Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You're All My Kittens Now!

Driving home from the Rock N Shock Convention last year, the random line "You're all my kittens now!" popped into Fright Rags' Kristy Jett's head. Naturally, she pictured Freddy Krueger surrounded by kittens, an image which has just been turned into an official Fright Rags design, to be sold on the site beginning in April. Check out an image of the design and leave a comment below letting them know what you think of it!


So what say you? Will you be buying this one come April?


Cat said...

I totally want it!!

Anonymous said...

hell yeah.

Mike Snoonian said...

I'd buy this, and if they make one toddler size I'd buy one for my daughter too.

Bob Strong said...

I love your picture of Freddy. He was always the scariest movie villain to me. So many nightmares. http://www.aocb.com/cat_boarding