Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exclusive Interview - Deadgirl's Jenny Spain


It's hard to believe, but the pretty lady you see above and the one that haunted your nightmares in Deadgirl are one in the same. As the titular character in one of last year's most disturbing and critically acclaimed horror flicks, the 29 year old Jenny Spain, in her first feature film role, has already cemented herself as an icon of modern horror. In this exclusive interview, the incredibly pleasant Spain chats with Freddy In Space about the mysterious origins of the character, her paranormal experiences on set, and where we can see her next.


- As an actor, did you draw up any kind of background for 'the deadgirl' in regards to who she used to be and how she ended up undead, so to speak, and locked away in an abandoned hospital? Can you tell us any of these juicy details? Please?

We were trying to figure that out while filming. We tried like a little tattoo on the wrist as if she was a science project and then decided not to do it. Deadgirl was already such a mystery and already good that we just left it at that and didn't want to make any changes. Then later down the road possibly prequel or Deadgirl 2, which will explain her reason for being there. When it happens it will definitely be interesting :)

- Many people have called Deadgirl misogynistic. As a woman, do you see the film degrading towards women in any way and what do you say to people who have that criticism about the movie?

Deadgirl is not degrading, shocking YES! Everyone deals differently and some would rather rant about how bad the movie is, when it's not. Some don't know how to deal when they find themselves watching a movie that might hit close to home or emotions they just don't know how to deal with. Deadgirl is not about what happens to the deadgirl. People want to focus on that because it's shocking and disturbing and lose focus on the real situations between two best friends. It's about teenagers being put into situations, battles between acceptance and what's right and wrong. We all know some teenagers will do anything to be accepted especially when it comes to situations such as DEADGIRL.

- Towards the end of the film, the deadgirl escapes. What's the first thing she does as a free lady?

She is free! Probably hiding in the woods for her next victim, maybe trying to learn civilization. Or maybe she is out having a cocktail somewhere. LOL. The mystery is she came from somewhere and really she could be anything :)


- There's a vicious dog in the film that almost seems to be protecting the deadgirl. Just curious as to why she ends up killing that dog?

The dog was in her way, even though it seemed as if the dog was protecting her. Deadgirl wanted freedom and would stop at nothing.


- Deadgirl was filmed at the Linda Vista Community Hospital, which is alleged to be haunted. Did you personally experience anything paranormal while there?

Ah, Linda Vista Hospital. Yes, it is in fact haunted. We had many, many paranormal and unexplainable experiences. Jim Ojala (spfx artist) and I checked the place out and have caught creepy dark masses on my camera phone. Our sound crew picked up a little girls voice saying "HELLO". The boiler room had major cold spots, parts of the hospital you'll feel dread and a heaviness. When I was sitting through make-up, Jim and I experienced our make-up room door opening /closing on command. The door was heavy, no wind or breeze. The only ones on the floor. Creepy and cool at the same time!

- Speaking of ghosts, I understand you're into ghost hunting and have even done some hunting with the Ghost Hunters themselves. Tell us your freakiest encounter with the paranormal!

I had an awesome experience investigating at the Queen Mary with Chris Flemming and Ghosthunters Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes. Everyone can check out my videos and pictures from my investigations with them. The freakiest was a place called Ghost Trestle in Adrian, Michigan and an Indian Burial Ground in Walled Lake, Michigan. I can honestly say something not pleasant is there and it was scary as hell. I caught EVP's, mist, orbs, even demon like faces and apparitions.


(You can see all of Jenny's ghost hunting photos on her MySpace page)

- Even though you've only starred in one horror movie so far, you've already solidifed yourself as a bit of a scream queen. Is this a path you'd like to continue down?

Thank You :) I'm honored. I love horror but I am also one who likes to expand herself and loves challenges.


- Tell us a bit about your next project, Trust, and any future projects you're working on.

I play lead as Elaine Tanner. TRUST is about 12 Reality TV stars in a house together promising them another shot at fifteen minutes of fame and a huge wad of cash. It's like the TV show "Big Brother" and "Crystal Maze" meets "SAW". Lots of sex, blood and gore. One to look out for ;) I also have a couple other projects that I'm waiting on for the green light. So as soon as that happens then I can announce them. I can tell you they are thrillers/suspense and scifi.

To keep up with Jenny Spain, visit her on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and check out her blog, which she updates from time to time with the latest goings on in her life and career. As more news about her future projects starts to come out, you'll be the first to hear it right here on Freddy In Space!

Kickass Final Girl Art

One of my favorite things to do every day when I get home from work, besides take a nap, is browse through my Blogger dashboard's reading list and check out all the cool shit my fellow horror bloggers are posting - a lot of which ends up being linked to over on the Hit List on the sidebar to your right. And then there's the times where i'm compelled to make a whole post about something i've discovered. Case in point, these beautiful final girl posters/postcards created by the incredibly talented Nik Holmes from the blog Fear on Friday.




The three final gals - Laurie Strode from Halloween, Sally Hardesty from Chainsaw, and Alice Hardy from Friday The 13th - are available individually as 31cm x 41cm glossy posters (for approx 11 US dollars a piece) or can be bought as a set of three mini postcards (approx 5 US dollars). You can purchase any or all of these at Nik's online shop, DirtyApe Creative.

If you dig these, stay tuned for a second series, which Nik is considering comprising of Nancy Thompson (Elm Street), Ginny Field (Friday Part 2) and Jess Bradford (Black Christmas). Head over to Fear on Friday and tell him who you'd like to see in a future series and you just might get what you wish for!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Survival of the Dead - Excited or Apathetic?


