Friday, October 29, 2010

Mondo Tees Has a Special Treat For You!


Another limited edition art print being unleashed this week, this time from Mondo Tees in celebration of the greatest Halloween horror film of all time, Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat! The 15"x24" hand numbered screenprint is limited to only 120 pieces worldwide and will go on sale at "a random time" today. Mondo's limited edition pieces never last very long, so i'd suggest keeping an eye on the site today so you don't miss out once they go up for grabs!

And don't forget to ALWAYS CHECK YOUR CANDY!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Halloweekend Has Begun!

My Halloween costume just arrived in the mail today, cutting it extremely close as I always tend to do. Here's all you get to see for now!


Tonight Jen and I are going to a show/costume party a friend of mine's band (Funktion Jungle!) is playing at a nearby bar, so i'll be slapping this thing on for the very first time in just a wee bit. And then wearing it again for another party tommorow night. And then another at our place Saturday night. Incriminating pictures to be posted at some point this weekend, if I can manage to pencil a spare undrunken minute into my schedule!

So, what are you being for Halloween this year and what are your Halloweekend plans? Do tell!

'Win Free Horror Shit!' Is Now Exclusively On Facebook!


Early last year I started a second blog that I dubbed Win Free Horror Shit!, with a goal of posting all the horror related giveaways I found in my travels around the net, thus helping my readers win as many free goodies as possible. The blog quickly became a success, landing in the pages of Rue Morgue Magazine and nabbing me a neverending supply of e-mail's from readers telling me about the prizes they won thanks to the site. It was a beautiful thing, but I soon found myself unable to regularly update both that site and this one, and this one ended up becoming my main priority. Earlier this year, I decided to nix Win Free Horror Shit! as a blog, instead choosing to post weekly compilation lists of giveaways on this blog. While I was still helping my readers win free horror shit, I ultimately found myself not doing weekly WFHS! posts, sometimes not even getting around to doing them for months at a time. Thus, i've decided to move the campaign yet again, this time exclusively to Facebook!

I started a Win Free Horror Shit! Facebook page a while back, which I ended up abandoning when I moved the feature over to this site. I've decided to resurrect that Facebook page and start exclusively posting all the giveaways I find right to that wall, which will allow me to post more of them on a more frequest basis as well as reach an ever wider audience than ever before. On top of that, it's just much easier for me, so this'll be a win-win for all. All you've gotta do is head over to the Win Free Horror Shit! Facebook page, hit the little 'like' button over there, and sit back and watch your Facebook feed get updated on a regular basis with tons of new horror giveaways from around the net. So please, become a fan of the site. This is not about me getting hits or anything like that, it's simply about me helping you win as much free shit as possible. There's so much out there for the taking in these tough economic times and I want you to TAKE, TAKE, TAKE!

As always, if you find any giveaways out there or are hosting one on your horror site, drop me an e-mail and let me know about it so I can spread the word!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

100 Horror Movie Spoilers ... Five Minutes!

There's a pretty popular YouTube duo by the name of The Fine Brothers who, in addition to making all kinds of whacky and fun videos, specialize in fast paced spoileriffic vids that ruin the endings to gaggles of TV shows and movies, all in just mere minutes. As a special Halloween treat, they've just uploaded their 100 Horror Movie Spoilers In Five Minutes video, which you can dig below. Though you've probably seen the majority of these movies anyway, I still warn you ; a plethora of spoilers lie ahead .... nooo, ya think?!

Kids Say The Creepiest Things ...


There's a weekly local paper in my area called The Independent that ran a special pullout section this week with the results of the "Short & Scary Story Contest" that apparently was taking place these past couple weeks amongst kids from grades K-8. It was the third place winning story in the grade 5-8 category that really caught my eye, making me believe its creator is either going to end up being a horror writer or a psychopathic serial killer ...

Got Bait?
By Sean Ryan, Grade 7

"Shane was eaten by a killer whale. The blood splatter inspired me."

How creepy is that shit! Not only is it creepy that this kid wrote this, but that the paper chose this as a winner and printed it for all to see! What the fuck!

While i'm here, I might as well post the super bizarre Grand Prize winning story, which was apparently written by a 7th grader named Antonio Sanchez. I say 'apparently' because it sounds more like the frightening account of a hellish nightmare had by a teen who OD'ed on MTV. This story reeks of bad parenting ...

"It was Halloween and I was looking out over Russia. There was a killer on the loose who had been killing famous people for three years now, and it was always on Halloween. I knew I would be next. By the way, my name's Sarah, Sarah Palin. I was on my way to a meeting when I got a call. My cell was somewhere in my bag and I just missed it. I had one missed call.

After the meeting, I went straight home and turned on the TV. Beyonce got shot while performing 'Single Ladies'. I then remembered my missed call. I checked the voicemail and it said, "Your time is almost up." Then I heard, "Lady Gaga, you're on." "Shut up!", she said, "i'm on the phone." Then she hung up. I then went to go get something to eat from my fridge but I had no food, so I had to go to the Igloo Store. I went to the Igloo and I noticed that somebody was following me. then I recognized the person. It was Usher. I didn't know if he was good or bad, but I didn't want to take any chances, so I ran. He caught up though and said, "Wait, I am trying to help you. Someone's going to kill you!" Just then, a bullet came right toward us. Usher jumped in front of me. He got shot and said, "Oh my gosh!" I got in my car and sped all the way home. When I got into the door, a hand came around my mouth.

"Shhhhh," it was Jackie Chan. He is a good friend of mine. I asked him, "Why, why are these people out to get me?" "I don't know," he said. We ran outside and just then, a masked killer tried to tackle me. But luckily, Jackie taught me marshal arts. I kicked the killer in the leg. Then my daughter Bristol, cha cha'd her way out and shimmy, shimmied him towards the edge. Suddenly, Snooki came at the killer with a pickle. Snooki ripped off his mask, and revealed Mike, "The Situation." J-Wow appeared and pushed him off the cliff. He fell into the cold ocean, but somehow, David Hastlehoff came up, put Mike on his chest, and shot him back up to my house. J-Wow was looking over when Sammi came out and pushed her off. But Sammi slipped and also fell off the edge. Next, Pauly-D ran out and screamed, "No!" I went over to him and said, "It's okay." I put my hand on his head but he said, "Whoa, whoa don't touch da hair!" I then asked Jackie why all the Jersey Shore people were here? He said, "I dont..."

