Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Joe Lynch!


I've been a huge fan and supporter of fellow Long Islander Joe Lynch ever since I saw Wrong Turn 2, which has resulted in many blog posts pimping the man and his work over the years on this here blog. But there's one aspect of Lynch's filmmaking career that I don't believe i've ever covered. While i've talked extensively about WT 2 (play the drinking game!), his Douche Brothers shorts with Adam Green and his upcoming films Chillerama and Knights of Badassdom, i've never talked about Lynch's forays into the world of music videos. Lynch has directed several videos for favorite bands of his over the years and he in fact even created the very popular Much Music/Fuse TV show Uranium. On this day of Lynch's birth, I wanted to share with you my favorite video he's done; Strapping Young Lad's 'Love?', a kickass Evil Dead inspired music video. The birthday rockout session begins NOW!

On a personal note, I want to once again thank Joe Lynch for the kind words of support he e-mailed to me a while back, which have continually served as an incredible source of blogging inspiration for the past couple years. He told me that he digs my blog and that I should keep on doing what i'm doing, which meant more to me than he ever could've known. So Joe, thank you so much and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Be sure to follow Lynch's blog, Transmissions and Confessions From a Mad World, for all the latest happenings in his life and career!

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