The red band trailer for Romero's latest zombie flick, Survival of the Dead, exclusively hit IGN today and I gotta say, I am not in the least bit excited about the movie. I never thought i'd say that the idea of a new zombie tale from the guy who brought us the best zombie movies ever made would do nothing for me and in fact, I hate to say it, but it's the truth. I also hate to say the next thing i'm about to say, but again, it's just the way I feel at this point - I have pretty much given up on George Romero as a filmmaker. I think the above poster says it all - "Death isn't what it used to be".

Before you cry sacrilege, believe me, I have and always will have the utmost respect and love for George Romero, and not only for his zombie movies but for flicks like Monkey Shines, Martin, and Creepshow too. At one time, he was THE horror filmmaker, but the times they are a changin'. I don't know if he's just losing his ability to make a great horror movie in his old age or if the times have eclipsed him, but the George Romero making movies today is not the same George Romero that was making movies in decades past.

I kinda dug Land of the Dead, even though it wasn't all that special, but it was Diary of the Dead that really made me feel this way. That movie is pure trash and there's just no way in hell that the same guy who made Night, Dawn, and Day made that. It's just not the same filmmaker and while I can't pinpoint exactly what has changed, there is one element that's definitely partially to blame, and that's the use, or overuse, of new technology, in the form of CGI - and by the looks of the above trailer, particularly the flaming zombie at the end, this next installment is gonna be as CGI laden as the last couple.

Now obviously a good story and a good movie would ultimately overcome a couple moments of bad CGI, but CGI in a Romero zombie flick seems like something of extreme sacrilege to me and it has definitely contributed, in my opinion at least, to the downfall of Romero. One of the big reasons we as horror fans love Romero's early zombie efforts is because of the extreme and realistic gore, done by Tom Savini in Dawn and Day. Take out that gore, replace it with bad CGI, and even those movies would take a bit of a hurting. Throw that bad CGI into lesser quality movies, i.e. Land/Diary, and you've got a complete dud on your hands. I know that Romero has been using CGI lately because it's easier and quicker to get things done, but in my opinion there's just no excuse for it. If there's one place CGI does not belong and stands out like an incredibly sore thumb, it's in a George Romero zombie movie, and that's the problem here - the two just don't mix. Why not just bring back Savini to do the gore effects and give all of us fans what we really want?

Again, that's obviously just one reason why i've lost a majority of interest in Romero's films but I think it goes to show that the times have changed him as a filmmaker, and not in a good way. Perhaps it was the lack of technology and that young independent spirit that drove Romero to make great films in the past, perhaps he just needs to stop with the whole zombie thing, or perhaps he needs to step aside and pass the baton to a new generation. But that's just my two cents. Who knows, maybe i'm speaking too soon and maybe, just maybe, Survival of the Dead will be more of a return to form than Diary and Land were. Survival of the Dead comes to Video on Demand, X-Box Live, Playstation 3, and Amazon on April 30th and select theatres on May 28th. I will reserve judgement on the film itself until then. Believe me, i'm hoping Romero makes me eat my words. If anyone's pullin' for a Romero comeback, it's me.

I turn the tables over to you now. Are you excited about Survival of the Dead or uninterested? And if you're uninterested, what do you think George Romero has lost as a filmmaker over the years?

I Guess I'm Officially a Strange Kid Now


As far as i'm concerned, I should be the one doing the interviewing as opposed to being interviewed, but nevertheless Ron Scott from the design culture blog Strange Kids Club dropped me an e-mail last week asking if I wanted to do a little interview with his site and I was happy to oblige. He asked some cool questions, cut it together really nice to make me look good, and now I pass it over to you. Check out my exclusive interview with Strange Kids Club!

You can also check out Ron Scott at Ghost Lab Studios. On an interesting side note, Ron Scott is also the name of the funeral director in my town. Ya, i'm easily amused.

Speaking of interviews, stay tuned for two exclusive interviews with two people who are a heck of a lot more interesting than myself and who both had major roles in one of my favorite horror movies from last year, Deadgirl! Both of those interviews should be up later this week.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Killer Food Double Feature Giveaway!

A couple weeks back I made a discussion post where I pitted Troma and Full Moon against one another for low budget horror comedy supremacy. Today, we are going to unite those two companies for a super awesome double feature giveaway!


At Monster Mania, Charles Band, owner of Full Moon, gave me a free copy of Gingerdead Man 2 : The Passion of the Crust on DVD. Coincidentally enough, I had just purchased both Gingerdead 1 & 2 from Full Moon's website a few weeks prior during their amazing 50% off Valentine's weekend sale. Not to be outdone, Troma sent me a screener copy of Poultrygeist on Blu-ray, their first foray into the format, a couple weeks back and for some reason they sent another copy a few days after that. I'm not sure if they sent the second copy for me to giveaway or what, but that's exactly what i'm gonna do, with not only Poultrygeist but with my duplicate copy of Gingerdead Man 2 as well! That's right, one of you lucky motherfuckers is gonna win both Gingerdead Man 2 on DVD and the just released Poultrygeist on Blu-ray! Here's all you gotta do to enter!

Leave a comment below with your name, e-mail address, and the answer to the following hypothetical question :

- Which would you rather come face to face with, a chicken zombie or a killer gingerbread cookie, and why?