Just then Pauly-D ran to me and tried to kill me. So did all the Jersey Shore people who were left. Snooki came towards me with a pickle. Then they all pulled on zippers in the back of their heads, ripping off their human faces. They were really aliens!

They had four tentacles had slimy green skin. Just then the real Situation came out and the fake one charged at him. But the power of his 6-pack crushed him to pieces. I said, "Leave us alone!" One alien then said, "Under one condition, take us to our leader." He held up a picture of Barock Obama. "Yes," he said, "your president is, like us, an alien."

Yep, the youth of this nation is totally fucked ....

Trick 'r Treat For UNICEF Update!


Got some really exciting news regarding this years Freddy In Space Trick 'r Treat For UNICEF Campaign. Not only have we far exceeded last years donation amount of $281, but I just got an e-mail from UNICEF informing me that we are in the running for one of this years top 10 online donator spots! With a total thus far of $445 raised and an alleged doubling of that profit courtesy of UNICEF this year, we stand to make a HUGE difference in the lives of many children in need, even bigger than the one we made last year. This makes me all kinds of happy and I sincerely thank all of you who have donated thus far for making this possible. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You guys rock.

You still have four days left to get your donations in and the Sam-o-Lantern on the sidebar to your right will stay lit until October 31st for you to do so. Please consider helping out, no matter how small the donation.

New Release Review - Night of the Demons (2010)



Angela (Shannon Elizabeth) is throwing a decadent Halloween party at New Orleans' infamous Broussard Mansion. But after the police break up the festivities, Maddie (Monica Keena) and a few friends stay behind. Trapped inside the locked mansion gates, the remaining guests uncover a horrifying secret and soon fall victim to seven vicious, blood-thirsty demons.

Like all of the better horror remakes out there, Night of the Demons 2010 is a film that is right off the bat clearly made by a group of people who absolutely adore the original film. Because of this factor, director Adam Gierasch & Co. have been able to create a revamp that manages to evoke the fun party flick spirit of that film, while at the same time updating the story and characters for a new generation as well as amping up your and their favorite aspects of the original ; just wait until you see the lipstick in the nipple scene in this one! Featuring more sex and body horror than a David Cronenberg directed fuck flick, a soundtrack that I would buy and rock out to even if I hated the movie, a cameo that will make fans of the original smile with childish glee over the reminder of perhaps their very first horror movie induced erection and Edward fucking Furlong (!) kicking some serious demonic ass, Demons 2010 is one hell of a fun ride and totally worthy of sharing a name with the 1988 cult classic that we all know and love. If you're looking to switch up your Halloween night viewing schedule this year, I think you'll find this to be one remake you will not regret watching instead of its original. Better yet, just watch 'em both back to back, for the ultimate Halloween party experience.

If there's one negative thing I have to say about the movie, it's that I personally feel Shannon Elizabeth was miscast in the role of Angela. I'll take Amelia Kinkade over her any day of the week ...


OH! Be sure to keep an eye out for Victor Crowley and Saw's puppet Billy, as they both make brief appearances during Angela's Halloween party! It's little touches like these that help make the movie so much fun.

Alex Pardee's Limited Edition Hatchet 2 Poster - ACT QUICK!

Don't have much time to post this, as i'm blogging from the work computer on my quickly fading lunch break, but I just had to pop on here and let you guys know about this so you don't miss out!


Artist Alex Pardee, in conjunction with Adam Green, has whipped up this incredible 17"x22" Hatchet 2 poster, which is limited to only 100 pieces and is signed by both Pardee and Green. It's 50 bucks and I can guarantee you it won't be around for too much longer, so act quickly if you want it!

The print is available exclusively through Pardee's webstore, where you can see more detailed pictures.

Back to work I go!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Out Of The Swamp, Into My Lovin' Hands

A buddy of mine, Chris Tanski, tipped me off the other day to an eBay auction for a one of a kind custom Victor Crowley action figure. Last night, for a mere 20 dollars, I won the auction. Behold, my new prized possession!



Still cannot believe this amazing hand sculpted figure went for so cheap, but i'm damn sure glad it did! And to think, just a mere couple days ago I thought i'd never be able to hold Victor Crowley in my hands, save for dropping almost two thousand dollars on that Horror Idols sculpture that I drool over at every Monster Mania convention.

Chris, thank you so much for not letting this slip through my hands. I will of course post pictures once I receive him!

Fright Rags Teases Several New Designs!


Over on the Fright Rags Facebook page, Ben and the gang have been showing off teaser images of several new designs that will be up for sale this Friday, a trend that will continue over there throughout the week. If you're not already a follower of their Facebook page, now's the time to head over there and hit that little 'like' button!

And yes, in case you're wondering, the above design is based off of one of my favorite horror films of all time, MAY, a design that was thought up by the great Kristy Jett. All the more reason to love her!

All six new designs hit Fright Rags this Friday, so be sure to head over there this weekend and pick up the ones you want! The sixth design will remain a mystery until they make their way onto the site Friday, with no hints or teaser images being revealed until that day.

Heil Halloween!

The other day I received an e-mail from the man in charge of the promotional campaign for an online horror/Halloween store called As it turns out, it's a pretty awesome site, one that not only has everything you'd find at any Halloween shop in your area, but also a whole slew of oddball and totally unique items that you've probably never seen before. Most amusing of all, the company is based in Germany and thus, the site is roughly translated from German to English, which results in some pretty hilarious item descriptions. Here are some of the items and humorous descriptions that caught my eye during my travels, which I hope you guys get as much of a kick out of as I did!


'Sperminator Clinton Mask'

Bill Clinton, former President of the US, aka Sperminator, who's fallen from grace with all the hypocritical upholders of moral standards, with this Halloween and horror mask finally takes revenge on all the two-faced journalists and conservative people who couldn't forgive him his affair with Monica Schlewinski. The Sperminator horror mask is a crossbreed between a celebrity and a Leatherface mask. It is a fantastic mask to mock politicians and celebrities. The full head mask is made of latex and fits well. A great carnival mask that will definitely cause a lot of laughter.


'Barackula Mask'

No bloody wonder the White House has been quite empty lately. Aftre having been attacked by a vampire the current President of the USA has turned into a creature of the night himself. His former dark eyes are shining bright blue, his ears are very pointy (that's a strong characteristic in vampires) and his teeth have become fangs, even his hairdo has changed and look a little like Eddie Munster's now. The Barackula Halloween mask is made od latex and great for persons with bigger-sized heads, too.


