Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And The Mega Winner Is...

A couple weeks back I posted a giveaway for Mega Piranha on Blu-ray, with the entry rules stating that you had to leave a comment with the answer to the following question in order to throw your hat in the running :

- SyFy has given you the opportunity to create a mega beast for their next original picture. What beast do you give the super sized treatment?

After digging through some great entries tonight, I have come out the other side of the mega madness with a singular winner, a man who showed immense levels of creavitity with his idea, an idea that I would personally love to see turned into an epic creature feature. The winner's name is Los Furias Tiki and here is his winning idea!


The tale of a disabled war veteran in his mid-eighties who is offered a second shot at life via a mysterious Octopus DNA emperiment being conducted by the military... Not only does he regain the use of his legs... He gains the use of six new legs, a razor sharp maw and an insatiable appetite for revenge against a military that has destroyed his life twice!!! Who can stop THE OCTO-GENARIAN?!

I tasked the Freddy In Space graphics department with drawing up a prototype image of this creature. After many hours locked away in the small rat infested basement that sits below my feet, here's what they came up with ...


Congratulations Los Furias Tiki, thanks for the laugh, I hope you love Mega Piranha as much as I did and I sincerly hope that you someday make millions when Octo-Genarian is greenlit!