Monday, January 24, 2011

The Best Press a Horror Movie Has Ever Received ...


One of my favorite filmmakers out there is Lucky McKee, the dude behind the masterpiece May, the pretty damn good The Woods and the best Masters of Horror episode out there, Sick Girl. Oh and he also co-directed Red, another recent favorite of mine. His next film, The Woman, screened this past weekend at the Sundance Film Festival and it absolutely caused an uproar, with several people walking out and one woman even running out so fast that she fell and hit her head on the way out. But it's not just women that are up in arms about the flick that focuses on a feral girl who is raped and tortured, as the video below of one seriously pissed off dude will show you. It's rare that parts of these legendary horror film screenings get caught on tape so what you're about to see is pretty damn special. Click the play button below to enjoy a seven minute rant from a guy who just walked out of a screening of The Woman, furious over the images he just saw and demanding the film be banned and BURNED!

How awesome is that? And is it just me or is this the kind of attention that makes you incredibly excited about a horror film? Art is not safe (Rob Zombie FTW) and if there's ever a place for the kinda shit that should disturb and revolt, it's within the confines of a horror film. Job well done Lucky, can't wait to see this one.


Anthony1138 said...

I haven't seen Lucky's new film yet, but geez. Imagine what that guy would say if he saw Martyrs.

Ryne said...

Interesting video, and one that does have its merits. I can understand the man's disbelief as to the brutalizing of a woman, which, I would assume, is part of the point of the film itself.

But I've also come to find that there should be a fine line between generating that sense of raw emotion from the viewer through tactful displays of human atrocity, and if The Woman lacks that finesse and instead chooses to unnecessarily glorify the act, I can understand where the man is coming from.

Theresa said...

I can understand where this guy is coming from.. any brutal attacks on human beings are completely un-called for.

I am a big horror fan.. but I am not a huge fan of rape/torture films.. BUT... this is just a movie... and I think people forget that.

I think the guy is being a bit overdramatic.. if you don't like it.. just leave.. you don't need to make a big stink about it.. OR.. it would be actually pretty funny if the director paid the guy to make a big thing about it.. so they can leak a youtube video to give it hype... hmm just a thought.

Also! I like Sick Girl as well.. but I think the best episodes were Incident on and off a mountain road and Cigarette Burns.

Anyway, I really enjoy your blog.. keep up the good work. :)

Matthew said...

It's telling that the fruitcake admits to being in 40 films. He loves to hear himself talk, loves being on camera, and loves making a scene. Who wouldn't want to work with him?!

I have not, and of course no one who watches the video will have seen this film, but I can say for certain that that there would be value in seeing him be beaten, probably much more so than what is depicted in "The Woman".

Sarah Queen said...

I love people like this! In his simple act of behaving like a child he is doing the exact opposite of what he claims to be doing. He is giving this movie the best kind of hype imaginable, causing curiosity that probably would have never existed had he just shut up and moved on with his day.
It is possible that directors hire people to do things like this, just to get a fire going about their movie. (I mean, he has been in 40 films, nice.) I know that such things have happened many times in the past. Point being, it worked. I am without a doubt going to see this film now, and this guy can blame himself for that.

Frankie said...

There's a pretty good recollection of the story from one of the people involved in the fiasco, mixed with a review of the film. It fully explains the backstory leading up to the incident, including a pretty good overview of Lucky McKee's skill in the horror genre (well, good to me since I know little about him). It's a very good read.

(Found via Chuck Palahniuk's Facebook page.)

Anonymous said...

That was one of the most embarrassing and unbearable 7 minutes of my entire life.

LJ said...

I wonder if this guy protested as much about Last House on the Left, which is pretty damned bad as far as it's treatment of women goes. Either version, take your pick. Or maybe Cannibal Holocaust? He's been in 40 films? As what? Janitor #4?