'Saw Pig Costume'

Super sadistic serial killer John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, is well known from US movie hit SAW. He loves to use his little ventriloquist's dummy Billy to deliver messages, torture his victims or fool the police. A SAW movie without Billy in its black suit and with the red loops on its cheeks is simply unthinkable. Apart from Billy he loves to slaughter people assisted by the pig!

From the 'it will never not be too soon' files ...


'Adolf Hitler Mask'

Adolf Hitler mask, one of the scariest charakters of the history so far. The horrible, horror mask of the bad austrian nazi is made of foamlatex and very realistic in a comic way. Foamlatex is a very soft material and you dont sweat as much as with a regular latex mask.


'Pennywise Mask'

This is just plain awesome, especially considering i've never seen a Pennywise mask before. A little late for this year, but i've got a strong feeling i'll be donning this next year.


'Dead Debbie Zombie Girl'

Little zombie girl "Dead Debbie" just loves to play with body parts or oven melted barbie dolls... Dead Debbie is approx. 80cm high and handpainted. She has got shiny eyes and black synthetic hair. Dead Debbie is a is a fantastic prop with an open backside and can be used as animatronic.


'Honey Bear Child Costume'

This one doesn't have a funny description, it just creeps me the fuck out that some kid out there is gonna be out there this Halloween masquerading around as the creepy dick sucking bear from The Shining - "honey bear", my ass. It's truly a sick world we live in, though I do kinda wish this costume existed when I was a youngin'.

For more awesome Halloween costumes and decorations as well as enough hilarious poorly translated item descriptions to keep you up all night, head over to!

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Release Review - Giallo



Yellow chooses his female victims based on their beauty ; the more beautiful they are, the more likely they are to be kidnapped by him. Yellow toys with them, abuses their mind and body, and then kills them. And he's clever too, only going after tourists, women who won't find an advocate in the police department. His latest victim is Celine, a gorgeous American fashion model whose sister, Linda, along with help from an FBI agent, embarks on a dangerous pursuit of this mysterious predator. Both sisters are in jeopardy, and the clock is ticking.

I should preface this review by stating something i'm pretty sure i've stated in the past ; i'm not the biggest Argento fanboy out there. In fact, I seem to not have as much of an appreciation for his work as most of the people I surround myself with do. Don't get me wrong, I dig a lot of his films, but often find that aside from beautiful and iconic imagery, the stories are oftentimes neverending nonsensical bores. That being said, I still realize how much better Argento's older films are than some of his more recent works, which I as well as many others have been highly underwhelmed by.

Along came Giallo on DVD last Tuesday, a film that star Adrien Brody apparently tried to prevent from being released onto DVD after the filmmakers didn't pay him what he was promised he would be paid - never a good sign for a movie. Along with a slew of shitty reviews, I was fully prepared for yet another modern day Argento stinker ....

Well, I guess i'm in the minority here, but I found Giallo to be one of the best things the Italian master of horror has done in years. Coming off at times like Se7en by way of Argento, the cleverly if not deceptively named film held my interest all the way through, despite the fact that it's largely a pretty by the numbers detective flick. Brody, as always, is highly captivating, playing a detective with a pretty neat little backstory, and he helps elevate the film to a much higher level than it would've been at had a lesser actor been in his shoes. No silly twists, turns or out there plot elements, this is just a straight up detective vs serial killer tale, perhaps Argento's most accessible film to date. I may catch some shit for saying this from some of the bigger Argento diehards out there, but this was much more my cup of tea than most of his past works. It may not be his most visual, stylish or original film and it may not even feel too much like the kind of film we've come to expect from Argento but for me, it was much more coherent and less of a bore than i've found many of his films to be. Despite what most others are saying, I say this is a step in the right direction for Dario, one that is worthy of your time.

Night of the Living Trekkies : Book Review & Giveaway!

Last month I introduced a new writer and a new column here on Freddy In Space. One of my best friends, Jesse Bartel, joined the team and will be the official book reviewer for the blog. In addition to reviewing new genre books, Jesse has also recently decided to generously donate each book he reads to one of you guys, rather than holding onto them himself. Lets all say a big 'thank you Jesse' and then show our appreciation by reading his review of the new book Night of the Living Trekkies (Star Trek fanboys vs zombies!) and entering the giveaway afterwards!





Wow, what a fun read. This book is a great homage to everything geeky and “Star Trek” related while putting a bit of its own unique twist on the Sci-Fi/Horror/Comedy genre. Though it has a few issues in its writing there are plenty of laughs and exciting plot points to keep you turning the pages.

The story is focused on a young man named Jim Pike, who after being in the war in the Middle East is now working for a hotel. He gave up his love for Star Trek during the war, even though his knowledge is very extensive on the subject. The GulfCon is taking place one of the weekends he is working; GulfCon is a huge “Star Trek” convention in Houston, Texas and he is nostalgic after seeing all the characters he used to adore. Shortly after, people start feeling sick and not acting right and before you know it, there is a complete “zombie” outbreak in downtown Houston. I put the zombie in quotations because they are not just regular zombies and I don’t want to ruin it for you. The majority of the book takes place inside the hotel and provides for some interesting scenarios. Along the way Jim finds survivors and develops solid relationships with them. Shockingly, you actually care about the people and their outcome. END SUMMARY!

This book is funny, I mean that is really what its good at and it’s actually pretty gory at times which gives it a nice “horror” feel. The characters always talk about movies we know, like “Dawn of the Dead”, “Resident Evil”, and “28 Days Later”. I always thought it was weird that in zombie films, no one seems to talk about zombies as something they already extensively know. It’s as if no one has ever seen a zombie film or ever even heard of one in those movies, so the book is clever in applying pop-culture to its goofy premise. The greatest thing was that no one would break the character they dressed up as for the convention, even when fighting zombies. Being a fictional character gave the stories characters strength; they were a team and needed to work together. I can’t say never broke character; there are some actually pretty nice sentimental parts to the book about loss, love, change, and the burden of doing what no one can.

Though it is a book about “Star Trek” (and zombies), there is one character dressed as Princess Leia from “Star Wars”. She tends to quote lines from “Star Wars” films without really knowing who she is. Times like these make the corners of my mouth turn up with joy and I found myself doing a lot of that throughout the book at little winks and nods here and there. Although I didn’t grasp all the esoteric “Star Trek” references, I knew most and honestly I don't think you need to be a complete “Star Trek” geek to get this book.

