Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Like Halloween Meets The Breakfast Club ... With Tits!

Remember that Bruce Campbell themed burlesque show I hit up in Coney Island last year? It's a night I will personally never forget, one filled with about as much debauchery as one would expect from a scantily clad tribute to a horror icon. Well the good folks behind that amazing show, Casino O'Fortune Cookie Productions, are bringing their nipple tassles and ass wine back to New York City this Saturday night, and it's looking like things are about to get even wilder. Bringing together two of the greatest John's ever unleashed unto this earth and throwing them into a frying pan filled with a hot mess of perversion, the burlesque troupe this time brings us Snake Plissken's Day Off, a sexy tribute to both Master of Horror John Carpenter and Master of Iconic 80's Movies, the late great John Hughes. That's right, Hughes and Carpenter meet tits and ass this weekend in New York City. Here's all the details!


Casino O’Fortune Cookie Productions, the Eastern Seaboard’s premier purveyors of pop-culture burlesque, return to the Joe’s Pubstage with the funniest, sexiest striptease and variety tribute ever to two guys named John. They’re two of the most influential and beloved moviemakers ever: between them they defined for a generation what it was to be scared, and what it meant to be a teenager. And you know you love one, or the other, or both. It’s SNAKE PLISSKEN’S DAY OFF: JOHN HUGHES VS. JOHN CARPENTER BURLESQUE!

Join internationally-touring, award-winning burlesque stars Anita Cookie and Clams Casino, BB Heart, Creamy Stevens, Minnie Tonka and Tigger! Cabaret sensations Gigi & Pop! Audience participation with Neil O’Fortune! Stage panther Hard Corey! And it’s all brought to you by our host, comic sideshow magician Albert Cadabra!

It’s a meeting that the obsessive fans of both filmmakers never knew they’ve been missing! Finally, Michael Myers stalks the Breakfast Club ... The Thing meets Pretty in Pink ... Kurt Russell vs. Molly Ringwald! For every guy who’s quoted the bubblegum speech from They Live, for every girl who’s still in love with Jake Ryan, now there’s a burlesque show for BOTH of you!


I know my burlesque buddy Zach Shildwachter is for sure going to be there and I hope to meet up with him Saturday night to see the show, along with Man Cave's Geof Capodanno and his friend Dan, who will be spending this weekend at mine and Jen's place. Obviously, if we do end up there, a full recap will follow!

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