Friday, April 8, 2011

Help Kickstart Kristy Jett's Popcorn DVD Re-Release Project!


Ok so this is exciting. I've talked a bit about this upcoming DVD re-release a few times in the recent past and I am now very happy to inform you that the Kickstarter fund for Kristy's super awesome fan oriented special edition Popcorn DVD has officially launched. Rather than regurgitate all the details that she eloquently states in the pitch video (a video I was on location for!), I instead now tell you to head over to Kickstarter, watch the video and then, if you would be so kind, donate whatever money you've got to the cause, even if it's a measely little dollar bill. If you're a fan of Popcorn, I can GUARANTEE you that Kristy and her gang will bring you the absolute best possible DVD release for the film that they are able to, it's just that they need some help from the fans in order to make it happen. To watch the video and to help out (and get awesome goodies in the process), click on the snazzy little widget you see below.

If you've got a blog or website of your own, it would help out a whole lot if you could repost this information, so that as many fans of the film are privy to it as possible. This project literally lives and dies according to fan support, so please please please do all you can to help get a classic horror flick the DVD re-release it so deserves!

Oh and if you haven't yet seen Popcorn, it is now available for instant streaming on Netflix. It's a really awesome and fun love note to the horror genre and I can't recommend enough that you check it out!

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Crystal said...

i am so excited!
i have been following your blog and read all about Kristy and her love for this movie
i remember wanting to see it and having a couple friends over back then
It IS so much better now ,looking forward to getting new fans

long live horror,thank you!!