In fact, in terms of context and being sort of topical, reading the book is similar to watching “Zombieland”, in the idea of balancing a bunch of different elements and giving you an overall thrill ride. We all know that there are consequences to that idea though.

There are issues I had with the book, one being the writing. It’s not terribly great or in anyways really complex but I am willing to overlook that because the book had only one goal: to entertain (it does)! The real problem I had with the novel was the last 40 pages or so. The book kind of collapses quickly and tries to give you some sort of muddy ending. The comedy drops mostly out in that time and the lack of it shows how bad the book would have been without the comedic value. I can’t really talk about the ending but it left something more to be desired.

BUT! The first 200 pages of the book are great and I hope one of you sexy readers gets their blood stained hands on this book. Overall, this is a must read to those who love comedy in their horror and want to be entertained. I guarantee that you will have a kick-ass time

PROS- Fun story, dialogue, and characters. Great humor and blood soaked scenes. Unique twist on the zombie genre.

CONS- Unfortunate last 40 pages or so. Not complex. Some jokes not relevant to all types of readers.

Happy Stabbings- Jesse


Sound like a book you'd be into reading? Then leave a comment below with your e-mail address and a brief explanation of why you want to read Night of the Living Trekkies!

Giveaway is open to everyone and will run through next Monday, November 1st. Good luck to all!

Exclusive Interview With 1/3 of The Human Centipede, Ashley C. Williams!


As you've probably noticed, i've been a bit caught up on The Human Centipede ever since I finally experienced it a couple weeks back. Immediately after I viewed it I just knew I had to speak to the beautiful ladies who comprised the disturbing titular creature, to find out how they got involved with such a sick movie and what their life has been like since its much talked about release. Tonight I bring you part one of these interviews as I chat with the middle piece of the Centipede, Ashley C. Williams!


- Before we get into The Human Centipede, I see on IMDb that you were an extra in the children's fantasy classic Willow, thus giving you perhaps the most diverse acting resume in the business. How did you get involved with that movie?

My family and I lived in Northern Cali at the time and I was in kindergarten, and Ron Howard's assistant came to my class to ask the teacher if she had any students who would be good on set. She picked me and this other boy and then I was on set and hated my costume and cried a lot about that, and then Ron wanted to audition me for some lines at the end of the movie, and I guess I didn't do very well, so he didn't pick me, but it was a fun experience nonetheless!


- What attracted you to the dark and deeply disturbing subject matter of The Human Centipede and what were your first thoughts upon reading the script and realizing that you would be in the least desirable position on the 'pede?

Tom Six's vision was brilliant. I was a bit disturbed at first, but when he really explained it to me, I realized just how amazing this guy was. He had this crazy idea that no one had come up with ever. I like people who really go beyond what is normal or cliché. Also there was no script. Tom just had a synopsis for each scene. I read it and thought it was kinda interesting. I was like, YES i'm the girl that gets to escape, fall in a pool and try and save the day! And as long as my mouth is not really attached to that butt and i'm not fully naked, then bring on the 'pede!

- Have you received any negative feedback from family or friends for taking on such a controversial role in such a controversial movie?

No everyone has been so amazing and supportive of this movie and my role in it. Of course they are grossed out and disturbed, but they haven't said anything negative to me about it, well at least not to my face!! ::laughs:: who knows what my friends and family really think of me... oh well!

(Dieter Laser, Ashley C. Williams and director Tom Six)

- I've gotta know ; is Dieter Laser the creepiest man alive or is he just a brilliant actor?

He is brilliant! And yes that is his real face. Everyone always wants to know, "is that Dieters real face in real life???" ::laughs:: He is the nicest man ever.


- Will you have a 'Human Santapede' ornament on your Christmas tree this year?

Haha! I saw those and was like those are so gonna be my Christmas gifts to my family this year. Perfect stocking stuffers!!!

- If Hollywood were to remake The Human Centipede, what three actors would you like to see connected ass to mouth?

The Jonas Brothers... well I guess they're not actors, but they deserve this position anyway...haha...


- Tell us about your next horror film, Stagnant, and any future projects you have in the works.

I am the lead in a new horror film called Stagnant, set to come out next year. It's set in England and will be shot over there as well... and thats all i'm allowed to say! Also I have a couple of other films I am shooting in the Spring, one is a romantic drama, which is a nice change! Also a small film I did two years ago is finally being released on DVD and On Demand January 24th 2011 called Empty. That one is a sort of Suspense Thriller.

To learn more about Ashley, head on over to her website. And stay tuned for an interview with The Human Centipede's other lovely lady, Ashlynn Yennie, coming real soon!

The Annual 'We Just Carved Our Pumpkins' Post!

Went pumpkin picking with some hungover friends yesterday and we soon realized that doing so mere days before Halloween is much like going to a yard sale at 5 o'clock on a Sunday ... there aint much good shit left for the picking. Lots of rotten fly infested messes, but we each managed to grab a halfway decent one after some looking around. So what did I decide to carve into my pumpkin this year? I don't think the answer to that question will surprise you too much ....


Yep, that's my attempt at a Human Centipede pumpkin, an attempt that failed largely based on the fact that I foolishy cut away bits within the 'pede that shouldn't have been cut away - i'm not too good with this shit. Neverless, I did end up with a pretty sweet pumpkin action figure that looks much more like the whole thing was supposed to look ....


As is usually the case with the art projects we do together, Jen's pumpkin came out much more impressive than mine ....


Pumpkin picking/carving day is always one of my favorite days of the year and i'm glad we finally got around to it, late or not. And hey, at least our pumpkins wont be totally rotted once Halloween actually arrives, like they usually are, thus giving the opportunity for many a kid to get their first taste of The Human Centipede! To this, I can only smile.

Halloween is less than a week away .... have YOU carved your pumpkins yet?!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Handmade Halloween : Part 2!


With a mere week until the greatest holiday of the year, the search for cool shit on Etsy continues. Lets type the word 'Halloween' in the Etsy search bar once again and see what comes up this time, shall we!



Featuring a moving jaw and limited to only 200 pieces, this Captain Spaulding pewter belt buckle was made with the involvement of Sid Haig himself, making it 10x cooler than it already is. I'm personally not into the whole giant belt buckle thing, but I can't deny its coolness nonetheless.