Contest is open to everyone and will run through next Sunday, April 4th, which just so happens to be Easter Sunday. Is it just me or does nothing say Easter quite like killer food?! Good luck to all!

By the way, congratulations to Ginny Brewster, who won the last giveaway. Your Lucky Sasquatch Foot is on its way!

Google Maps Horror Filming Locations - Deadgirl

One of the things that makes Deadgirl so damn creepy (other than the fact that it's about dudes fucking an undead chick) is that it was filmed not on a set, but in an actual abandonded hospital - something that is clearly evident when watching the movie. Let's harness the power of Google Maps once more and take a virtual tour to that location and learn a little bit about it, shall we!


Click here to virtually prowl the premises!

The majority of Deadgirl was filmed at the Linda Vista Community Hospital, located on 610-30 St. Louis street in Los Angeles, California. The hospital was shut down in 1991 and is now primarily used as a filming location - films like End of Days, Outbreak, and Pearl Harbor utilized it and 2004's Halloween horror flick 'Boo' was entirely filmed there. Many believe the hospital to be haunted by both former patients and staff and it was featured on a few ghost hunting shows over the past couple years. There's even a rumor floating around that the reason the hospital was shut down is because there were too many unexplained patient deaths. The laughter of a small child, flickering of lights, and elevators operating by themselves have all been reported. I don't know about you, but Deadgirl just got infinitely creepier for me!

By the way, the reason I have Deadgirl on the mind is because I just conducted an interview with one of the stars, which should be up sometime next week. Among other things, we will find out if this particular star encountered any paranormal activity while filming at the abandoned hospital. Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The National Examiner Gets Frozen

One of my duties at my job is to break down the papers and tabloid trash rags every morning before the store opens - meaning I pull all the covers of the unsold papers so they can be sent back for refunds - and I stumbled upon this article as I was browsing through a coverless National Examiner earlier this week....


A snowboarder stranded in minus 4-degree temperatures atop an icy mountain began burning money to attract attention and had set his last bill on fire when he was finally spotted after six hours. Dominik Podolsky, 22, of Munich, was stuck on a ski lift in Hochzillertal, Austria, when it switched off at dusk and no one heard his screams for help. Suspended 33 feet in the air, Podolsky began burning everything he had on him in a bid to attract attention. He started with napkins and receipts, then opened his wallet and started with business cards before moving onto his Euros. He was down to his last one when he was spotted. "I thought about jumping down, but then i'd have probably broken both legs and would have frozen to death," says Podolsky, who was treated for hypothermia and sent home the same night. He's now considering suing the company that operates the lift.

Ya gotta wonder if this really happened or if The Examiner's writers have just been watching too many horror movies lately...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monster Mania 14 - One Last Thing...


In all my shoutouts and thank you's, I failed to mention perhaps the biggest thank you of all, to the two people seen above who have the distinct honor of being the people who accidently created me one steamy night. While they're not exactly diehard horror fans, my parents love going to horror conventions as much as I do - it's the truth. Not many people can list going to a place called Monster Mania as one of their family bonding activities, so i'm very thankful for this. They always go out of their way to ensure that we all have the best time possible at these things - right down to my mom packing every single item one could ever possibly need over the course of a weekend, be it butt wipes or dixie cup shot glasses - and for this I am also thankful and grateful. So thanks, parents.

If you ever see these two at a horror convention, don't hesitate to buy 'em a drink!

Monster Mania 14 Recap - Final Thoughts

A couple final thoughts and final pictures and then we can wrap this coverage up, being that it's now a week and a half after Monster Mania. Perhaps this extended coverage, much like me still wearing my weekend bracelet, is my little way of holding on for dear life to all the fun I had at Monster Mania 14....


First off, after I posted my Rocky Horror recap, Jen reminded me of a pretty funny story from that show that totally slipped my mind - and for good reason. Legend has it that I saw a sexy female crawling around the stage in a skirt, panties fully visible, and I got a bit turned on and said to Jen, "Whoa, I think I just cheated on you." Turned out that this sexy female was a dude who works for the Rocky Horror crew who goes by the name Naked Guy. Woops. It's amazing how a man can be so blinded by what he thinks is an upskirt shot of a female that he'll totally look past and in fact not even see ass hair and a dangling set of balls. Let this be a lesson for all you men in relationships who try to sneak peeks at other women!


Found these Mulder and Scully figures in the garbage outside the elevator on our floor on Saturday, still in the packaging. It seemed like whoever bought them just wanted the creatures/accessories that came packaged with them, so they pulled them out and tossed Mulder and Scully in the trash. Score!

In addition to the stars I talked about meeting in a previous post, Jen and I also met a blue fish guy who we later saw making out with a dude (nothing wrong with that)....


....another blue creature, a real life Navi....


....a flirtatious Leatherface....


....and the deadly duo of Freddy and Predator....


