Sunday, March 27, 2011

Help a Zombie Out!


The other day I got an e-mail from a Freddy In Space reader by the name of Steven Uden, who is currently in a competition wherein the winner receives a walk on role as a zombie in the upcoming UK flick Outpost 2 : Black Sun. The contest is being held entirely through Facebook, with comments on the zombie audition photos of the contestants serving as votes. Whoever gets the most comments/votes on their picture by this coming Wednesday (the 30th), will be flown out to the set April 2nd - 4th and will get the full zombie makeover treatment and their big break as an on screen zombie in a big budget movie. All i'm asking is if ya got a few extra minutes to spare, help a fellow Freddy In Space reader out by heading over to the Prepare To Be Scared Facebook page, clicking the photos tab on the left and then leaving a comment over there under the photo you see below.


Picking favorites aside, Steven does in fact have the coolest looking entry picture, which has been reflected by the fact that he's already pretty well in the lead at the present moment. Just figured i'd offer my support to try and ensure he stays in the lead and gets to fulfill one of his lifelong bucket list dreams. Good luck Steven. I expect to have a full report of your experience when you return!

1 comment:

Steve Zombi said...

Thanks for doing this! Yes will let you know how it goes should I succeed