Monday, January 31, 2011

Evil Toys : Bindeez

It's time for another episode of Evil Toys, the continuing blog series dedicated to finding the most demonic children's toys ever put on the market; toys that were shortly recalled after hitting shelves for killing, hurting or just plain terrifying and corrupting the minds of their innocent owners. In the very first installment back in December we took a look at the hair eating Snacktime Cabbage Patch Kids and things take a turn for the even more frightening in this month's installment, as we turn our attention to little magical beads called Bindeez ...


Manufactured in China in 2007, the small colorful Bindeez beads became a smash hit the world over, with Australia awarding them the "Toy of the Year" award for that year. Marketed as a craft project in a box, Bindeez were tiny little colorful beads that were placed on a provided tray in whatever arrangement a child wanted them in and then sprayed with water, which fused the beads together, resulting in a unique one of a kind artistic vision. At about 5mm in diameter, I think it's pretty safe to assume that by now you've pieced together that kids probably ingested these things. You'd be correct. But mere ingestion of tiny beads that could pose a serious choking hazard is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bindeez. Before we get into their true demonic powers, check out an original commercial for the craft project from hell!

Ok so here's the deal with Bindeez. Yes, children swallowed them and no, a restricted airway wasn't what resulted. Believe it or not, it was discovered that the beads contained a chemical that, when swallowed, crystallized in the body and became GHB; THE DATE RAPE DRUG. Yes, a toy marketed to children four and above contained a drug that is largely used by creepo creeps to sedate their victims in order to have sex with them without their consent. Couldn't make this shit up if I tried. At least nine children in both Australia and the United States become physically ill, had seizures and were put into non-responsive comas for good portions of time after swallowing the beads, leading to a national recall of over 4 million units of the once popular toy. In the years following, the beads were re-released across the world, without the GHB chemical and under different names, in hopes of distancing them from their evil roots. As the below commercial for the newly named Beados shows, a lot of effort was put into this change ...

Bindeez, there is a special slot in hell reserved for your ass and i'm pretty sure you're seated not too far away from the foremost child molestors in American history. You sick little beads, may you burn in hell.

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The Frog Queen said...

I don't have kids and I even have a collection of these from my friends kids. I have to admit, even before this....they scared me....they were just to happy, even the ones shapped like tombstones.

I have them locked in a drawer in the kitchen....I know that scrapping noise I hear in the middle of the night is them trying to get out.

I am with you....they are evil. We are all doomed.