Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

In honor of Saint Patrick, I decided to skip work today and instead spend my day at the tattoo shop. I figured there's no better way to honor the good Saint than by getting Warwick Davis etched into my body ... so that's exactly what I did.


Ok so I went to work today and totally don't have the balls to get something like this tattooed on me. But i'd love to meet the guy who did and drink a couple beers with him. Sir, you are awesome.

Speaking of, is it time to drink yet?


Drunketh said...

I got two sixteen ounce drafts in me, a few dozen nips, a Guiness and a fridge full of beer. Wait, did you say it was St. Patricks Day? Hmmm... I should probably go get more then.

The Frog Queen said...

:) You had me going there for a moment.

Yes, drinking time it is!!!


Sarah Queen said...

shit man, i got so excited for the lep tattoo! You should do it!!