Every year, there is a mass genocide of millions of candy corn at the hands of us human beings. What would happen if one year the delicious yellow, orange and white treats decided to strike back? We may never know for sure, but this unique little painting gives us a glimpse into that realm of possibility.



The fact that i've included a Lego piece in both Parts 1 and 2 of this series may give you the impression that i'm a Lego nut. Truth be told, I haven't played with Legos in well over a decade. Fact of the matter is, a lot of people are just doing cool things with the lovable little yellow guys on Etsy. Check out this particular Etsy shop for more awesome zombie lego keychains, including a chef, a greaser and an army soldier!



Perfect for a haunted house or your own home, this gruesome light switch cover is guaranteed to be a conversation piece, one that will freak out the squares and impress the cool kids. The artist also has a similar one for a different kind of lightswitch as well as a green colored "Frankenswitch" cover.



This dude has a whole host of custom made posters for classic horror movies, designed in a vintage style, including Nightmare on Elm Street, Dawn of the Dead and The Shining. This one's my favorite, but I encourage you to check all of them out. It should be noted that the folds were added in Photoshop to make the posters look more vintage and that they will not arrive on your doorstep that way.



When I first thought up the idea of this series of posts last week, this was one of the first search results I came upon. I immediately knew I had to include it in the series, so I bookmarked it into my favorites. The next morning I checked my e-mail and discovered that the creator of the necklace sent me an e-mail, knowing I was a hardcore Freddy fan - this was before she ever knew I was profiling Etsy products on here. Pretty strange, eh? In any event, this is a really awesome piece and I love how the both the sweater and glove are creatively represented within it. It's truly the embodient of Freddy Krueger, in the ironic form of a loving heart.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2 - Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Get Back Into Bed ...


Last year, amidst a sold out screaming audience, I experienced Paranormal Activity. I loved it, felt it brilliantly and terrifyingly did for sleeping in ones own bed what Jaws did for swimming in the ocean ... and I didn't get much sleep that night. Last night at midnight I went to that same theatre I was at a year prior, sold out and filled with a screaming audience once more, and got my second dose of Paranormal Activity. Though a wee bit of the spark and terror of the first one is gone now that we've seen it all before and pretty much know what's going to happen at most every turn, Paranormal Activity 2 proved to be a more than worthy follow up to last year's smash hit, one that should satisfy any and all fans of that flick. Suffice to say, I didn't exactly sleep like a baby last night ....

In most cases, it's not a good thing when sequels follow the same formula as their predecessor, almost note for note. In this case, it was precisely what I wanted, what I expected and what I was more than happy to receive. The concept of Paranormal Activity was so simple and well executed and I really think that this sequel would never have worked if it tried to stray too much from that formula. All we needed was to see another group of people get terrorized by that invisible demon and that's what we get, with a baby and a dog thrown in the mix to make things extra creepy this time around. On top of that, this second story is presented and put together in a very smart and logical way, coming off more as a completion of the story than an attempt to cash in on the success of the original - what more can ya ask for?

Despite the fact that we know what to expect this time around, and that it's kind of silly that they're still trying to make us think this shit is real, even after we've seen Micah and Katie on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, the movie still managed to be as scary as the first one, which is pretty damn impressive if ya ask me. It's almost as if the filmmakers are saying to us, "You've seen this movie before, you know what's coming ... but we're still gonna fuckin' scare the shit out of you." And scare the shit out of us they did once more. Bravo, fellas.

I gotta say, an incredible job was done keeping this film under wraps these past several months, to the point that I was totally surprised by what and who the movie is actually about. I don't want to go too far down any kind of road that could potentially spoil anything for anyone, as you should go into this one as blindly as I did, but I do want to quickly say that fans of the first PA will be very pleased to find that a few things from that film are explained in this one, with both movies serving as one epic story when watched together. And that's all i'll say about that.

This is the kind of movie that should be experienced within the confines of a jam packed theatre, so get out there this weekend and get the shit scared outta ya!

It's truly amazing how into these movies people get. Never before in my life have I seen people lined up hours prior to a movie starting like I saw with both the first and now the second Paranormal Activity. It's awesome to see, even if I at the same time wish half those people would come out and support other genre pictures as hardcore as they do these beasts. Nevertheless, these movies are definitely worthy of your support and this is one horror sequel that adequately fills the shoes of its hugely successful bigger brother.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zach Shildwachter + Clint Howard = Epic

This will be the second time i've mentioned Z For Zombies' Zach Shildwachter tonight, but I simply cannot grasp the awesomeness of what i've just laid eyes on and i'm hoping you guys can help me with that ...

A few months back I commissioned Zach to put his art skills to the test and paint me a picture of Clint Howard from one of my favorite horror movies of all time, The Ice Cream Man. I gave him full creative control and he told me that he found some kind of wooden seat from an old chair that he intended on painting it on. Last night, Zach sent a picture to my cell phone of this work in progress and while it made me giddy with excitement, my mind wasn't fully blown until I just saw a bigger and more detailed picture that he posted on his Twitter account. From the picture I saw I thought he had painted ole Clint with white paint. What Zach actually did was CARVE the drawing into that wooden seat, his first attempt at carving anything!


Not sure what else he's gonna do with this thing but I cannot wait to find out and I will post more pictures once I receive it!

Zach, you have rendered me completely speechless. You are one hell of a talented motherfucker and i'm pretty sure I will fork over however much money you demand of me for this incredible masterpiece.

The Scared Shitless Meme!


I've never created a meme before, but with the sequel to one of the scariest movies of all time hitting theatres at midnight tonight (I will be there!), inspiration has hit me. My fellow bloggers and non-bloggers alike, I want you to tell me the true life story of the moment in your life where you were absolutely, positively ... scared shitless. In other words, what do you consider the scariest moment from your lifetime?

If you have your own blog, whether I tag you below or not, feel free to answer this question on there and feel free to tag others. If you don't have one, i'd love for you to tell me your story by leaving a comment on this post.

Before I get into my story, here are the bloggers i've chosen to tag in the most terrifying meme of all time!

- Bill Adcock, Radiation Scarred Reviews

- Mike DeVito, Cultural Compulsive Disorder

- Zach Shildwachter, Z For Zombies

- Jayson Kennedy, Basement of Ghoulish Decadence

- Kristy Jett, The Person You Benefit From Knowing

Don't be squares, share your scary stories motherfuckers! Here's mine ....