And that covers just about everything that hasn't already been covered that's worth covering. Despite the fact that Gary Busey was an asshole, I didn't buy all that much (and yet spent everything in my wallet), and Jen and I drunk slept through all the big events of the weekend - including a Corey Haim tribute, Full Moon's Horror Roadshow, a Dario Argento Q&A, and the world premiere of Closed For The Season - Monster Mania 14 will go down as one of my favorite Monster Mania experiences of all time. Although meeting stars who i'm a fan of and buying cool merchandise you just can't get anywhere else is awesome, horror conventions to me are all about meeting and hanging out with likeminded people, and Jen and I met a lot of new friends this past Monster Mania weekend. These conventions are a place where all of us belong, where all of us have the same passions, and where we all just want to get drunk and talk horror - that's what it's all about at the end of the day. As my dad looked through pictures on our camera that we took throughout the weekend, he said that he barely even recognized the person in pictures such as this one, being that i'm normally not the life of the party kinda guy - in my daily life, i'm pretty quiet and usually come off unhappy and angry. And he's right, at horror conventions I kind of am a different person, but that drunk happy guy with his arm around a fellow horror fan he never met until a couple hours prior is the real me. Unlike anywhere else, I can 100% be myself inside the walls of a horror convention - I don't know about you, but to me, there's no greater feeling than that. One last time I say, thank you Dave Hagan for giving us horror fans a place where we belong and thank you to all the people who made my weekend so much fun.

Until we meet again, Monster Mania!

Speaking of which, here's the Monster Mania schedule for the rest of 2010. Start planning your trips NOW!




Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monster Mania 14 Recap - Shoutouts

As always, there were a lot of cool dealers at Monster Mania - both first timers and those who can often be found there - and I wanted to round out the recap of the convention with a couple quick shoutouts to some of those companies/people that i'm a fan of. I encourage you to browse through the links and check them all out!

Sourpuss Clothing

I'm always impressed with the clothes and various accessories Sourpuss puts out, both for men and women. Case in point, the above Frankenstein hair ties that Jen picked up at the convention. Cool shit, cool people, Sourpuss rocks and I can't wait to adorn my demon seed in their badass onesies.

Steph Sciullo

Though they don't appear to be available on her website, Steph had some really awesome shruken head/sideshow freak looking wall hangings at the convention and i'm kinda regretting not picking one up. She also had a bunch of different original drawings, the one above of Jesus with his arm cut off that caught Jen's eye and drew her wallet out of her pants. Check out Steph's website, because she's got a whole bunch of cool horror inspired art pieces.

Martha Rotten

Martha Rotten is a first timer to Monster Mania and her booth was definetly a standout for me, even though most of her stuff is tailored to a female audience. Ms. Rotten specializes in various horrific silver goodies, ranging from skull topped salt and pepper shakers to baby arm letter openers, chicken bone earrings to creepy babyheaded rings, all the way to bracelets made of silver castings of the teeth of her ex-boyfriend - truly something totally unique for everyone.

Chip R. Jones

Chip aka Chad R. Jones is a photographer I first became aware of at Monster Mania a few years back. My mom, who loves Monster Mania perhaps as much as I do, immediately fell in love with Chad and his abandoned asylum photos and snatched one up (seen above), which has been hanging in our bathroom ever since. Everytime we go to Monster Mania she hopes that he has a table, but he unfortunately hasn't had one since that first time. I contacted Chip/Chad on his Facebook page around Christmas, asking if I could buy one of his photos as a gift for my mom, and we struck up a bit of a friendship, which lead to us hanging out for a while at MM 14. Chip/Chad is a really cool dude with some really amazing photographs, many of which our family now owns and proudly displays alongside that original one in the bathroom. If you're into abandoned asylum photography, check out Chip/Chad's MySpace page for pictures of his work and drop him a message if you'd like to purchase any. Unfortunately his website is down at the moment, so this is the only way for now to get a hold of his work.

Shawn C. Phillips

You may know Shawn better by his YouTube name Coolduder or by his Don & Murph show name, Don. Shawn is a really cool dude who specializes in talking about all the new DVD's he buys on his YouTube channel and he's actually managed to turn that channel into a career appearing in various low budget horror flicks. I always chat with Shawn a little bit whenever I see him at Monster Mania and he's always really nice, although i'm always pretty drunk and never really remember what we talk about. A movie he appears in called Banshee!!! was just released today on DVD and you can also check out another movie he was in, Assault of the Sasquatch, on demand on both Amazon and various other outlets.

Never Sleep Again : The Elm Street Legacy

Being that it's not out yet and thus I haven't seen it yet, I can't vouch for Never Sleep Again, the upcoming Elm Street documentary that features interviews with almost 100 cast and crew members from the various films in the franchise, but the guys behind it were at the convention and I just wanted to give it a mention because it's something i'm really looking forward to, being that i'm obviously a huge Elm Street fanboy. Stay tuned to the website for details on the release date as well as the date where you can start placing your pre-orders, which will be real soon.

Dave Hagan

And last but certaintly not least, I must give a huge thank you to Dave Hagan, the man behind Monster Mania. Dave, thank you so much for consistently putting on the best horror conventions i've ever attended, for providing me with so many great memories, and for giving me something to look forward to a few times each year. Monster Mania is a complete labor of love for Dave, one that I don't think he ends up profiting too much from, and I could never thank him enough for what he has done and continues to do for all of us horror fans. Thank you Dave, my life is truly better because of you.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monster Mania 14 Recap - Fright Rags

I talk about/plug Fright Rags quite a bit, but it's not just because they make awesome shirts, it's also because the people behind the scenes are just so damn cool. Case in point - Kristy Jett, the lovely lady who packages up your shirts and who can often be found running the dealer tables at various conventions/winning over hearts.

The story behind my friendship with Kristy is kind of an interesting one. I've been a big fan of Fright Rags for many years and she started working for the company a few years back. I believe how it went was that she added me on Facebook because she had seen me at several conventions and knew me as a Fright Rags fan and then realized I was also the dude who writes Freddy In Space, a blog that she was in fact a reader of. So we ended up hitting it off and talking a lot throughout the past 6 months or so, finally meeting as friends for the first time at Monster Mania 14. As this next picture will show you, we ended up hitting it off in person too.

