Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cover Art Wars : Let Me In

Out this week on DVD & Blu-ray, the critically acclaimed remake of the Swedish vampire masterpiece Let The Right One In is the next film on the Cover Art Wars chopping block, wherein the Region 1 and Region 2 DVD arts will enter the ring and fight a bloody battle to the death, with the winner being chosen by you and the loser being brutally slain in front of a captive audience. Let the Cover Art Wars begin!!



I dig both of these arts so i'm kinda torn on this one, though i'm leaning more towards Region 1. While I do like the Region 2 art, which is more eye catching and exciting, I gotta say I prefer the simpler art of the Region 1 DVD, which calls back to the poster for the original film. On top of that, it makes for a cool slip cover effect. For me it's Region 1 for the win, though i'd still take this art over both any day of the week.

Leave a comment with your choice!


Bjornabo said...

I prefer the Region 1 cover. I'm not a big fan of the whole "main actors head on the cover" thingy.

The Region 1 cover is more minimalistic and scary IMO.

Highly Caffeinated said...

I'd go with the Region 1.

But isn't region 2 Europe etc? since the region 1 image does resemble the original film poster, perhaps the Region 2 release was designed to not confuse the EUs. If that's the case, then they get bonus points for differentiating the two, instead of trying to really ride the ass of the original film.

K-Fleet said...

I hate the Region 1 because Stephen King thinks this is an American original, surely he can't be that oblivious. I like the Region 2 better because it deviates from the Let the Right One In artwork, as it should.

Johnny said...

Highly Caffeinated - Ya, Region 2 is mainly Europe.

K-Fleet - While King is obviously knowledgable enough to know that Let Me In is a remake, I do still find that quote a little odd. Let Me In was great and all but it just seems kinda strange to me to praise a movie so highly that is basically a carbon copy of its original. Whenever anyone asks for my thoughts on Let Me In, all I can really say is "it's great but it's basically just Let The Right One In in English ... so of course it's great". Oh well.

Jennie Boots said...

number 1 without a doubt, if you're going to remake the movie, like immediately after the original came out, might as well go with the similar cover art.


I vote for Region one as well...very simple, clean, and eye catching.
Region 2 looks like any generic straight to video horror movie, which this movie obviously is not!