It doesn't get much scarier than almost losing your life and a good 10 years ago, I almost lost mine. While I was in shock through most of the ordeal, my brain and body having very little time to even be scared or feel pain, this was nevertheless the most terrifying experience of my life ... and I hope this statement remains true until I actually do reach my demise.

I vividly remember sitting on top of my dresser one day, playing with my wrestling action figures as I often did around this time, when I heard a loud knocking at the front door to my house, a knocking that was quite persistent. When I went out to investigate, I realized it was just my older brother Chris on the other side of the door. Being the little jerkoff that I used to be, I decided not to open the door for him, but instead leave him outside and tease him a bunch. This was something we did to each other quite often when we were kids and when we did it, we would also often pretend to punch one another through the glass window in the door. This is what I did on that day, but this time I punched a little too hard.

Before I knew it there was blood spurting everywhere and a window no longer stood between my brother and I. Apparently my arm had accidently gone completely through the window and I had then quickly withdrawn it through sharp shards of broken glass, though I have no recollection of either of these things actually happening. My body completely in shock, I felt absolutely no pain and was convinced that I just had a little cut on my arm, so I ran into the bathroom to go wash the blood away and survey the damage, figuring a little band aid was all I was in need of. Leaving a blood trail in my wake, I reached the bathroom and ran my bloody forearm under the water. The blood all cleared away for one slow motion moment and I saw that this was much more horrific than I anticipated - my entire arm was flayed open, my insides were visible, and a band aid was not going to do the trick this time.

Thank god my mom was home at the time because if she was not, I can pretty much guarantee things would've ended up a lot worse for me - to this day, she still tells me she is awoken in fear with nightmares of the incident. She pretty quickly realized how bad things were and tightly gripped a washcloth over my gaping wound, while dialing 911 with her other hand. She death gripped this washcloth over my forearm until the ambulance arrived, where I was then whisked off inside of it, fate of my arm and my life unknown. My dad was coming home at the same time I was being taken off and I remember apoligizing to him about the window and saying that I would pay to get it replaced, all while much more important issues hung in the balance - that's pure and utter shock for ya. While in the ambulance, the EMT holding my arm tried making me laugh and assured me that everything would be ok, though I was pretty sure I was gonna come out of this with at the very least one less limb.

The next thing I remember is laying in the hospital bed, bleeding under control, and my parents walking in. My arm was positioned on a table next to me, still thankfully connected to the rest of my person, and I saw things inside of me that I never wish to see again, veins and all. My dad was naturally pretty horrified at this and I said something along the lines of "What?, it's just blood", in an effort to calm him down. Again, this was just the shock talking.

As far as I can recall, I was completely awake for the entire stitching up and putting back together process, which I remember feeling quite weird. It was at this time that I realized I not only had the big gash on my left forearm, but also smaller ones on both my upper left arm and near the elbow of my right arm. After the strange sensation of having my left arm pulled and tugged back together, the surgeon poked the much smaller cut on my right arm and asked me if it hurt. He said if it did, he would have to stitch that one up to. Lying, I told him it did not hurt in an effort to not have to go through anymore stitching, an effort that worked. I had just had enough at that point and wanted to get back home. The surgeon informed me that I was mere millimeters away from slicing a major tendon in my arm, which would've no doubt lead to my demise.

When I did return home that night (at least I think it was that night), the house was completely cleaned of all blood and glass, thanks to my uncle. With a thin bandage on my arm, and the reality of the events finally settling in, the throbbing pain began.

Thankfully the pain never got too bad during the recovery process, but I did just a mere couple weeks later do a running baseball slide into a not fully screwed in screw in the floor, which tore my knee open pretty bad in a jigsaw piece pattern. Bandages from the last injury still wrapped around my arm, and my dad none too happy about my wrecklessness, I absolutely refused to go to the hospital and get anymore stitches put in me. Thankfully my dad let me slide, no pun intended, and I now have a gnarly scar to show for that one too.

When I went in for a checkup to see how well the stitches were dissolving, the doctor showed me a polaroid that he took of me the day of the injury. In it I was holding my arm up in the air, blood literally flying towards the lens. This picture is probably still out there to this day, though he unfortunately did not hand it over to my family so I will probably never see it again. Bummer, cause I would've loved to have shown that one to you guys!

What I can show you is how the scar from this event looks today ....


Not too bad, given the circumstances.

All I can say is, I thank the good lord that my body didn't allow me to feel such horrific pain and my brain didn't allow me to register such a horrific event, until after it was pretty much over. Thank you, body and brain. I hope you've found that i've been kinder and gentler to you guys over the years.

One last little thing I want to say about this is that for whatever reason, when my brother and I were playing in the yard earlier in the day, he made up some weirdo song that he sung to me about how I shouldn't worry and that things would get better - I don't think there was any point to him singing this song or that I was having a bad day, he was just being goofy. A few hours later my arm was torn apart, that song becoming an ominous warning of the events that were to come that day...

Now lets hear your most terrfying true life ordeal! Either leave a comment below with your story or with a link to your story. Scare me shitless!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lost Boys : The Thirst - Less Gory, More Corey



As the lost boys and girls of San Cazador prepare to party under the Blood Moon, an alpha vampire conspires to turn these unsuspecting ravers into an army of undead. The only thing that stands between him and the annihilation of the entire human race is the infamous vampire fighting Frog Brothers. Armed with double-barrel holy water balloon launchers and multi-arrow crossbows, Edgar (Corey Feldman) and Alan Frog (Jamison Newlander) join forces to kick some blood-sucker butt.

In addition to being a fan of the original Lost Boys, as most of you reading this probably are, I also dug the sequel that was released a few years back, Lost Boys : The Tribe, a sentiment that i'm a lot more alone on. I felt it was a fun movie, albeit a far cry from the original, but fun was really all I was looking for. And that's pretty much the same way I feel about this third installment in the franchise. It can never be compared to Schumacher's original, but in comparison to its predecessor it's perhaps even more fun, with a whole lot more Corey Feldman screentime being the force behind that increased level of entertainment. However, all good things come at a cost ...

