Monday, March 28, 2011

London 1888 Honors One Of The Greatest Cinematic Rivalries Of All Time!

Before Jason did battle with Freddy, he had to first make it through one of his toughest opponents to date; a young Corey Feldman. Corey was on hand at this past weekend's HorrorHound Convention and London 1888's Christopher Ott decided to whip up a kickass screenprinted poster in honor of the event. Check it out below!

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The poster was on sale at HorrorHound and i've been told that all remaining prints will be up for sale on London 1888's website at some point this week ... if there are in fact any still left!

Be sure to keep an eye on London 1888 for the print and also head over there right now to check out some of their past genre work, which includes screenprinted posters for Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday Part 7!