(Bill Adcock from Radiation Scarred Reviews on the right)

Kristy Jett is one of the coolest chicks I have ever met and i'm so glad we ended up talking with one another because she's really become an awesome friend to both Jen and myself, despite the fact that she lives a good 6 hours away from us. Kristy was unfortunately going through a pretty devastating and life changing event the weekend of Monster Mania, but she managed to pull it together and have a good time, if only on the outside. Kristy, you rock and someday real soon this will all be behind you and you'll realize it's made you an even better person - if that were even possible. I look forward to a long and wonderful friendship and I can't wait to meet the man who gets lucky enough to be with you for the long haul.

Also got to finally hang out with Ben Scrivens, the founder and owner of Fright Rags. Much like with Kristy, I had seen and met Ben several times, but this was the first time we met where we both knew who the other was. Also much like Kristy, Ben is a really awesome guy and I don't think you'll find a person that's met him that will disagree with that sentiment - including Jen, who developed a little bit of a harmless crush on him over the course of the weekend (as shown by this stalker picture - that's him on the left in the gray undershirt). Quite frankly, if my girlfriend's gonna have a crush on anyone, i'm fine with it being Ben Scrivens, because there couldn't be a cooler or nicer guy. (Truthfully, she just called him cute and it's fun to mess with her about it).

We ended up hanging out with Kristy and Ben late Saturday night and though it was brief, it was one of the highlights of my weekend and I know there's gonna be many more highlights to come with those two at future Monster Mania's. Bottom line is, the people behind Fright Rags kick as much ass as the shirts they provide for us - and that's why i'm so hardcore on their bandwagon and plug them so often.

I ended up picking up one shirt at the convention that i'd been looking to add to my collection for a while, Let The Right One In, and Ben was cool enough to give it to me for free. Kristy also tossed me a few rags from their defective pile. Again, thank you guys so much and I can't wait till we meet again!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

You May Wanna Head Over To Best Buy

I'm not sure how long this sale will last, but I just walked into my local Best Buy and walked out with Blu-ray's of Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door and The Lost for a mere $6.99 a piece! Also on sale and worth noting was Grace, which I already own. The Blu-ray's are located by the registers and you should see them as you head over to pay. The sale is also available online, with titles like Stan Helsing, The Alphabet Killer, While She Was Out, and Red Mist all at this incredible blowout price. Most of these movies are crap, but I highly recommend you take advantage of this sale and pick up Grace and the incredibly fucked up Girl Next Door, both of which I can vouch for.

Whoever said Blu-ray's were too expensive?!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Monster Mania 14 Recap - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I gotta be honest, I have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show in its entirety and quite frankly, i've never in my life had any desire to change that. I'm not into musicals in even the slighest bit and it's just always seemed to me like something I would loathe. I'm not sure if that has changed or not but I gotta say, after last weekend, I have a lot more love and respect for Rocky Horror and it's incredibly whacky cult like fanbase - dare I say the whackiest fanbase in the entire world.

At every Monster Mania for the past couple years, a company called Transylvanian Nipple Productions has put on a midnight showing of Rocky Horror and it is about as far from your typical movie screening as it gets. The TNP actors are all clad in Rocky Horror garb and they, along with the audience, act out the entire movie as it plays behind them on the screen. The actors and actresses tear their clothes off, the audience yells obscenities at the screen like "slut!" and "asshole!", and light sticks are thrown into the audience by the hundreds. It's an absolutely maniacal spectacle that I have attended on a couple different occasions, but only for very brief periods of time. Like I said, i've never seen Rocky Horror, so a few minutes at these shows was about all I could handle and besides, if you attend one and are found out to be one of those sorry folks who has never seen the movie, they're gonna let ya know how they feel about it - by bringing you on stage, bending you over, and having the audience call you a bunch of sluts. That's just something I don't need to deal with.

Well this time around, Jen and I decided to brave it and stay for more of the show than we ever have before and i'm glad we did because it turned out to be a lot of fun, even though we didn't stay for the whole thing. Jen has seen the movie several times and though she probably could have taken an active part in the fun, we were both far too sober to get involved in the audience participation aspect of the show (i'd need at least a half bottle of strong liquor for that). Instead, we sat back and enjoyed watching the madness unfold.

Which brings me to an image I will never forget and one that really changed my whole perception of the love for this movie and for the movie as a whole....

We were sitting behind this biker looking dude - beard, tattoos, you name it - and when the first musical number popped up, this 300 plus pound grown man started picking up chairs around him and hurling them across the room, not because he was angry, but because he wanted to clear himself some dancing room. This motherfucker just wanted to dance and dance is what he did - shaking his ass, wiggling his hips, the whole nine yards. It was absolutely hilarious to witness but like I said, it also made me realize why so many people love Rocky Horror so much. To see this grown man moving in a way that the laws of physics probably shouldn't allow him to move showed me that the movie is a total escape for the diehard fans of it and coming to these shows is a way to totally let loose, leave everything at the door, and become a part of that movie that they love so much. I don't know about you, but I can't think of any other movie out there that gives its fans that opportunity. The way that all of the fans of the film bond by screaming out words and phrases in unison is a truly powerful and inspiring sight to behold and I can guarantee you that nobody sitting in that audience for that two hour period of time was thinking about anything other than having a good goddamn time - and that's what it's all about. While dancing along to a movie about trannys may not be your favored way to let loose, ya gotta respect these folks.

