Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where Do These People Come From?!

Much like last weekend, i'm most likely not going to be around this weekend to do any blogging, as two friends of mine are coming out to visit and spend the weekend; Geof Capodanno of The Man Cave and his best friend Dan, both of whom i've spent many a good time hanging out with at various different Monster Mania conventions. I figure there's no better note to leave you guys off on for a couple days than a little search term compilation, an inside look at some of the crazy shit people have searched on Google and consequently, ended up here on Freddy In Space through those searches. Thanks to Blogger's webmaster tools feature, this highly invasive look into the mind of the sick and depraved folks who end up here on Freddy In Space is possible. Honestly, i'm not sure whether to be concerned over the fact that people are searching for this stuff or that all of these searches lead directly to .... ME. Enjoy and i'll see ya guys on Monday!

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'haunted vagina'

'hitler 3D glasses'

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'monkey pisses in his own face'

'thanks for not aborting me'

'gary busey clown'

'japanese woman living in my closet'

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'being a dick head's cool'

'where does a woman urinate from'


Tony C said...

As crazy as this stuff is, it's still hard to top...


Johnny said...

haha, nice

Cat said...

Actually, I think the Japanese woman is the girl at the beginning of The Ring who dies in the closet.

I only remember this because my dad, upon renting it, decided to not only pause during that scene, but zoom, and do a slow forward so he could see it.. over and over..

mickel5555 said...

Pretty sure #4 is supposed to be a Mommy Dearest "no more wire hangers" thing. I have TRULY always considered that to be a horror film.