet Dreams, I will never be able to hear this song again and not think of Baby, Captain Spaulding, and Otis getting gunned down. And despite the fact that they were a couple of dirtbag serial killers, I can't help but get emotional every time I think about the scene or even hear the song. It's a truly beautiful and haunting scene that will likely never be topped.

Other favorite films from the decade that it pained me to not include : The Orphanage, May, Drag Me To Hell, Orphan, Dawn of the Dead, REC, Planet Terror, Slither, Bubba Ho-Tep, Splinter, Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Cabin Fever, Grace, Deadgirl, Martyrs, Eden Lake, and Wolf Creek. If you're wondering why Audition hasn't been mentioned once in this post, it's because, though it hit the states in 2000, it was first released in the tail end of 1999 and I decided it just wouldn't be right to include it.

Agree with any of this? Disagree with all of it? Feel like I left out an incredibly awesome kill scene? Pissed off that Paris Hilton made an appearance on the list? Leave a comment and let your thoughts be known!