Thursday, March 24, 2011

Halloween Comes Early, Courtesy of Full Moon!


Just got an e-mail from Full Moon and though I tried to go to bed without posting about its contents, I ended up getting too excited to sleep. Above you will see what I saw when I opened the e-mail; Series 1 of Full Moon's brand new Collector's Masks!! Let me pass the baton over to Charles Band, who will give you all the details on both these and the new line of shirts that will be hitting tommorow!!

Quite frankly I don't care too much about the shirts, it's the Gingerdead Man and Castle Freak masks that make me giddy as a pope at an elementary school graduation. Don't know how much they're gonna be selling for but we'll soon find out when they go up for sale tommorow morning!

For now, I drift off to sleep and dream of this year's Halloween costume, wherein I will combine the Shrek gingerbread man costume with the soon to be mine Gingerdead mask, thus making myself the envy of every Halloween party in the country! Mwahahahaha!



ProZac said...

That just made my day, that is awesome!

The Frog Queen said...

Woohoo!! I hear ya, definately going to check out the Castle Freak masks!! Perfect for displaying in my new office.

It is a good Friday :)

Thanks for sharing.