Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yay or Nay? Madison County

Time is precious in our short lives and for that reason, we (unfortunately) can't afford to sit around all day and watch every single horror movie that comes down the pipeline. There are just far too many of them being released every week for that to even be possible. So we tend to judge whether or not we see a new release based on the trailer for that film, do we not? It's not always the most reliable way of weeding out the crap, as trailers can oftentimes be deceivingly good or deceivingly bad, but it's the quickest way in our fast paced lives to determine what to invest time in and what to skip.

In this new feature here on Freddy In Space i'll be highlighting trailers for upcoming genre releases and asking you guys the simple question that you silently answer without even being asked everytime you check out a new trailer; Yay or Nay? In other words, are you excited about seeing this or are you gonna sit this one out? I figure it'll be a fun way to both spread the word on new releases and spark up some interesting discussion. Ya dig?


For our first installment, we head over to the backwoods town of Madison County. Check out the trailer below and then read on!

While this one does look 100% like a generic and totally by the numbers backwoods slasher flick, I must note that the setup is at least a little bit different than the generic kids unknowingly stumble into a killer while on vacation setup that this trailer suggests. The reason the gaggle of victims to be end up in Madison County is because they are investigating several murders which occured there, and they're on a quest to interview the author of a book written about the slayings in an effort to get the skinny. Regardless, Madison County still looks utterly cookie cutter to me, from the pig head mask (now where have I seen that before?) to nearly every other visual in the trailer. I'm not saying every horror movie needs to be totally cutting edge and original, and in fact some of my favorites of recent years could hardly be considered original, but this one just seems like something i've already seen a thousand times before. It gives me nothing to get excited about and it comes off as nothing more than another attempt at creating the next slasher icon. When you're pushing for that sort of thing (and the director has stated that he's hoping to turn the movie into a franchise), it rarely ever actually comes to fruition. That being said, I do give this particular killer props for wearing an actual pig head on his head rather than just a mask made to look like a pig face, which is something I don't believe i've seen since I stayed at Motel Hell back in the 80's.

If I still held the belief I held as a child that a cool poster (above) equals a cool movie, i'd probably be excited about checking this one out. But based on the trailer, I say NAY. As always, I will reserve judgement on the movie as a whole until I actually see it and I hope that I am proven wrong once I do. As a good blogger, I will of course watch and review this the first chance I get!

Madison County will be released at some point this year, though no date has been set. You can follow the latest developments on Facebook and over on the official website.

So what say you? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the Madison County trailer!


Jeff said...


We think alike. I too did a post about this Madison County movie and kinda called it cliched. The director wrote a counterpoint on his blog and in my comments.

Check it out here.

Johnny said...

Great minds think alike! Pretty cool that you had some dialogue with the director and encouraged him to change your early opinion about the flick. Hmm, I wonder if he'll read my post...

Johnny said...

Funny that he mentions Hatchet because that's one of the movies I had in mind when I said " fact some of my favorites of recent years could hardly be considered original." But Hatchet provided a lot outside of its familiar trappings, including a unique and kickass killer and some amazing kill scenes. If a slasher flick provides that stuff i'm all for it, no matter how cliche it is (lets face it, pretty much all slasher flicks are cliche). Based solely on the trailer, this one just seems to bring nothing new or cool to the table.

"If you want blood, guts, and sex.. go somewhere else. My movie is not a movie about killing"

Eeek. Doesn't sound like much of a slasher movie to me =/

Johnny said...

I just want to reiterate that I don't want to come off like i'm bashing or judging a movie I haven't seen more than a minute of, which would be totally unfair. Just shootin' the shit in regards to my thoughts on what little i've seen thus far. Again, I hope the movie proves me wrong!

Eric England said...

I definitely read your post and appreciate your thoughts on the film. My film isn't the most original film to ever grace the silver screen, but that's not what I set out to do. I set out to make a QUALITY slasher film on a ridiculously low budget that people could identify with. Freddy, Jason, Michael and Leatherface are all dead thanks to remakes. We need NEW icons to carry the torch. The same way those guys came after Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman.

Kudos on picking up the ACTUAL hollowed out pig's head. Not many people do.

Eric England