The Thirst is both lacking in the stronger story of The Tribe as well as the gore level of that film, with the 'suck monkeys' not exploding and melting into ooey gooey messes like they did in the first two Lost Boys', but simply burning up and exploding into ash. It's kinda cool looking, but not nearly as cool as a bunch of blood and guts and it's a total departure from the depiction of a vamps death within the confines of this franchise. Liberties are also taken with the way the vampires look and sound, with them looking more like traditional movie bloodsuckers, sans the usual pronounced cheek and eyebrow look we've come to know, and sounding like lame-o demons, bad dubbing and all. But again, there's a lot more Feldman and a lot more Feldman goes a long way, especially when he's hamming it up to the utmost extent, grunting and deep voicing his way through scenes, quoting Semisonic and kicking some serious vampire ass like only Edgar Frog can. Dare I say i'll take more Corey Feldman over a bit more gore and a bit of a better story any day of the week, especially considering The Tribe proved a bit boring when he wasn't around.

With a few jabs at Twilight and its creator as well as some little winks and nods to the original film, including footage from it and even an emotional little tribute to the late Corey Haim, not to mention the long awaited (albeit brief) return of the brothers Frog, I had a lot of fun with The Thirst and I personally consider The Lost Boys to be one franchise that has yet to go sour. That being said, I can't help but wonder how awesome the franchise could've become had the other Corey not left us too soon. RIP Haim.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jen Gets SMASHed!


Jen wore these earrings to work today. She's a pharmacy technician at CVS. This just about sums up why I love her.

By the way, the kickass earrings were made by my buddy Mike Smash, who will be donating one of his latest creations for a giveaway later this month. Can't wait to bring this one to you guys as it's perhaps the coolest giveaway prize i've ever offered. Stay tuned!

New Release Review - Manson : My Name Is Evil

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Sheltered, sexually frustrated chemist Perry is thrust headlong into the wildness of the 1960's when he is selected as a jury member in the infamous trial of Charles Manson and becomes obsessed with one of Manson's followers, Leslie Van Houten.

Manson : My Name Is Evil is a tough film for me to review because i'm kinda conflicted on how I actually feel about it. On one hand I was highly bored and ready to turn off the TV while watching it, even laughing at its badness at times (visible bald caps and all), and on the other hand Jen and I found ourselves talking and debating about the film long after the end credits finished rolling and well into the 100th menu screen loop. And that's where the dilemma lies. I didn't find it to be a good movie and it's not one I enjoyed watching, but how can I really hate on any movie that gets me not only talking, but thinking as well?

My initial thoughts about the movie were that the director, Reginald Harkema, had a message he wanted to get across to the world and he decided that the best way to do that would be to exploit the horrific crimes of the Manson Family and slap ole Charlie on the cover, in a deceptive bid to sell copies - which certaintly worked on yours truly. It felt to me like a tasteless way for him to get his political viewpoints out there, viewpoints that I found kind of offensive and idiotic. But the more I thought about the movie and the more I talked with my much smarter than myself girlfriend about it, I now see where Harkema is coming from and appreciate him having the testes to lay such a ballsy message out on the line. I also realize that I was being a bit narrow minded in my initial criticisms of him and his movie, which is why i'm glad that I oftentimes hold off on reviewing movies for 24 hours, until they've really had time to settle into my brain.

"Here is a man accused of hundreds of thousands of murders in Vietnam, accusing me of seven murders"

Without spoiling too much, one of the big ideas of this half factual, half fictional Manson flick is that it's kind of ironic that we as a country demonized the long haired hippy cult leader and yet at the same time looked up to and took orders from Richard Nixon, a man who technically was guilty of the same crimes Charlie was - sending out troops to go kill people he deemed worthy of killing. Now obviously sticking a fork into a pregnant and totally innocent woman's stomach is a little bit different than killings that occured in the name of war, but you kinda can't deny the horrifically disturbing comparison at the same time ; how much of a difference really exists between Perry, a man who is being urged by his leader to go off to war, and Leslie, a woman being urged to do the same by the man she's chosen as her leader? And for the record, plenty of innocent people get killed in wars. It's just food for thought and Harkema is obviously not suggesting that we are wrong for locking Manson up or convicting him of murder (nor am I - that whole family deserved death without a trial), he's just merely showing us another side of the coin and getting us thinking, with the idea not being any kind of pro-Manson or out of line sentiments, but that murder in any context should NEVER be OK and that maybe we shouldn't just let it slide because it's our leader calling the shots. He has certaintly delivered a thought provoking message, one that will anger many but get them talking nonetheless, it's just unfortunately presented within a movie that's not very good - this is admittedly the point of view of a guy who primarily watches horror movies for the purpose of entertainment, not political and religious messages being shoved down his throat, so take it for what it's worth.

While I certaintly admired Manson : My Name Is Evil for straying from the norm when it comes to movies based on 'The Family' and avoiding showing things other flicks of this ilk revel in, such as the murder of Sharon Tate and her friends, what it all boils down to for me is that I just wasn't entertained by the movie and probably wouldn't ever care to watch it again. That being said, I simply can't deny how thought provoking it was for me and for this reason, I really can't say too much bad about it. It's certaintly an interesting movie that deserves a look and I can't help but respect it for getting my brain going. That's just about the last thing I expected from it.

One thing I do want to say about Manson movies in general though is that they need to stop. Bottom line is, no actor could ever be as captivating as Charles Manson himself and no movie could ever be as horrific - so what's really the point? If you want to hear about the man or the story, documentaries and interview footage are the way to go.

2010 Scream Awards - TONIGHT on SPIKE TV!


A heads up for you forgetful motherfuckers out there ; Spike TV's annual awards event honoring the best in Sci-Fi, horror, comics and fantasy took place over the weekend and will air tonight at 9/8c. Without giving too much away, the 2 hour celebration of all things twisted and awesome includes flaming girls, the return of Peter Venkman and even an epic Back To The Future reunion, as well as a first look at Scream 4 and an exclusive new Paranormal Activity 2 trailer. You're not gonna wanna miss this one, folks!


Grab a six pack of pumpkin beer, throw a few logs in the fireplace, invite your derelict friends over and sit back and enjoy what promises to be one hell of an entertaining show!

Just Take One - Ariescope's 2010 Halloween Short Is Live!

It's that time of the year again. As has become a yearly Halloween tradition, Adam Green and his Ariescope team of merry pranksters are back for their 12th annual Halloween short film! Starring Green and Wrong Turn 2's Joe Lynch, 'Just Take One' reminds us of a valuable lesson that Trick 'r Treat taught us either three years ago or last year, depending on when you got to see it - follow the traditions and rules of Halloween .... OR ELSE!