Now i'm not saying i'm gonna don Jen's bloomers and shake my ass along with these crazy fuckers at the next Monster Mania, i'm just saying that I kinda get it now and I definetly do now have an interest in seeing the movie in its entirety. Who knows, I just might become what I never thought i'd become - a member of the cult of Rocky Horror. While I wouldn't count on it, I can now say that I definetly see why one would want to become a member of such a cult, and I have the incredible Transylvanian Nipple Productions and their fellow Rocky Horror followers to thank for that. Keep on dancing, you crazy kids. If a non RHPS fan like myself can have fun at these things, I can only imagine how much of a blast you guys are having.

Monster Mania 14 Recap - Purchases

Though I spent an exorbitant amount of money at Monster Mania last weekend, I don't really have all that much to show for it in terms of merchandise. It seems most of my money went to food (the customary philly cheeses and breakfast buffets), drinks, and meeting the stars. As usual, however, I did walk out with a bunch of DVD's. DVD's are always my main buy at conventions because all copyright rules seem to be thrown out the window and you can always get bootlegs of older movies that were never released onto DVD as well as newer movies that have yet to be released on DVD, at least in the United States. It's truly a beautiful thing.

First up, I picked up a DVD collection of a couple of episodes from Zombie Hunters : City of the Dead, a zombie show that tracks a few people fighting off zombies in New York City. The reason I bought this is because my brother is friends with the girl that does the makeup for the show and this disc features one of the episodes that she worked on. The Zombie Hunter guys had a table in the dealer room and I told them this, which they got a kick out of. I haven't watched any of it yet, but i'll report back with my thoughts when I do. If you click the link I provided, you can watch a few episodes for free. You can also pick up Season 1, Volume 1 on DVD on Amazon.

Nacho Mountain was a drunk buy and it proves that if you're trying to sell your movie at a convention, you should bring it into the bar. When I was hanging out with Enter The Man Cave's Geof, the guys who made the movie came in with a heavily tattooed chick with huge fake tits and said they'd sell me a copy for 10 bucks - with a cover like that, how could I resist? Geof couldn't resist either. The movie is about an underground food eating competition that ends with "the final food battle from hell", Nacho Mountain. Sounds interesting enough and i'm looking forward to checking it out. They also threw in a free poster and took a picture of Jen holding up the poster, which surely exists somewhere out there in the world wide web.

Had no idea REC 2 was even available on bootleg DVD, so this was a total shock to see. From what I could tell, there was only one table selling it and I picked up the last copy. I will of course have a review up whenever I get around to watching it. If it's anything like the original REC, I fully intend on loving it.

Chaw is a movie I had never heard of until this past weekend, but it's about a massive killer pig and has the tagline, "Wild boar, wild gore", so how could I pass it up? I picked this up from a table run by a guy by the name of Bruce Tinkel, who I always look forward to chatting with at Monster Mania. He's a really cool guy and always recommends me quality movies that he has available at his table - he's the one who turned me onto All The Boys Love Mandy Lane and Babysitter Wanted. He's never afraid to say he didn't really dig a particular movie that he's trying to sell, which I really appreciate. If you're ever looking for a movie that's not out on DVD yet, especially if it just hasn't come to Region 1 yet, drop Bruce a line at and he'll probably be able to help you out. You can also check him out on the web at Bruce's Monster Memorabilia, where he has rare posters, books, and magazines for sale.

And finally, I picked up these three DVD's (Rawhead Rex, Slaughterhouse, and Elves) from one of my favorite companies out there and consistently my favorite Monster Mania vendor, The VHS Preservation Society. I've talked about these guys in the past, but just in case you're not aware, they provide perhaps one of the coolest services in the world - they transfer VHS horror flicks that aren't yet out on DVD onto DVD, complete with original VHS cover art and all, thereby allowing all of us horror fans easy and cheap access to a plethora of amazing gems that haven't been given the respect they deserve. VHSPS will also take any VHS tape you have and convert it to DVD for you, so contact them if you're looking for that. I've yet to see any of these three films but i've heard a lot about them over the years, good and bad, and am excited to finally be able to see them.

Other than DVD's and autographs, the only other thing I picked up was this kickass Hostel : Part 2 promotional notebook....

You may remember me posting about this notebook after I saw it on eBay a couple months back and I gotta say, it's even cooler in person. The meaty cover is textured and bumpy and the inside pages are labeled to look like meat packing slips. Got the notebook for a mere five dollars at the table of a woman who is always at Monster Mania with tons of cool, and cheap, promotional goodies. Not sure if she has a website, but I honestly wouldn't even know how to go about searching for it.

There were a bunch of awesome vendors this year that I didn't buy anything from, which I will cover in a future post.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Monster Mania 14 Recap - Various Other Star Encounters

Doug Bradley

I've met Doug Bradley on a couple different occasions and in fact even briefly hung out with him at a Monster Mania several years ago, but I was sent that beautiful Laserdisc Hellraiser set by The Frog Queen a few weeks back and I immediately knew i'd have to meet Pinhead himself again and get it signed by him. The very brief encounter consisted of him saying "Ooohhh, the ole Laserdic" in his beautiful accent, signing it, and moving on to the next guy. It wasn't so much that Bradley was a dick or anything, it was just toward the end of the night and he seemed like he wanted to get out there - totally understandable. I've had enough pleasant experiences with Bradley in the past to know that he's a cool guy, so i'm just happy I got my Laserdisc signed. Thanks once again, Frog Queen!

