Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Must Have Promotional Goodies!

As i've established in the past, I am highly fascinated by the little goodies that are manufactured to promote horror movies when they're released in the theatres. While some companies promote their movies with lame buttons or t-shirts imprinted with a simple image or the name of the movie, others go all out and create really clever items that show they care about the movie they're trying to get out there; these are the knick knacks that I get giddy with excitement over. In conjuction with that post I linked to above from a while back, here are a few more awesome promotional goodies i've found in my travels!


This shark tooth in a bottle was released way back in the 70's for the original Jaws theatrical run, making it a pretty rare and hard to find collector's item.


Ok this one is absolutely ridiculous as a wearable item, but it's pretty damn cool for display, is it not? I hated Survival of the Dead and i'd still be happy to display this in my collection. That's saying something!


Paired with Glowpinkstah's hilarious Black Swan makeup tutorial, this promo item doubles as a Black Swan Halloween costume kit, making it both a great collector's item as well as a totally useful one.


NEED THIS. I haven't craved a stick of chapstick this much since the General Mills Monster Cereals banded together and came out with their own line. Or since that time in my life when I was on hardcore acne meds which dried out my entire face to the point that I looked like I truly had been stuck on a ski lift over a long weekend ...


In a move that would make William Castle proud, these buttons were handed out at select screenings of Drag Me To Hell. How cool is that?


Coolest promotional package ever? Yep, that's a few packs of Seed of Chucky condoms, along with a big ass spermatozoan. On the other side of the sperm head, it reads "Coming Everywhere November 12." Bloody brilliant and totally fitting promo material for any movie that features John Waters in a cameo appearance.


TheGreatWhiteDope said...

Those are awesome keepsakes. Makes me more than a little jealous, especially the "Jaws" tooth in a bottle. I imagine you had to have grabbed it and ran, since I doubt very seriously anyone in their right mind would have parted with that voluntarily!



The hatchet promo knife sharpener was cool also:

Jonny Metro said...

That "Seed of Chucky" promo really takes the cake. "Coming Everywhere..."? Ewwwww.

Classic. Great finds, sir!


Johnny said...

GreatWhiteDope - Unfortunately, I don't actually own any of these! =(

Blood Shed - Hell ya, i've had my eye on that for a while now!

Matt-suzaka said...

Wow, those are all really great, especially the Jaws shark tooth. I have an awesome eyeball from Fulci's The Beyond that I got for being one of the first five people in line when the film made a small theatrical run. It says The Beyond on it (naturally), and it's free floating, so when you rotate it, the eyeball stays in the same place.

Johnny said...

Please send me a picture of that Matt!

Brad said...

That Black Swan kit is awesome, and I'm a guy!

The coolest thing I've received was a promo shirt for the Friday the 13th remake since I was lucky enough to go to the screener. Love the free goodies. :)