Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Faces Come Off Tommorow Night On SyFy!


You guys are gonna want to set your DVR's or make sure your asses are plopped in front of the TV tommorow night because SyFy is premiering a new series at 10pm ET/PT called Face Off, which will pit 12 special effects artists against one another in battles designed to showcase their talents, with the ultimate goal of finding the next great star of that field. Here's some more info from the official press release along with a little teaser trailer ...

Go inside the imaginative and creative world of special effects make-up artistry with Syfy’s new reality competition series, Face Off, premiering Wednesday, January 26 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy. The series will introduce 12 up-and-coming make-up artists who will face off in Los Angeles in a series of elaborate challenges that will determine just who has the steady artistic hand to be the country’s next great SFX artist.

For their first spotlight elimination challenge, the contestants are tasked to imagine an entirely new species, a human/animal hybrid, based on one of three exotic animals that are brought into their workspace lab -- a beetle, an ostrich or an elephant. The contestants must work in teams of two to execute their creative visions, utilizing specialized skills including molding, sculpting, prosthetics and an involved application process on live models. Future elimination challenges include application of full body make-up to nude subjects, conceptualizing a creature that would inhabit a newly discovered planet, creating an original horror villain and transforming a “bride” into a “groom” and a “groom” into a “bride.”

Throughout the series, some of the industry’s most experienced artists will guest judge including Sean Cunningham (Friday the 13th), revolutionary body painter Filippo Ioco, Greg Nicotero (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) and Michael Westmore (Star Trek: The Next Generation).

The 12 Face Off artists will be whittled down week-by-week as they compete to outshine their competition. The winning SFX artist will receive $100,000 and a year’s supply of make-up courtesy of Alcone.




Zach S. said...

That's a pretty friggin' sweet prize. Damn, wish I had cable.

inSain9876 said...

I really liked it. They just took the exact show format from Top Chef and replaced food with make-up fx. I'll be watchin every episode.

Johnny said...

Agreed, thought the show was really good and i'm looking forward to watching every week!

Matthew said...

This show made me really angry. I realize all of these networks are owned by NBC/Universal, but this show was an exact copy of "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist" (Bravo channel show). There were the two days to complete the task, the exaggerated rush at the end of the time, the 3 angry-looking judges, the loft, the immunity. Could they not have changed any single part of it?

And for me, it's not nearly as good as Work of Art. Too many bowl-cutted women for my taste. I'll give it one more week, but for now, it really incensed me, & that's mainly due to their lack of originality.

Johnny said...

Well pretty much every reality competition show like that has the same formula, just with a different theme. I for one appreciate anything on TV that's horror themed!

Never seen Work of Art though, will have to look into that.

Matthew said...

Hmm. So maybe I was hasty.

I think the show will only be as good as the artwork featured in each episode, much like with Work of Art.

While I'm frustrated that the guy keeps reading his book during challenges and getting away with it, I do think the second episode was a 180 degree turn from the first. I love body painting (this site has some quality amateur art, if you'd like to see more - though with less of a focus on full body painting), so this one really impressed me.

The petrified tree one was incredible. I know how hard it is to get color that close to the background. And he didn't even have Photoshop!

I hope they keep bringing it like they did in episode 2. I'm willing to forgive the judging style.

Work of Art was certainly the only show I'd ever watch on Bravo. I used to be big into drawing, a big focus of the show (well, they painted, sculpted and did more mixed media artwork, but all the challenges began with sketching, of course. The prize of that show was unimpressive to me, but they are planning a second season this year.

Johnny said...

The guy that reads the books and just slaps together his projects as quick as possible pisses me off so much. Would love to see him get the boot, especially for how he treated his model this week, but it's not like he's getting away with anything ... he's only screwing himself!

Another good episode. My favorite body painting was the one of the girl at the bottom of the steps with the weeds growing out of her bum and such. Thought that looked incredible.

Matthew said...

Yeah, I liked that one too... I couldn't help but wonder if she had to clench that weed the entire time to get it to stand on end. If she was clenching, good god, she's going to be a very popular lady after this episode.

Though, screw censored television. Those are the kind of photos SyFy should post uncensored online so they can be truly appreciated :)

Matthew said...

They blurred most of the other photos, but for anyone who didn't see it: Mossy hottie.

Andrew said...

I don’t get into very many of these reality shows but this one really pulled me in because of the subject matter. The format may be pretty standard reality-competition fare but the work the contestants pour into their art is worth watching on its own. I’ve been catching up with Face Off on my lunch breaks, watching it through my iPad using DISH Networks TV everywhere app. It’s an awesome technology that allows me to watch all my content (live and DVR’d) anywhere I go. As an employee of DISH I can also say it’s very easy to set up. This is a wonderful service for anyone who travels or lives an on the go type of lifestyle.