Meg Foster

When I heard that Meg Foster was gonna be at the convention, I had no idea that she played Evil-Lyn in one of my favorite movies of all time, Masters of the Universe, and in fact I did not realize this until I saw the DVD and photos at her table. Needless to say, I had to meet her. Being that my brother is a huge Masters mark, I got him a signed Evil-Lyn 8x10 and chatted with her briefly, drunkenly telling her that they should get Gwildor at one of these conventions and then a few seconds later wondered aloud, "or did he die?". She didn't seem to know the answer to this question but wished him the best of luck. Sadly, after some research, i've discovered that Gwildor was played by Billy Barty, who died in 2000. Woops. But Meg was really cool and gracious and i'm glad I realized who she was before I got home!

Al Snow

While Geof from Enter The Man Cave had a bit of an unpleasant experience with Al Snow, I had a decent one. Truth be told the only reason I decided to meet him was because I wanted to tell him a story from my childhood that i've never forgotten and that's just what I did. I was at a wrestling convention many years ago and at one point Snow was standing right behind me and I had no idea. I turned around and said, "Oh my god, that's Al Snow!!", and he said, "that's what I say every morning when I look in the mirror." I've always got a kick out of that and I just wanted to tell him that little slice of my childhood. He laughed and thanked me for making him feel old.

By the way, Al Snow has a got new horror film out called The Legacy, which you can check out here.

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

I gotta say, from my experience, wrestlers are usually dicks, especially when they're at horror conventions. Maybe it's because it's not their world and they don't really belong, but a wrestler at a horror convention is usually not the person you want to meet - a prime example of this being The Iron Sheik passed out asleep at his table at one of these. My encounter with The Hammer was not exactly a pleasant one, but my mission of getting my friends action figure signed for him was accomplished regardless. Much like Busey, Valentine didn't say a word to me or even look at me until I thanked him and forced him to shake my hand. Gotta say though, I can't really blame him - the dude's been sitting at tables and signing autographs for most of his life. I know this because i've seen him all over the east end for the past several decades. What I can blame him for is pulling another Busey by trying to charge an additional 20 bucks for a picture with him. You're a washed up wrestler, sir. Don't forget that.

Spider One

This was a brief encounter in the dealer room where a drunken Jen told Spider, the lead singer of Powerman 5000 and brother of Rob Zombie, that she used to have a crush on him and saw him in concert years ago. I'm not sure that he cared, but he was cool enough to take a picture with her, so that made her happy. Seems like a cool enough dude to me. Powerman 5000 were originally slated to perform at the convention, but they canceled a week or so prior.

Thom Mathews

Jason does suck Thom, he really does.

Being a huge fan of Return of the Living Dead and Jason Lives, I was incredibly excited when Mathews was added to the guest list. I haven't seen him on screen in a good two decades and the opportunity to meet him in person was too cool. I ate breakfast at a table right next to him on Saturday morning, tried meeting him on Saturday night but the signing room was evacuated for some kind of emergency right before that was able to happen, so I ended up waiting to meet him until right before we left on Sunday (and dropped my last 20 bucks on him). He seemed kinda shy, but really nice, and got a kick out of the fact that I brought an old beat up VHS for him to sign. I was sober and by nature a little bit shy myself (I never go into the celeb rooms until i'm a few beers deep), so I didn't say much but it was awesome seeing Mathews in person after all these years. Wish I had taken a picture with him but again, I was sober.

Beetlejuice/Medicated Pete (Howard Stern Show)

There would be a picture above that headline of the three of us, but these assholes decided to cancel at the very very last minute - as in right about when the show was supposed to begin. Jen and I were really bummed by this because we're huge Stern fans and were really looking forward to meeting them, but oh well. We got it over it pretty quickly when we realized we were upset because we couldn't meet guys named Beetlejuice and Medicated Pete. I think we'll live.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Palisades Tartan's Vengeance Trilogy Box Set - Out Now!

Holy shit is this thing beautiful and well done and what better set of movies to get the royal treatment than Chan-Wook's incredible vengeance trilogy - Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, and Lady Vengeance. I found this set waiting for me in my mailbox when I arrived home from Monster Mania this past Sunday and it definetly softened the blow of being back to normalcy a bit. I haven't fully delved into the vast special features spread over the 8 discs in the set so I don't have so much an in depth review of it as I do a 'holy shit this thing is awesome and you should buy it'. The back cover of the set proclaims that what is housed inside is "The ultimate and most comprehensive vengeance trilogy box set ever released" - Tartan is not exaggerating in the least. Let's take a look at the innards of this bad boy.

Inside the red outer case (seen up top) is three seperate cases for the three films, with Oldboy and Lady Vengeance comprised of three discs a piece and Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance with two. Each of the films come with an absolutely massive collection of special features, moreso than any of them have ever had in any previous releases. I'm not gonna list all the features, but you can check them out over at Amazon. I must note however that Lady Vengeance comes with a disc that contains the "Fade To Black and White" version of the film - it literally fades from color to white as it progresses and it's absolutely stunning. It would take many hours to get through everything contained on these discs and i'm looking forward to delving more into them.

Also included is a 32 page booklet that contains photos and various essays on the films, including one written by Eli Roth about Mr. Vengeance. There's also an interview with the master himself, Park Chan-Wook.