Also be sure to check out Green's blog on the newly renovated Ariescope website, where he talks about the assassination of Hatchet 2 and what he's up to in his personal life.

According to the site, those of you who didn't get to see Hatchet 2 on the big screen are not gonna have to wait much longer, as its set to hit DVD and Blu-ray Winter 2011!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Danny Trejo Slashes His Way Into Toys "R" Us!

I'm not always happy about the current state of the country, but little things like walking into the most popular children's toy store in the world tonight and walking out with a mini plastic version of hardened ex-convict Danny Trejo, portraying a double bloody machete wielding Mexican, puts a pretty damn big smile on my face ....


God bless America.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Adam Green Supports Freddy In Space!

So I think i've already established that Kristy Jett is one of the most amazing and kind human beings on this planet, a fact that she has further proven to me today. Kristy spent her weekend at the Rock and Shock Convention in Massachusetts, which featured Adam Green on the guest list. Knowing how much of a fan and supporter I am of Green, she not only scored me an autographed Hatchet 2 poster - I believe he wrote, "To John, Victor Crowley meets Freddy ... In Space. Get it?" - but she also managed to get Adam to do a little shoutout to me and the blog, which she captured on video. This is probably the greatest gift i've ever received and as I told Kristy, I hope this smile never leaves my hairy little face.

Thank you so much Kristy and Adam, this means more to me than either of you could ever know. For someone who you admire, respect and draw inspiration from to acknowledge you and what you do is a pretty damn awesome feeling. And for anyone who wonders why I am such a hardcore supporter of Green, it's not even just because I love everything he does - which I do. It's mostly because he's such a genuinely awesome dude who is constantly going out of his way to show his appreciation for his fans, always answering messages on Facebook and doing cool shit like this. You rock Adam.

As for you Kristy, I think my parents will agree that you've just officially earned yourself an adoption. Welcome to the family!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

From The 'I'm Easily Amused' Files ...


Finally getting around to putting out some Halloween decorations today and I was reminded of something that I always get a kick out of. This Dracula wall busting plaque thats been in my family's Halloween collection for years makes an appearance in Trick 'r Treat!


Yep, the title of this post says it all. This put a huge smile on my face the first time I saw Trick 'r Treat and still continues to everytime I watch it, which is turning out to be more than a couple times every year around this time.

New Release Review - Assault of the Sasquatch



When a merciless bear poacher is arrested deep in the woods, he and his truck are taken to a neglected precinct in the heart of the big city. Unbeknownst to the autorities, the impounded truck holds a deadly cargo in the form of the legendary Sasquatch! Now, stuck in an unfamiliar world, the creature will let nothing and no one stop it from coming face-to-face with the unscrupulous man who ripped it from its environment.

I first became aware of this movie through the YouTube channel of budding actors Shawn C. Phillips and M.J Kelley, which goes by the name Coolduder. They're two guys i've been watching for several years now, long before they started getting work in low budget indie horror films, and I remember watching their vlog about their trip to the set of this movie way back when filming first began (this video is included on the DVD). Naturally, now that the film is available to watch, I had to see it. Besides, Shawn and MJ aside, I tend to see every Sasquatch horror film that comes along, even if the large majority of them are pure garbage.

Assault of the Sasquatch is not pure garbage, though it does remain on the highly mediocre side of things, which by default makes it one of the more entertaining Bigfoot on the loose movies to date. That being said, it's not all that entertaining of a film. The Bigfoot costume looks pretty silly, a large portion of the jokes fall flat and there's a lot of boring downtime that focuses not on Sasquatch ripping people new ones, but on other side plots that I quite frankly didn't care to see. Which brings me to the main problem I have with most Sasquatch horror films made - there's just not enough Sasquatch carnage in them! The scenes in Assault where Sasquatch is present, stomping puppies and ripping off limbs, are the best bits of the movie, making you feel like a much more fun flick was so close to being made, but they're outnumbered by those scenes that just make you want to hit the fast forward button.

The highlight of the film, for me personally, is the over the top and totally wacky Shawn C. Phillips, who brings much of the entertainment and laughs along with him, to the point that I felt like I was continuing to watch the film only to see what he would do and say next. It's the best and most 'real' film he's been in to date and I hope to see him do more stuff like this in the future. As for M.J, ehhh, I could live without him.

Overall, Assault of the Sasquatch is a moderately entertaining entry into the world of Sasquatch horror, one that fans of that subgenre will probably find better than most. But just as the hunt for a real life Sasquatch continues, my personal hunt for the be all end all Bigfoot horror flick still presses on ....

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Handmade Halloween : Part 1!

I've typed it before and i'll type it again ; if you want to find the coolest and most unique one of a kind items on the internet, ETSY is the place to go. It's where the most creative people on this planet converge to bring us their handmade creations, the kind of stuff you just can't find anywhere else. It's an absolute goldmine of cool shit and best of all, it's updated on a neverending basis. Being that it's Halloween time around these parts, I thought it'd be fun to run Etsy searches for the term 'Halloween' and post the items I find within those searches that I personally consider to be the cream of the crop of what Etsy is all about. So let me head over to the site, get to searching and see what I can come up with for Part 1 of A Handmade Halloween!



I know what you're probably thinking ; "Ehhh, I don't know that I want to eat candy made by some stranger on the internet" .... i'm right there with ya. Nevertheless, these little decapitated chocolate zombie heads are pretty awesome and i'm not sure i'd be able to resist eating one if it arrived on my doorstep, even if it looks more like clay than it does chocolate. Also available from the same company ; zombie lollipops!



Eat dinner, move your plates out of the way, and start talking to the dead - now that's my kinda night! Hmmm, I wonder if you could even summon a spirit to do the dishes for you ....



I do believe this is the very first Nessie Halloween costume i've ever seen and i'm pretty sure any costume contest would be won by its wearer. I'd very much like to someday be that wearer.



These are the absolute personification of Etsy - taking an ordinary household item and turning it into something totally unique that makes other people look at it and say "Why didn't I think of that?!"



I may find this more amusing than you guys do, due to the fact that my two Russian Blue cats look exactly like the one picture above, but this is an awesomely simple animal costume regardless. Something tells me i'm gonna have two little Sharkittens prowling around the house come Halloween. Don't steal that shit, SyFy!