This is one of those rare sets that is so beautiful and so worth the money that it'd almost be a crime not to own. Whether you're a huge fan of Chan-Wook's masterpiece of a trilogy or have never experienced it before, I cannot recommend enough that you make this set a part of your collection. Trust me, if you've never seen the movies before, you will not even in the slightest way ever regret the purchase. For diehard fans of the flicks, there is literally hours of entertainment and information to be found inside this set, which makes it more than worth a double dip. Shit, the thing even smells good, if that sways your decision any.

As for my thoughts on the movies themselves, I think i've made it pretty clear by now that I think Chan-Wook is one of the most brilliant and masterful filmmakers of our time and that Oldboy is in my opinion the best movie ever made. While i'm not as in love with Mr. Vengeance and Lady Vengeance, they are still incredible movies that totally deserve the amazing treatment Palisades Tartan has given them.

The Vengeance Trilogy just came out this Tuesday and you can pick it up on Amazon for $44.99. You can also pre-order the Blu-ray version of the set, which will run you $41.49 and will be released June 15th of this year. Personally, I don't care what format you get it on, just get it.

Thank you Palisades Tartan for putting all the time and love into these movies and for bringing this set to us.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Sasqwatch!

Taking a break from Monster Mania recap for a minute....

I originally threw a link to this awesome product up on the sidebar Hit List last week but i've come to realize after delving into the origins of this thing that i'm far too in love with it and the story behind it to not give it the full post treatment. Besides, i'm not even sure anyone checks the Hit List (do you?) and I want to help get this piece of gold as much exposure as possible.

So this chick, Yolie Moreno, came up with the idea many many years ago of making a watch that looks like Bigfoot's foot, a tie in to the fact that the word watch is heard when you speak the name Sasquatch. After years of development, which you can read all about here, Yolie has finally made her genius idea available to the world and you, yes you, can own your very own Sasqwatch, in various different colors ranging from the pink 'sassy' to the black 'charcoal'. But is the Sasqwatch as cool as it sounds? Take a look for yourself....

....Bigfoot's arms move around to tell the time and the goddamn watch face is his giant foot, of course it's as fucking cool as it sounds. If you buy and wear this thing and can't get laid, you might as well turn your dick in.

For a mere $34.99, you can own what is billed as "the original Bigfoot watch" (are there others?) by heading over to You can also check out the official Sasqwatch blog for sightings and various other news and goings on.

Yolie Moreno, you are my hero of the day. Kudos on never giving up on your brilliant idea. Much like the inventor of the Lucky Sasquatch Foot, I hope this is your ticket to fame and fortune and I truly believe it will be.

Can you tell I have a serious Bigfoot fascination?

Monster Mania 14 Recap - Horror Bloggers Unite

The highlight of my Monster Mania weekend was not meeting a horror star or snagging some cool piece of merchandise, it was a totally impromptu and unplanned gathering that looked a little something like this....

About a month ago I found out that Geof from Enter The Man Cave (far left) was going to be attending Monster Mania and so we decided to meet up and grab a drink - this would be the first fellow blogger I would ever meet in person. We decided to meet up at the bar on Saturday afternoon and so that's where I was Saturday afternoon, and for most of Saturday for that matter. I was headed over to the bar to grab a few drinks and I got called over to a table by a guy asking if I was Johnny from Freddy In Space. This was not Geof, it turned out to be John and Lance from one of my favorite blogs of all time, Kindertrauma! They're the two dudes sitting in the picture. As if that wasn't cool enough, sitting with them was Teneberous Kate from Love Train For The Teneberous Empire! I had no idea any of them were gonna be there, so this was pretty damn cool and exciting. I texted Geof asking if he made it to the bar and after a while we realized he was sitting at the table right next to us and neither of us had any idea. So Geof came over to the table and all of us horror bloggers sat there for a couple hours shooting the shit and drinking the day away - I literally missed all Monster Mania events and panels for Saturday due to this gathering, but it was totally worth it.

Geof brought along his friend Dan, who had never been to a horror convention before and who wasn't even too hardcore into horror movies. In fact, Dan's coming to the convention was a last minute thing from what I understand. It didn't take long before he got a few drinks down and was bit by the convention bug - i'm pretty sure he ended up having the best time there out of any of use diehard horror fans. Here we are after a seemingly neverending round of exchanged drinks....

We ended up spending most of that afternoon with Geof and Dan and it was so much fun - drinking Blue Moon's, buying weird sex/food comedies, taking pictures with big breasted women who were promoting weird sex/food comedies, trying to meet Thom Mathews but getting kicked out of the signing room for some kind of medical emergency, and getting Geof to buy his first ever Fright Rag. These are two cool dudes that I am proud to call friends and hopefully Monster Mania buddies in crime for years to come. Can't wait to see you guys at the next one!

By the way, check out Geof's hilarious recap of the weekend over at Enter The Man Cave.

While the four of us were over at the Fright Rags table, I also ran into Bill Adcock (seen above) from Radiation Scarred Reviews, who was also a hell of a cool dude and whose smile could not have been surgically removed from him for the entire weekend. You can check out Bill's recaps of the weekend here, here, and here.

Had an awesome time with all of these guys and gals and it wasn't until midnight on Saturday that Jen and I fully recovered from it all and headed back down into the lobby for some more fun, Rocky Horror and Fright Rags style. More on that later!